Mephisto 2887 – Tim Moorey

Tim Moorey has taken a break from the Sunday Times rotation (I guess we will find out next week who the replacement is), but I was relieved to find out he was going to continue with the Mephisto. There were some tricky bits in the bottom left corner, but this was a fun romp through some of the more intriguing parts of Chambers.

I’m out of town so I’m chancing the scheduler here, I hope it works…

Away we go

1 PACHAK: anagram (batting) of CHAP with alternating letters in mArK
7 SEMI: TIMES returned missing the first letter
10 OLFACTION: LO reversed followed by FACTION
11 SECT: INSECT(insignificant person) missing IN
13 PAIDLE: PAID(was punished) then L(ow-pressur)E. Apparently this can also be called a cock-paddle, which sounds like something to be avoided
14 GORGIA: GEORGIA missing the E
16 ARDS: YARDS missing Y
18 TAVERT: TAVERN missing the last letter, T
20 BEE-EATERS: BEEFEATERS (a brand of gin that protects the monarchy, I think) missing F
21 ISRAELITE: anagram of EARLIEST containing I
24 DUETTI: DUE(as in “due west”),T,TI
25 OSSA: take F away from FOSSA
28 NOVATE: NOE(l) containing VAT
30 SARONG: remove both W’s from SAW WRONG
31 JOSH: double def, one a biblical book
32 STAGNATES: STAG(spectulator on the stock market),NATES
33 TEDY: TEDDY missing a D
34 ARREAR: RE in ARAR(sandarac)
1 PISS-A-BED: PISSED(weed) around AB(Alberta)
2 AREG: GER,A all reversed
3 COCO-DE-MER: COMER(one who is promising) containing CODE – in Chambers volume is given as one of the meanings for CODE but I don’t think I can figure out how they go together
4 ALOGIA: A(about),LOG,I,A(afternoon)
6 SC,ALAR: lacking direction mathematically
7 STIR: double def
8 MOLE RATS: harbour is the fifth definition of MOLE in Chambers, then RATS(damn)
9 INES: remove the exterior letters from FINEST
12 DISTRINGAS: SAID reversed around STRING
15 PENIS,TONE: a cloth you should keep away from a cock paddle or else you might piss-a-bed
17 REGULATE: RATE(rebuke) around LUGE reversed
19 TREACHER: TEACHER containing R
23 ENVIER: EN, then VIE(w),R
26 PSST: hidden in striP’S STarkers
27 DOGY: take a G out of DOGGY, which apparently canmean
29 ESDA: hidden in tuESDAy

3 comments on “Mephisto 2887 – Tim Moorey”

  1. Interesting puzzle to finish 2015

    I thought perhaps CODE as in say Building CODE to mean a volume – that is to say a book detailing a set of standards

  2. This was my second serious attempt at a Mephisto and I came up a few short. I don’t have my grid to hand but remember not getting Piss-A-Bed, Coco-De-Mer, Pachak, Sect, Duetti or Gorgia. Thanks George for explaining those and also Treacher which I couldn’t parse.
    I had forgotten hyphenated words aren’t indicated so in hunting through Chambers might have seen but discounted Piss-A-Bed and Coco-De-Mer.
  3. There are a couple of old posts here aimed at Mephisto beginners, and if you’ve got access to the Times Crossword Club site, you can get the puzzles involved. This one mentions the other:

    On “code”, my library card OED access finds:

    †4. A collection of writings forming a book, such as the Old or the New Testament. Also, a recognized division of such forming a volume. Obs.
    1701 N. Grew Cosmol. Sacra iv. i. §13 Then having learned the Hebrew Tongue, and procured a Copy of the Hebrew Code.
    1736 N. Bailey et al. Dict. Britannicum (ed. 2) Code, a Volume or Book.
    1794 W. Paley View Evidences Christianity I. i. ix. §3 The Christian scriptures were divided into two codes or volumes.
    1794 W. Paley View Evidences Christianity I. i. ix. 288 Intending by the one a code or collection of Christian sacred writings, as the other expressed the code or collection of Jewish sacred writings.

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