Championship qualifier 2

Quick reminder that tomorrow’s paper (1 May) will have two puzzles – one being the second qualifier for this year’s Times Crossword Championship. These qualifiers are usually easy puzzles, so don’t get too excited if your time is quick, but if you can make it to Cheltenham on 12th October I’d encourage you to enter. You’ll meet other solvers and learn from them, and get the rare chance to tell the xwd editor what you think about the puzzles.

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  1. Is there usually a gathering of the clans on the night before? I’ve applied to be included in the afternoon session and I’m trying to decide whether to book a hotel and have a few pints on Saturday night with my fellow solvers or just to drive down on the day.
  2. And what about us non-participants? Even if it’s just for a night-before bout of boisterous revelry, can we be there to watch/encourage/barrack etc?
  3. I haven’t been to the Saturday pub session myself, but there have been ones the last couple of years (Jolly Brewmaster, Painswick Rd. I think – that’s where I’ve been after the final, certainly.)

    Last year there was space at the Grand Final for an audience (and copies of the puzzles), though not at the prelim rounds.

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