Mephisto 2483 – Tim Moorey

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I’ve found the last few Mephistos pretty tricky and this was no exception, took about four sittings to finish it, and liberal use of Bradfords. Even after getting the two 12-letter words straight off, there was a bit of hard-going ahead. If you’re not a regular Mephisto solver and aren’t used to hyphenated words being clued as single words you might have found this even tougher.

1 PR,AM: Americans call these strollers
4 TURPETHS: (THE)* in TURPS. Another clue that will be easier for the UK/Antipodean continent
11 U-TRAP: hidden, reversed. The bane of my existence at times
12 BIG(=lively),AMY: well-hidden definition, I was sure the checking M was part of MO for second.
16 TAIL-END: AIL(=trouble) in TEND(=escort, thanks Bradford’s), and TAIL-END CHARLIE is slang for a rear gunner
20 AGOROT: not 100% on wordplay, A,GO,(TOR)<=???
24 TIE-UP: hyphenation strickes again. I.E. in (PUT)<=
26 TREAGUE: a truce and my last entry. I think wordplay is EAG in TRUE?
28 HAL,V,AH: Haven’t seen “for instance” leading to “AH”, but I guess it works
29 (r)ICTUS: two bad things for the price of one!
31 ESTREPED: anagram of DESPERATE minus the A
1 PLUFF: I have the wordplay as L in PUFF (think PUSS)
3 MNAS: obscure currency #2 for the puzzle
4 TIP-UP: revenge of the hyphenation, and I loved this clue, tip up would give you PIT
7 EDGILY: (DIG)* in ELY, singular DIGS giving DIG
8 HUMONGOUS: anagram of MOS(t),(t)OUGH,UN
10 SNYDET: (TED,YNS)<=. Had to peek in Chambers to get this
13 BRA,STRAPS: (PART)<= in BRASS and we have the Basil Brush BOOM BOOM clue of the week. Cup holders indeed!
17 DEPTHS: PT, in (SHED)<=, just noticed a lot of reversals today
18 T,SINGANE: oh how usedul Bradford’s can be, before that I didn’t know either were gypsys
19 JAN,E,DOE(s): this one the Americans may have a leg up on. Legal term for unidentifiable person
21 A RAVIR: RAV in AIR, easier wordplay than clue
24 TEIND: hidden

2 comments on “Mephisto 2483 – Tim Moorey”

  1. I had these as:
    22A: “A joke about say..” => A,ROT about GO => AGOROT
    26A: “…rule stops an Irishman” => R in TEAGUE => TREAGUE
    28A: “Henry’s against, for instance…” => HAL,V,AS => HALVAS


    1. You’re right about 28A, I had the singular, and the clue did say sweetmeatS, and AS is better than AH.

      The other two sound decent too, I haven’t seen ROT come from joke before.

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