Jumbo 710

Solving time 14:36

A pretty easy puzzle, but the clues read well and there are a couple of good &lit clues. The 15×15 cryptic on the same day was really tough, so this one’s low difficulty may have been some kind of intentional compensation. I finished the jumbo 20 minutes faster than the 15×15 – any minutes faster is a rarity, so I suspect this will be my biggest ‘wrong way’ difference for a very long time.

1 BOOTS,TRAP – don’t know exactly what a ‘boots’ did, but can remember references in stuff like Jerome K Jerome.
10 TRAIT = “trey” – according to the dictionary, you can say ‘trait’ without pronouncing the second T
14 SALAMI,S – ‘salami tactics’ = tackling a problem in little slices
18 INCITE = “in sight” = visible and “insight” = understanding
21 TUMBLE DRY = (let drum by)*, &lit.
53 I,M(IT)ATE – Fletcher Christian was the mate on the Bounty.
8 RESOLUTION – when a discord in music ends, it’s said to ‘resolve’
22 SPITFIRE – P,I in anag. of strife, & lit.
27 (Damon) RUN,YON
28 C=constant,ATNIP=pinta rev. – One or two younger solvers might need telling that “Drinka pinta milka day” was a classic bit of advertising copy writing that got ‘pinta’ into the dictionary.
42 SWINDLER – one of those cryptic defs that can still fool you after years of solving.
46 VARIANT – R/L swap in valiant

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  1. I too found this a lot easier than the 15×15, and in fact made a “clean sweep” in 15:50, spending a good half-minute on OVERDEVELOP, finding it difficult to get OVEREXPOSE out of my mind despite having O-E—V—- at that point. It’s nice to have an easy Jumbo once in a while.

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