Jumbo 747 – a REAL Jumbo puzzle!

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 Solving time: 30:32

Unbelievably I spotted a few of the thematic answers as I worked through the puzzle, but it was not until completion that I sat back and noticed the number of the puzzle!  I then searched for the rest of the JUMBOS.

Nine definites found, as detailed below, including clues 7 and 47 combined to give JUMBO NUMBER – surely intended?  Also considered 25A – AIR INTAKES are certainly on one type of JUMBO, and 4A MAHARAJAHS have an elephant connection.  And then 46D – is there an elephant called JEFFREY? – no, I’m getting silly now – but I was disappointed not to find my own favourite elephant.

I have scanned the grid for anything hidden (expected BOEING to pop up somewhere) – but nothing I can see.  Anyone else find anything?

So overall a fitting tribute to the “number of the Jumbo” and apart from the thematic elements it was a fine example of a Jumbo anyway!  Well done the setter!

I am also on duty for Jumbo 748, which I believe could be blogged as well today, but I will stack it until Saturday (when I think the solution will appear) just to let Jumbo 747 hog the limelight for a while!!



ROGUE (G in ROUE) – the first of the JUMBO answers.


MAHARAJAHS (A JAR in SHAH AM all rev.) – the answer became apparent from the definition, but the wordplay took some time after that!  Probably that bit trickier because everything is reversed.


LION-TAMER  – nice cryptic definition but very easy to spot.


CHINCHERINCHEE (CHIN + ERIN in CH + CH + sEE) – this word always makes me think of Dick Van Dyke – well it’s almost chincherinchee!!


INANEST (i.e. IN A NEST) – clues where you have to read the word that is the answer in a different way are always popular with me.


AIR INTAKES (IN in AIR TAKES) – could be a JUMBO answer.


KISSOGRAM MAN (SMOG MASK I RAN*) – I always thought a kissogram was just a kissogram, but I suppose it is vitality important to distinguish the sex when ordering one!!




MASTODON (MA’S TO DON) – an extinct JUMBO answer.


ELEPHANT (P + H in creaturE + LEANT) – a JUMBO clue and a mighty fine & lit.


SMARTEST (MARS with the last letter moved to the front + TEST)


BLUE JAY (J in BLUE + A Y) – I was starting to think that a homophone indicator was missing here (for BLEW), but no, BLUE does indeed mean to squander – new to me.


ROMEO AND JULIET – a reference to R and J in the phonetic alphabet, and the feuding families in the Shakespeare play.




STRIP CLUB (TRIP + CL in SUB) – nice definition.


ASTROMETRY (STAR TO ME* + RY) – another nice & lit.




GROWTH HORMONE (HORNET HOG WORM) – clever to extract the three creatures (and nothing over) for the anagram to achieve the & lit., although it’s a weird trio!


MAMMOTH (MAM + MOTH) – another extinct JUMBO answer.


JUMBO (J + UMBO) – the definitive JUMBO answer, and the setter pays homage to his editor for granting him the privilege of compiling Jumbo 747!


HORSE SENSE (H OR S + six compass points) – I am not a fan of more than one point to indicate a combination of NEWS – and we have six here!


PACHYDERM (ACHY + D in PERM) – another JUMBO answer.


NINOTCHKA (NOTCH in A KIN rev.) – easy for film buffs – Ninotchka ; all checking letters required for ignoramuses like me!


HOISTERS (cHOrISTERS) – a neat double subtraction clue.


BAN THE BOMB (BOo in ANTHEM all in B + B) – the wordplay was too tricky to spend time working out till after completion of the puzzle!


ALL IN A DAY’S WORK (i.e. ADA YALLSOP = ALL in A DAY’S WORK [op.]) – I thought I was going to struggle with this clue as I had never heard of ADA!  Clever clue!


TRUMPETER (Trombones + RUM + PETER) – another JUMBO answer.


NUMBER (2 defs.) – combines with 7 for a JUMBO answer – i.e. 7, 47 = JUMBO NUMBER.


WHITE (WHIT + E) – a JUMBO answer – I spent some time trying to think of a name of a famous chess player – D’oh!


BABAR (BA + BAR) – the final JUMBO answer – dear old Babar!



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  1. Good stuff this one – lets hope that when the Nth book of Jumbo puzzles is being put together in a few years, they remember the note “This puzzle was originally published as Jumbo No. 747”.

    1. I also put this comment down below by mistake; I don’t suppose you’ll ever see it anyway.

      If you’re interested (and you see this), as I go through I can make up an HTML page with the numbers of the 2008 Jumbo crosswords – to add to your Memories/Indexes page

      Andy from Oz

  2. 27:35 for me. It looks so obvious now with all the Jumbo answers pointed out, but I didn’t spot it at the time!

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