Jumbo 741 (Sat 9 Feb) – Flamed out

Solving time: 12:00

This was probably the easiest Jumbo I’ve seen – but for 51dn I’d finished in about 7:50. Unfortunately it took me another four minutes to spot the answer to that (and even then I wasn’t sure), so this wasn’t even a PB in the end.

Any clarification on the ‘Children’ at 43ac would be appreciated. Conversely, please shout if there are any other clues for which you’d like an explanation.

[I should have posted this on Friday – sorry for the delay, I’d mixed up the Jumbo blogging dates.]

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

17 WIND TURBINE – very nice cryptic definition.
19 WATER [closet] + LOO
25 CON + F + LATE
35 B + ATTLE[e]
43 ELEVATED – ‘Brought up’ = ELEVATED = ‘Railway’, but why ‘Children’?
50 GALLEY PROOF – I was fairly sure this phrase existed, but didn’t know what it meant, so wasn’t certain of the first letter of 51dn which was very unfortunate.

7 CORNWALLIS – General Charles Cornwallis fought in the Americal Revolutionary War. I didn’t know that but did know the name, and the reference to the Duchy of Cornwall.
9 SHORTCAKE – I believe this is a reference to the Chambers definition of ‘√©clair’ as ‘a cake, long in shape but short in duration…’.
22 ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN; ‘YET I’ = ‘though one’ – well-worded clue.
23 STASI + S
27 CAR(L + IS + L)E
37 PACE (= ‘with due respect to’) + SETTER
39 OSTEOPATH; (A STOOP + THE)* – excellent anagram.
45 SALAAM; rev. of (MA + ALAS)
51 F + LAME – how very frustrating. I ended up going through the alphabet on ‘FLA?E’ and ‘FRA?E’, with lingering doubts that the ‘F’ might be wrong. On the second time through a small bell tinkled at FLAME, and I persuaded myself that ‘flame’ could be a colour and that LAME might have another meaning – and indeed it does, ‘lam√©’ means ‘(of) a fabric in which metallic (usu gold or silver) threads are interwoven’. If I were in a grumbling mood, I might quibble about the link word ‘of’, but I really don’t think this made a difference here.

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    1. Of course – self-kicking now in progress, though unlike Drogba this afternoon I’ll get straight up afterwards without writhing around in supposed agony. Thanks to both commenters.

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