Mephisto 2486 – Tim Moorey

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Solving time: 76 mins, mostly with Chambers

I found this considerably harder than most Mephistos, though this may just be down to luck of the draw – three or four obscurities that you happen to know can make a huge difference. I also somehow failed to read 18D for ages – one of the easier answers, which might have got me a bit further. I have one doubtful answer at 5D.

1 S(P)ORTS – sort = a woman, esp. an attractive one, and ‘Sports day’
6 THE WES(t) – new answer word for me
11 IN SO LATE – new answer word again, but took longer to see than it should have done
13 P(E)B,A – a kind of armadillo
14 Bertie AHERN – A, hero with N=name for O=old
15 O,KIMONO – a very handy word for the setter
17 R(OR.)ID – guessed the right wordplay but wrong state at first – ‘rutid’. It might have helped to know that serene = “a supposedly unwholesome night dew”.
22 H(U,MGR.)UFFIN(g) – another new answer word
27 FR.,AT,I – mendicant friars.
29 OVEREYE = to oversee
30 CAN(d)ID
31 (drag)OMAN
34 RHEIMS = “reams”
35 A.,PERSE = ‘a per se’
1 S.,P(EARTH,R)OWER – which means “throwing stick” apparently. My athletics background had me thinking of someone throwing the javelin. And something else had me thinking stick (vb.) = ‘spear through’ for quite a while
2 PI(SHOGU(n))E – here I had one of those outrageous bits of look-up luck. I thought of ‘pish tush’ for “that’s nonsense” and looked it up, not yet having the P from 1A. There for me to find was the answer!
3 ON(C)ER – someone expected to only serve one term as an Aussie MP
4 REARING – move an R in ear-ring
5 SNOOT – I think. The def seems to match ‘snub’, but the rest is a mystery. So I may have the wrong SNOO? word.
8 ELEMI – hidden word. If you don’t know this old barred-grid favourite, don’t forget it.
9 W.,A BOOM = wagenboom – a tree used for making wagon wheels – seen in some other puzzle fairly recently
10 SECOND=supporter, FIDDLE=saw player presumably – the movement of fiddler’s arms is compared to sawing, I think.
16 K,ERF=garden – a kerf is a notch – another new answer word
18 REN = run,TIERS = ‘rows after bank’ I think.
20 GUL(l)Y – guly = ruddy = red – remember gules = red from heraldry? And gully = a big knife
21 MIRACLE – (R,E,claim)*
23 MEEMIE = “Mimi” from La Boheme
24 TRAGI(c) – obstructions of some kind in your outer ear, which is also “pavilion”.
28 (h)ANKER – an old measure for wines and spirits, of various sizes, all ‘plenty’ if the example in C is anything to go by!

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  1. I made a real mess of this initially, confidently writing in SECOND STRING and misspelling RHEIMS. I forgot it wasn’t my turn to blog this week and had a last minute go at it this morning and have a filled grid, mostly cribbed from Bradford’s and Chambers.

    I have SNOOL for 5d, LOONS(=DIVERS) upside-down.

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