Jumbo 765 – mixed bag

Solving time 17:37

This puzzle was mostly easy but had quite few tricky words to keep you thnking. This is one of those annoying times when I think “who was doing the jumbo report due yesterday?” and find that (a) the answer on our calendar is “Peter B”, and (b) the report I typed up last week can’t be found. So here’s what I can remember one week later without going back into the dictionary.

(rest of report deleted)

Oh dear (see comment)! What I should have saved on my desktop got posted a week early. I don’t know whether this means that

  • everyone was too polite to mention it
  • there will be extra entries from people who know the harder answers
  • hardly anyone reads the jumbo reports anyway.

3 comments on “Jumbo 765 – mixed bag”

  1. This is a repeat post. You originally blogged this crossword on 11 July.


  2. I wouldn’t say too polite, I thought, hmmmm, that was odd, and that maybe we had gone to a week after blog schedule for the jumbo. This one was pretty easy, but like the jumbos, really fun. And we got not just one, but two 23-letter entries. I’d put the report back up for people who can just now see the answer online and want to check wordplay, or link the report.
  3. I mentioned this a few weeks back when it happened prematurely so thoughtI should keep quiet….!Perhaps being polite….?

    Carole H.Fermo,Italy

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