Mephisto 2437

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Solving time approx. 40 mins (without Chambers)

I solved this at work last Monday actually, although I did check a couple of answers online (3dn, 12dn).


6 SI,ROC (“cor is” rev) – I didn’t understand the wordplay at first, but a cor is a Hebrew measure also called a homer.
10 INNUMERATE – (ennui a term)*
11 V(CH)IP – one of those where you just have to trust your instincts from the wordplay. It’s a chip in a TV which allows parental controls.
13 BI(POL,A)R – A LOP inside RIB=wife, all reversed.
15 FACT – the Federation Against Copyright Theft, those annoying people whose adverts you see on every DVD.
17 WIS,ELY – see as in diocese, and the only one you ever see in crosswords!
20 ARE(O,L)A – I only knew this as the dark bit around the nipple, but it’s also the bit of the iris surrounding the pupil.
22 E(ND)MAN – “call round” = name rev.
26 LOCK – triple definition
28 AL(l),ODIUM
29 ORIYA – hidden rev. in wAY I ROared.
30 P(RONOMI,N)AL – RONOMI = (moroni(c))*
32 DRUG,GET – a type of rug.


2 IN(H,O)USE – I’m guessing H,O is from H(old) O(f), anyone got any better ideas?
3 LU(c)(I)K – the Dutch name for Liège. I checked this in Wikipedia to make sure, but the wordplay’s pretty clear.
4 N(EBUL=blue*),(sa)Y
5 GRIS,ON=no. rev – a grison is something like a weasel.
6 SA,POGENIN(=opening*) – It=sex appeal=SA, probably the most over-used cliché in crosswords!
8 OR,A,CU,LARLY=(rally*) – OR=other ranks=soldiers.
9 CURT,A,IN – the clue looked a bit strange (I thought it was a misprint at first) with “1in” used for “one inch”.
12 C(LAIR,C(law))OLL(i)E – guessed it from the wordplay but checked in an online dictionary that there was such a word.
17 WA(LLAB=ball rev)Y
19 A(MU,SI=is rev)NG – Ang. is a Latin abbreviation for Anglice, meaning “in English”, hence the two ins in the clue.
21 A,ROUND – round is an archaic word for whisper.
22 E,NAMOR=roman rev.
23 S(CO)PA – CO=commanding officer
25 E(XAL=lax rev.)T – E.T. being the fantastic film.
27 TRIG – double def. Short for trigonometry, and a Scottish word for sound.

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  1. I think this is HOLD = HO. in IN USE. “of limited circulation” is the definition.

    Mike G.

    1. If we’re talking abbreviations, Chambers has no support for ho. = hold (or h = hold). But ‘hold’ is tucked away in the list of defs for ‘ho, hoa or hoh’.

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