Jumbo 755 – missing in the paper

I was irritated this morning to see that Jumbo 755, which I was dure to write about, was not in the paper.  They reprinted Saturday’s 754 (very easy by the way – a Jumbo PB for me).  755 turns out to be on the website, but I suspect they’ll amend the closing date slightly to reflect delayed publication when it does apear in the paper.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me so conveniently close to US Eastern lunchtime that it is a Bank Holiday (Banks celebrate Cinquo de Mayo?) Jumbo!
    1. The holiday is effectively May Day – like many of our Bank Holidays, it’s observed on the nearest or next Monday to make a long weekend. The next one is 26th May. Lots on the history at Wikipedia, though I’m a bit sceptical about the importance of village cricket fixture dates.
  2. I did print outs this week having developed a method for doing the jumbo from 2 pages. My feeling is that the jumbos have been free-flowing (won’t say easy) in the last couple of months. Either that or i have made a slight improvement.
    1. I can cope with two printed pages from the website, though I’d prefer a single A4 sheet even with smaller type and/or grid.

      The two this weekend were certainly on the easy side. For 754 I shaved a bit off my 23×23 jumbo PB with 11:07 (previous best: 11:20 for 627), so I think a sub-10 is just possible for me. 755 took 15:43 – probably equivalent to about 6 minutes for a daily puzzle.

  3. I agree that the jumbos haven’t been too difficult lately (I was within a dozen clues of 755 over lunch yesterday), but they’ve had quality clues, not much to argue with and have been fun! Do one in public, you look really smart.

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