Mephisto 2924 – Paul McKenna

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Nothing to frighten the horses here, just a steady standard solve. I need help on the cryptic for 26D.

1 BARRE – BA(R)RE; R from (shoote)R; a capo on a guitar;
5 KNUCKLE – hip=huckle then change “h”=husband to “kn”=knots; joint is definition;
10 KNEE-DRILL – K(NEED-R)ILL; miss=NEED; right=R; still=KILL; genuflected prayers;
11 ARGUTE – AR(GUT)E; corporation=GUT; 100sq m=ARE; shrewd is definition;
12 ICE,TEA – I-CETE-A; badger’s group=CETE;
14 RAMIE – RAM-IE; Chinese material;
16 AGREEMENTS – (sergeant)* surrounds ME; concerts is definition;
17 TANGO – TANG-O; of=O; a favourite of mine;
18 SLEIGHS – sounds like “slays”=amuses enormously;
21 INSECTA – IN-SECT-A; if we were “in sect B” we’d be classed second best;
23 TATIE – (s)TA(y)-TIE; a potato in Perth;
25 STONY-BROKE – (set)* surrounds (byron)*-OK; right=OK;
28 PRATE – PRAT-E; duff=PRAT; drug=E; rabbit on=talk non-stop=PRATE;
29 LEAVEN – L-(h)EAVEN; latin=L; this makes a change is definition;
30 IAMBIC – (aim)*-BIC; writer=biro=BIC;
31 SUGARIEST – (must russia)*;
32 ATELIER – ATE-LIER; artist’s studio where the sitter hopefully sits still;
33 SAGES – theatres=stages then remove (waste) t=time; ;
1 BHARATI – (habit)* surrounds AR=Arab; (Asian) Indian is definition;
2 ABRADANTS – A-BRAD-(stan)*;
3 RAGMAN – two meanings 1=old word for a devil 2=old word for a catalogue;
4 ENTEROCYT – (toy terence)*; a cell in the wall of the intestine;
5 KEENEST – KEEN-EST; ululate=KEEN; in Rome “is” was EST; most piercing is definition;
6 NEIVE – NE surrounds VIE reversed; born=NE; an old word for the fist=duke;
7 CRED – C-RED; coloured=C; comb=redd=RED; short for (little) credibility=confidence in;
8 KITING – K(IT)ING; rex=KING; passing dud cheques which bounce;
9 ELAPS – S-PALE reversed; society=S; genus of snakes;
13 COME,TO,PASS – COME TO – PASS; to wake up=COME TO; go on(as with time)=PASS;
15 A,THIN,TIME – A-T(HINT)IME; intimate=HINT; voice=EMIT and raised=reversal indicator;
19 LARMIER – L-(b)ARMIER; left=L; frothier=barmier then remove (crack) “b”; a corona;
20 SELECTS – S(ELECT)S; SS=Steam Ship=Canberra say; block=select in computer jargon;
22 SOCAGE – SO-CAGE; well=SO; a paying tenant;
24 TEA-BAG – TEA-B-AG; TEA=type of party=do; B=second highest ranking; silver=AG; drink maker is definition;
25 SALSA – SAL-S-A(bsorb); sial=earth’s crust=SAL; is=S; sauce is definition;
26 BONIE – BO-NIE I think; don’t see work=BO; no more near=NIE; don’t see purpose of “but OK”; Burn’s word for bonny=pretty;
27 OVAL – O-(LAV reversed); overs=O (cricket); can=toilet=LAV; The Oval is a cricket ground in South London;

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  1. If the ‘work’ is ‘book’ we have BOOK-NIE except (but) the OK. Pretty devious.

    Edited at 2016-09-18 06:08 am (UTC)

    1. That’s the intended interpretation. Devious but logical, and most importantly, it includes a role for “but OK”.
  2. As I mentioned in last week, I polished this one off very quickly (by my standards: about half an hour I think) after struggling massively with the previous week’s. I wonder if it was just me.
  3. Thanks for the blog, dorsetjimbo.

    I had a thin time parsing A THIN TIME last weekend.
    Thanks for the explanation.

    On checking Chambers, I think the definition in Clue 22 has to be read as
    ‘This (is what) the tenant paid’ as socage is given as the payment made by a socager.

    (I’m still having trouble trying not to be anonymous on Live Journal!)

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