Mephisto 2502

Solving time: about 80 mins, with Chambers used after about half the grid was complete

Starters seemed to be mostly Acrosses – 11, 13, 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 32 – only 3 among the Downs. Despite quite a few of them, this puzzle kept me busy for quite a while. Unsure wether this is down to the post-operative slowness I’m experiencing with blocked puzzles. There are a few wordplay queries mentioned below.

1 FL(A,G,W,AV)ING – av. = avocat = “French lawyer”
11 PER(s)I(a) – ‘peri’ is a fairy for beginners to remember
12 MADE,’I=in,RA=Argentina (IVR)
13 EVEN=nevé rev.,LY(on)
14 LE(g),ADEN
21 S(LING)ER. – the David being the original giant-killer
23 SABRE = (s,bear)* – speaking of which, check out this multiple medal-winner for a good sports story (how he made the 1960 team).
27 HUN(t),GER.’S,TRIKE – “In protest, do without” is the deceptive def.
29 VIOLIN = (villainous – Saul)*
30 N.(E(O)TEN)Y. – giant = eten is another one for beginners to note …
31 B,I,R,O … but the one they must remember from this puzzle is R = recipe = take (in Latin, as used on old-fashioned prescriptions)
32 UNDERNEATH – epic hidden word
2 L,EV,IN – but the website version’s “lightening” def. must surely be “lightning” – I wonder what the print version had?
4 GING=old company,I,VAL = lav rev. – lav = can
6 VALHALLA = (Allah,lav) rev. – unusual to see can => lav twice in the same puzzle, not that it made it any quicker for me.
7 I DEAL,IS,A,TI(m)ON (of Athens)
8 GID = sturdy,D,Y – gid = sturdy being that old stand-by of Call My Bluff – a disease of sheep
9 GREE(n),TER – I’m sure of the def and GREE(n) but don’t understand TER = ‘one in a series’ even after checking Chambers – any ideas?
10 WANDERER = “wonderer” I think – unsure as I don’t think this homophone really works.
16 FLESHING – I can see the def. but not the wordplay.
17 ISOPRENE = pioneers*
18 ANAEROBE – the end is (or be)* but the first half I don’t get except for maybe an3 = on
20 ‘ATT((j)UN(e))ED
24 AN,JOU(r)
25 CILIA = “sillier”
26 SKI(R)T – this time it was the def. that puzzled me, but a look-up finds “(of dogs) to leave the pack (hunting)”

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  1. I don’t know whether this was a little easier than usual or whether I was on form. I got all except three without any help and within about 25 minutes. Researching t’interweb didn’t help with any of these so I was left to guess. At 2d I guessed LEVIT thinking EV in LIT. I’ve now noted that Lecturer=L. At 39a I guessed NEOGENY, so one letter wrong. ETEN=giant is logged. I also put FLESHING at 16d but have no idea why.

    I’m off to Turkey on holiday tomorrow. See you all in September

  2. I also thought this a good puzzle. I don’t time myself on Mephisto but if it helps, Peter, I’d say this one was very middle of the road – a good one to compute ones average time on.

    I spent some time puzzling over 10D after deciding it had to be WANDERER. I Googled philosopher’s names and all sorts. Like Peter I came to the conclusion that it’s a sandpiper sounds like sandpaper sort of clue!

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