Mephisto 2,441 – Tim Moorey/ Help!!

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I read somewhere that the most doodled word in the English language is HELP. My print-out of this puzzle has several masterpeices, all centred around that word!

Since coming back from my holidays, I have struggled with barred puzzles, and this continued with this Mephisto, which I spent ages on. I don’t think it should have taken me so long to finish it, but it did.

Actually, I didn’t complete it. There are two (or three) clues I haven’t solved yet, and a few others where I can’t work out the wordplay. Sorry!


1 SUBNIVEAL – (abuse in vl)* (A ball (A & O) dropped from Oval) – SUBNIVEAL means beneath the snow

11 PAN-DOWDY – in the US, a PANDOWDY is a deep-filled apple-pie

12 M-ONDEGREEN – (homophone of ON DE (for the) GREEN) – a (sometimes) hilarious misquoted song lyric (for example, in Bad Moon Rising, “There’s a bathroom on the right” instead of “There’s a bad moon on the rise”)

15 ?TON? – haven’t a clue – ATONE?


18 CHI(c)K – not keen on “a bit of cord” for C; a CHIK (or chick) is a bamboo hanging door-screen

19 (d)O-BIT

20 S(EAC(h))-UNNY – a lascar sailor

25 PROMO – I can see “encouragement”, but haven’t a clue thereafter

26 EREMETIC – and again, I can see some of it, but not all

27 TR(AVERT)INE – TRINE is an obscure word meaning “to go”, and TRAVERTINE is a limestone deposit

28 GA(MINES)S – MINES as in “bombs”

29 (h)OLM

30 TORT-URERS – not sure about the wordplay of URERS


1 S?M??R – dunno, sorry


3 NA(DEN)E – NA-DENE describes a range of Native American languages


6 LOESS – (loses)*

8 EDUTAINMENT – (innumerate student – tuner)* – I need to lose the S of student as well but don’t know how

9 R(eall)Y-PECK – a pole for mooring a punt

10 CON-TUB(e)-ERNAL (learn)* – a china (mate) offers companionship, but a China doesn’t (the capitalisation doesn’t work in this clue, in my opinion)

14 ICHNOLITE – (Neolithic)*

16 SNARIEST (or is it SNAKIEST?)


21 URETER (RE in (true)*

22 YOKELS – (olk yes)* – “rustic” is doing double duty here

23 A(MR)IT – sacred sweetened water used in Sikh baptisms

24 PIANO (roll)

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  1. 15ac is ETONS – NOTE rev + S. Easy to miss as it isn’t in bold in Chambers, but it’s there under Eton.

    1dn is SUMMER, being SLUMMER without the L (no end of hell). One of the meanings of summer in Chambers is “a year (poetic)”.

    26ac is actually EREM,ITAL – MERE (rev) is a Maori war-club.

    Then 16dn is A,NAP,AES,T – the wordplay something like T=it, after (SEA,PAN,A=absent) all rev.

    25ac – I think this is PRO=for, MO=half of mogs. Didn’t like the definition of this one. PROMO is short for promotion, which can mean encouragement, but promo itself is only ever used to mean a promotional video etc.

    8dn – I think the anagram is formed from (innumerate student – s tuner), the s being short for is. Only thing I can think of that works…

    30ac is TORT,URE,RS – ure can mean practice, RS is S(i)R reversed.

    Nasty puzzle, this. Took me well over an hour too, with Chambers and Bradford’s used from the beginning.

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