Mephisto 2448 – Chris Feetenby

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Sorry, late again.

Solving time: 19:05 without C, one mistake – 22D, where I didn’t understand the wordplay and the floor is open.

After really struggling with my last blogged Mephisto, this was much easier – most of the dusty corners of Chambers this time were ones that I’ve visited before.

1 LASCA(r),L.A.
6 SP(R)AD – old version of “spread”. SPAD = ‘Signal passed at danger’.
12 HOMO=man,EO=game,S=son,IS=is – sounded vaguely familiar. Trickiest part is finding it in C – look under homeo-/homo-, not homo-
13 C(NID)A – nid = brood. It’s a stinging organ in jellyfish and the like – fairly familiar from other advanced cryptics.
18 T=the,ALLOW=let,DIP=pickpocket – a tallow dip is an old kind of candle
20 TREE,HOUSE – 2 meanings of “box”
21 I=1,N,TOLE=type of tin ware,RANCE=bar (Scots)
25 DEFINIENS – (seen I find)* – it’s a definition, as you probably guessed
26 OLFACT = (of cat l) – easy enough to find from ‘olfactory’
27 CADE – initial letters
28 (John) WAYNE = “wane”
29 E,SSAYER = (Dorothy) Sayers with last S moved to the front
1 LANCE-TWIN,DOW – one of those very narrow ones that only seem any good for firing arrows through
2 AGONY,AUNT=gossip – an egeria is a female adviser
4 A,NOA(h) – a wild ox of Celebes, or rather Sulawesi
5 LEMON = yellow,WEED = garment as in “widow’s weeds”
7 PROS,OP,ON – the outer appearance of one of the three persons of the Trinity. New word for me, which I must try on the vicar to see if he knows it.
9 DIS=fail to respect,ASSEMBLER = former. A dissassembler does the opposite of an assembler in computing.
15 F,RU,SEMIDE=demise – knew this stuff was a drug
17 ULT(imate),ON,IAN = someone from Ulster
22 UNCE = Scots for ounce. I don’t get the ‘non-conformist suggestion’ bit, though. Any offers?

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