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  1. Wow, what a belter! As usual with Anax you’ll be taken down the wrong path, blinfolded, spun around and left to find your own way back. I found it incredibly hard but well worth the effort. I’m struggling to fully work out how 7d,12a and 20d work though.
    1. I think 7D is Make = ORIGINATE, one sodier = “I,G.I.”, ‘depart’ = removal indicator, leaving ORNATE=complex.

      12A: Here = IN, young = CUB, one = I, causes = link-word, nightmares = def.

      20D: madman=SCHIZO, having = link-word, then homophone of “skit so” = (turn, as) – “they say” rather than “as they say” is the sounds-like indicator.

  2. Another great puzzle, Anax – great fun to solve, as ever. Many thanks.

    I have a doubt over 23D, my last to go in. Assuming it’s not a typo shouldn’t there strictly be a gap at a certain place in the clue? I’m also not mad about 20D, but you know these are not my favourite. 14D is superb. Even when I had the answer from wordplay I thought “there’s no such word” until the pronunciation penny dropped.

    1. Hi Jimbo! Your right as regards “the gap” but this puzzle was originally set with the intention of submitting it to a paper that doesn’t mind these little liberties for the sake of smooth reading.
      Incidentally, 14D was one of the last clues to be written as I really struggled to find a smooth reading; delighted that you enjoyed it!
  3. Way too hard for a novice like me – a grand total of about 8 answers before giving up. Any chance of blogging the solutions next time as I am at a loss to understand the answers to at least a third of the clues?

    1. I generally leave the puzzle for a week or so then add solution notes to the COW DIY forum:


      Follow the link to the Bonus Crossword section to find the current crop of puzzles.

      The puzzles posted here are always pretty challenging, but bear in mind they are not set to stringent Times rules; I tend to adopt some of the more experimental techniques you might find in the Guardian/Indy.

  4. I had a first look a few days ago but found it tough – finished it while doing some (very easy) cooking tonight (one dud answer – lacked the patience on 27 to find WHOA instead of the plausible but dud THEA. Despite Anax mentioning both Buxton as a spa town and banger racing over the weekend, these answers took a while.

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