7 comments on “COD bonus puzzle”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I tried it last night and failed miserably. The ones I did get were crackers though. I’m going to have another go at it tonight.
  2. Well done Peter. I have finished it and it is well worth the effort – as one would expect from Anax. Jimbo
  3. Agree that this is a lovely but challenging crossword with some stonking clues. The bottom half didn’t give me too many problems but I’m stunpmed by several top-half clues, especially in the NE.
  4. NE was slowest for me as well. Superb stuff, some great sleight-of-clue. I particularly admired 10A, 12A, 14A, 26A, 27A (…)
  5. Nice crossword, very difficult, harder that the Times except very occasionally. Are the answers anywhere? There were one or two I didn’t fully understand. Are we going to have a facility for posting comments on the crossword?
    1. I believe the answers will be out in a week or so, and at that point comments seem fair game in the puzzle’s thread on the COD site.
  6. Many thanks for your kind comments – really glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

    Pete’s right; answers will be available shortly and I plan to add a fairly comprehensive list of explanations aimed at those who may be comparatively new to the Times cryptic or, indeed, cryptic crosswords generally.

    The forum thread isn’t locked, by the way, so comments can be posted at any time.

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