Mephisto 2504 Tim Moorey

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I’m standing in for Robert

A straightforward puzzle with a couple of excellent clues at 17A and 5D. There is one 31A that I’m not sure of as I can’t equate “game” to old coins. The same comment has appeared in “have your say” on the Times website. All help welcomed. On Edit – see comments

(C)=Chambers used to verify some part of the clue (S)=starter clue (which were generous in number this week)

If you haven’t tried it I commend the latest Anax Bonus Puzzle 005 to you – testing but great fun.

1 BOBAC – reverse of “cabob” = a kebab; a marmot (C)
5 FACTION – two meanings; (S)
10 HIPPARCHS – HIP-P(ARCH)S; HIP=informed; ancient Greek cavalry commander (C)
11 ALLIS – A-LLI-S; SA=Saudi Arabia; a species of shad (C), (S)
12 SAMITI – SAM-IT-I; SAM=together; an Indian committee of workers (C)
14 SECTATOR – S(p)ECTATOR; an adherent to a party (under “sect” in Chambers)
15 ADOS – reverse of “soda”; (S)
16 SAMA – (o)SAMA; a Japanese title (C), (S)
17 TAN-DOOR(I)S; curry=beat=TAN; DOORS=houses (as in “they live three doors down”); great clue
20 HOACTZINS – HO-ACT-Z-IN-S; HO=stop; ACT=(cat)*; S=sun; a crested bird (C)
23 G’DAY – G(D)AY; GAY=rather (C)
24 FOSS – change “toss” = cast by removing “t” and replacing it with “f”
26 HAROSETH – HA(ROSE)TH; hath=old word for has; a Passover meal (C)
28 EN L’AIR – (Irelan)*; cut=remove “d”; out=anagrind; being discussed in Paris
29 INKER – (dr)INKER; dr=driver; lush=drinker; an ink pad (S)
30 INTENDANT – INTEND-ANT; worker=ANT; dogs=follows; mean=INTEND; a superintendant; (C)
31 TESTONS – (SET reversed)+TONS; put=SET; TONS=many; old coins. I can’t see the “game” reference On Edit – an incorrect clue – see comments. TESTONS=sixpences=bobs(C)
32 AYRES – two meanings; old tunes; Pam Ayres the people’s poet (S)
1 BHARATI – BH(AR)ATI; (habit)* surrounds AR=Arab; Hindi for Republic of India (C)
2 OILED – (oldie)*; (S)
3 APIS – APIS(h); the ancient Egyptian bull-god (not in Chambers so far as I could see)
4 CASSIO – CASSI(n)O; cassino is a card game and remove “n”; Michael Cassio is in Othello
5 FREELOADER – (for+le(v)era(g)ed)*; sucker=parasite; trading=anagrind; yield=relinquish; nice clue
6 CHATTI – CHA(TT)I; CHAI=tea; an earthenware pot (see chatty in Chambers)
7 IMITATION – (l)IMITATION; l=lecturer (S)
8 OTTOMAN – O-T(own)-TOMAN; a toman was 10,000 dinars (C)
9 NAIRA – NA-IR-A; NA=not available; IR=Iran; Nigerian currency (S)
13 DON,CARLOS – (lad croons)*; (S)
19 ASSARTS – AS-(rats)*-S; ASS=arse; forest clearings (C)
21 ORSINO – O+(irons)*; character in 12th Night (S)
22 TAHINA – (thai+a+n)*; an oily paste; difficult anagram and nice clue
23 GHENT – G(H)ENT; (S)
25 SKENE – S(KEN)E; SE=South East=London Area; a Highland dagger (skene-dhu) that is plunged into the haggis
27 ANDY – (h)ANDY; reference Andy Capp; (S)

5 comments on “Mephisto 2504 Tim Moorey”

  1. 31a There was a post made about this elsewhere:

    “There have been several threads on this clue. I emailed the setter, and here’s part of his reply:

    The clue should have been:
    Bobs about in games
    My checker pointed out the error in original clue and I changed it but sent wrong file to ST.”


    1. Many thanks for that. I wonder how many of us wasted hours going through Chambers et al trying to make sense of it all!
    1. Yes, I was in a rush. Its TEST-ON-S where TESTS are games and bobs are old coins (shillings)=TESTONS. The confusion arose because TESTONS were both old coins and sixpences. I’ve had enough of this clue!!!
  2. Thanks for the clarification on 31. This was a fun one, and I smiled when I saw Pam Ayres pop up. When I wrote for the University Revue a long time ago we had fun with her juice commercials that used to run in Australia.

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