Mephisto 2501 Tim Moorey

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A very pleasant puzzle with a mixture of nice clues and good starter clues. A number of the starter clues needed a reference to Chambers to verify an easily derived word, such as EGESTA at 13A and EASLES at 28A, which is good clueing in my book. I liked the “say” and the “perhaps” at 26A and 25D respectively, no definition by example here.

(S) = starter clue; (C) = Chambers used to verify some portion of clue or answer

1 PNEUMA – P(NE)UMA; NE=old English for “not”; breath, spirit (C)
5 IODINE – “deposition” take away “post” then sick=anagrind; I=definition=chemical symbol for IODINE
9 OIL,PAINTINGS – OILP(AINT)INGS; (spoiling)* containing AINT=is not (S)
11 BETHANKIT – B=bowled + (kent hit a)*; a grace rather than W G; nice clue (C)
12 PETRA – PET-RA; cherished=PET; AR=Arab, reversed (=from the east); ancient city in Jordan; nice clue
13 EGESTA – E+(gets)*+A; excreta (see “egest” in Chambers); (S), (C)
14 STEAR – S-TEAR; S=is; rent=TEAR; old spelling of “steer” (C)
18 OUISTITI – OUIS-TITI; OUIS=yes in France more than once; TITI=small tree; a french marmoset; nice clue (C)
19 RENDZINA – RE-N(D)Z-IN-A; D=dimension; a fertile soil type (S), (C)
21 UNGAG – UN-GAG; UN=”a” in French (S)
22 PROBED – PRO-BED; for=PRO; congress=have sex=BED; nice clue
24 SDEIN – S-D(E)IN; to disdain=slight (see “sdeigne” in Chambers); S=South in Bridge, an opponent of East (C)
26 PARCHEESI – PAR-CHEES(e)-I; a board game; note the “say” Derby; (S), (C)
27 LITTER,BASKET – L(aden)+anagram of “better+ask+(saud)i+(distric)t”; bin is definition; nice clue
28 EASLES – (m)EASLES; hot ashes; (S), (C)
29 ACTURE – (f)ACTURE; facture=workmanship; f=fine; the Bard’s word for a performance (C)
1 POOP – two meanings; facts (meaning 4 in C); tony=a simpleton=nincompoop=POOP (meaning 6 in C) (C)
2 NICETIES – NICE-TIES; reference Nice in France
3 UPBRAIDS – U-PB-RAIDS; U=union; PB=chemical symbol for lead; twit=upbraid; nice clue
4 AITU – (UT-I-A) reversed; UT=doh=do; a polynesian demigod (c)
5 INHERING – IN-HER(r)ING; r=recipe taken out; sticking; (C)
6 OTAGO – O-TAG-O; pair=cricket jargon for no score in both innings; area of S Island NZ (S)
7 INKSLINGER – (l)INKS-LINGER; “links” = golf course, remove l=left; hack=definition=journalist; nice clue (C)
8 ESTATING – (agents+it)*; old=veteran word for to give an estate to somebody; (S), (C)
10 STERNPORTS – STERN-PORT-S; hard=STERN; left=PORT; succeeded=S; opening at stern of ship; nice clue
14 SCRAPPLE – S-CR-APPLE; S=has; APPLE make iPods; an American meatloaf not the singer; nice clue (C)
15 GUILDERS – (girls due)*; (S)
16 STUNDIST – STUN(D-IS)T; D=God; a member of Russian Protestant sect; (C)
20 TE-HEE – TE(HE)E(r); “teer”=plaster; alternative spelling of tee-hee (C)
23 PEBA – P-EBA(y); P=page; “e-bay” remove y=algebraic unknown; an armadillo (C)
25 NOTE – dote=show affection then change d=daughter to n=name; do=doh=NOTE (note the perhaps) (S)

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  1. Another wordplay clinic from Tim Moorey – I really enjoyed this one, I spent all of last Sunday shooting for a film without any dictionaries, and by the end of the day, having a lot of short breaks to pore over it, I had all but 4, 16, 24, 26 and 29. Saved my day!
  2. 9 answers missing this week which, I’m delighted to say, is worse than average. I can’t believe I didn’t get NICE TIES – that may just have opened up a few more for me. I found this one really difficult throughout, but this led to lots of a-ha moments as another answer finally dawned.

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