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  1. Odd but true. And make the order up to £15 for free delivery!
    The non-thumb-index one is £21, for the same dictionary. It was in my cart at £17.50 but I hadn’t got round to ordering it, so the index one is much better value. Perhaps it’s a mistake that will get corrected when they notice.

    And I had assumed t it was the official Times dictionary – or is it just the official Listener one?

    1. It’s the official Listener one and the standard reference for most other barred-grid puzzles in the UK. But the Times daily puzzle, as far as I know, still uses the Concise Oxford and Collins as main references.

      Edited at 2007-12-24 05:06 pm (UTC)

  2. So anyway I’ve just ordered one of them.
    Thanks for that Peter. They could in theory rescind the offer before despatch, but I’d be surprised.
  3. There are bargains around if one looks for them. In September WH Smith shops were selling the Collins English Dictonary and Collins Thesaurus A-Z at £6 each as part of a “Back to school” deal. I think the CED was not the very latest edition but it would still have been a bargain. But the Thesauraus was the 2007 revised print, RRP £30!
  4. Only guessing but the normal Chambers frequency has been a new book every five years – the first I bought was way back in 1963 really appreciating that headwords were in bold type.

    The last in this sequence was 2003 so the next (2008) is almost upon us, so why not sell earlier ones to get rid of them.

    A slight qualification to this in that Chambers issued a new edition in 2006 with apparently v few changes from 2003 which continues to be recommended for Listener and Azed (though in the latter case this may be about to change).

    As my 2003 editions disintegrated with overuse, I’ve been using Chambers 2006 for a while.

  5. Well the unindexed hardback has gone up from £17.50 to £21 since I first put it in my Amazon basket a while ago , so there’s something fishy afoot (to mix metaphors).

    Still there today 27th Dec at £5.39 though, so they’ve not sold out.
    I saw it for £40 in Waterstones today too 😀

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