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Solving time: over an hour and a half in a few sittings

Sorry for the lateness of this post – I have had a really hectic day (unexpectedly) and tried to do this in a few sittings but couldn’t ever really get on the right wavelength.

There were a few guesses – but I feel pleased that I managed to get it all in the end. I have just checked some of the comments below to check I was right.


1 JE(AN)S[t] – one of the last to go in – no idea why it took so long.
4 PA,VILION=(anag of VIOLIN)
8 C(1,DER,WIT)HROSIE – ‘the German’=DER – I managed to get this fairly early on with a few checking letters – sussed the wordplay out later.
12 TEA,PO,Y – this was a guess and I didn’t feel very confident about it!
17 E(MB)ATTLE – Clement ATTLEE with the E moved to the front.
20 OR,RIS[e] – I don’t think I know this, although I feel I should.
22 MAR,DIG(RA)S – this also took a while and shouldn’t have – I don’t know that many carnivals.
25 A(SSEM)BLY – SSEM=MESS reversed
26 SHE,A,F – I am good at Novel=SHE now – it took me a few crosswords to get into it!


1 JACK-IN-THE-BOX – I think this was the first one I got, expecting it to help me with some of the across clues – but it didn’t really!
2 [p]ADDED
13 AMBER,GRIS=(anag or RIGS) – I’ve seen this before but it took me some time to find it.
16 PLUMB BOB – sounds like ‘plum’ – Bob The Builder.
19 TRILBY – guessed that was the hat that Sinatra wore – had no idea about the singer – see comments below…
21 SOM(M)E
23 R(A)ISE

48 comments on “23917”

  1. 7:39 for this – quite a good recovery after a slow start, with 22 the first across answer to go in, though 24’s easy anag helped the bottom half and restored morale. Not sure what makes an easy anag but I think multiple uses of the same letter help – in this case we have three A’s and two each of R/I/L.

    At 2D, nice to see ‘extra’ having nothing to do with cricket. Let’s deal with the lit ref: Trilby at 19D is the singer hypnotised by Svengali in George du Maurier’s “Trilby” – later made into a film that comes up sometimes on rainy Sunday afternoons – as well as the hat that’s apparently named after her. (File with Dolly Varden and Fedora as literary hats). Apart from the hat connection, Svengali has made more of an impression on the English language than Trilby, and I think the film version may be “Svengali” rather than “Trilby”. As it seems that the only difference between fedoras and trilbys is brim width, any confusion is fairly forgiveable.

    Trickiest clues: 13 and 17 – teapoy (which turns out to effectively be Hindi for tripod) is one of those words whose meaning I always have to check, and putting the doctor together with Attlee’s final E at his beginning: a huge pat on the back to anyone who worked this out without previously seeing the answer from the def and checking letters.

    7D must be chestnut of the day: 9 letters and something like “make a speech about” – old hands are already thinking of ORIGINATE before seeing how ‘gin’ has been handled this time. Beginners should also remember ‘waxy substance’ as the def for ambergris.

    1. Thanks for explaining 12. A bad Monday for me with two wild guesses (TEAPOT and CIDER HIGH ROSIE!) – Vijay
    2. I am adding the “easies” in here on the first page of the blog as there are 2 pages of Payday Loans garbage. I wonder if they can be deleted somehow?

      There are 8 “easies” not in the blog:

      11a Select English, low in calories (5)
      E LITE. I absolutely detest these “new spell” commercial words. Lite seems to have crept in under the RADAR. Not as bad as “KWIK”.

      14a Referring to a head accepting one who learns with little effort (2,1,5)
      ON A P L ATE

      18a A new member returned, a woman (6)
      A N GEL A

      14a (Ample librarian)*, unlikely dancer (5,9)
      PRIMA BALLERINA. Impressive anagram. Miss Phelps in Matilda?

      5d Passionate tough guys kept in check (8)
      VE HE-MEN T

      6d Free, toilets on Euston, initially (5)
      LOOS E. Ironic because you have to pay to use the loo at Euston. When the barriers were first erected I overheard a French visitor’s incredulous announcement – “Il faut payer!”. Exactement mate – welcome to Angleterre. I think it is a disgrace. Train companies – pay for the loos for your customers to use.

      9d Military planners getting stick supporting senior officer (7,5)

      15d Very poor writer on African river steamship (9)
      PEN NILE SS. Tried PEN ZAMBEZI SS but too many letters.

  2. Fairly straightforward, say 30 minutes, until I got stuck in the SW corner on 13, 17 and 20 which took me another 15 to solve. I suppose “without limit” indicates the omission of the last letter of “rise” in 20. Hm. And I can’t find any reference to Sinatra wearing a trilby (Wikipedia doesn’t mention him on a list of more than 51 famous wearers); further research seems to confim that a Sinatra hat is a fedora.
    1. I just googled “Sinatra trilby” and it came up with loads of hits. I think Americans call it a fedora, Brits call it a trilby.

      12:25 here, no real problems apart from being a bit rusty and slow to get going.

  3. This took me 19 mins, of which a fair few at the end on 19D – ultimately guessed, as I didn’t know the reference.

    Tom B.

    1. A double-take needed here. It’s a clever use of “certain”. Imagine “There are some people who think that…”
  4. 14 minutes precisely. I was very tempted to put TEABOY at 12a because that sounded as if it could be a stand to put cakes on to have with ones tea. In the end I thankfully trusted that there really wasn’t a River Bo.
    COD 19d – TRILBY – superb wordplay and subterfuge using oblique references to a really well-known work of literature. Well done setter!
  5. I was gone for a few days, and didn’t get to Thursdays or Fridays crosswords until the weekend, does two days away from solving make me lose it? After 15 minutes I felt pretty frustrated with this one. I only know CIDER WITH ROSIE from another crossword, and can’t for the life of me see where the WIT comes from. Torn between EMBOTTLE AND EMBATTLE, and no idea how 21 works, I want to invent the SUMRE river.

    Enough vent… 22 was a nice construction (awkward surface), 4 was simple but nicely put.

  6. I enjoyed this apart from having a real struggle parsing 17 – it appears to me that the instruction to place MB after the last letter of ATTLEE but after that letter has been placed at the front (phew) isn’t fully formed. And like Ken I think 19 falls into the “you either know this or you don’t” category; you can take a stab at it but can’t use wordplay to work it out.
    But there was some very nice stuff too. 21 is very deceptive and my COD goes to 15; straightforward (dare I suggest chestnutty?) but reads very nicely.
  7. Nothing too difficult here, though the wordplay for 21 and 19 eluded me, as it seems to have others. I would have been a lot quicker with 8, if I hadn’t messed up the enumeration of the words and spent ages trying to work out ‘c.d./r.i.h/.o.i.’ Any number of Google searches failed to come up with any books beginning ‘Code Reich ….’

    COD 16.

  8. 28:30 COD to 25, was looking for a definition meaning competently or competently suppresses for ages.

    I figured George might struggle to spot that wit = comic with him being a stand-up comedian and all. Maybe comic as a noun in that context doesn’t exist outside the UK.

    1. Guess I deserve that (it can be pick on George day) – I had factored comic into the definition, thinking that it was a comic novel. After reading the description of the plot, it might be better off as a comic novel.
      1. On reflection I think a 10-word clue in which the definition is simply “book” and the surface gives no other indication of its content or genre is a poor clue.
  9. Took about 30 minutes or so, handicapped by not knowing “Cider With Rosie” (looked it up), or the Trilby reference (looked up a Brit hatmaker and found the trilby). Otherwise pretty straightforward. Didn’t know ‘teapoy’ either, but the wordplay leads one straight to it. Nothing made me laugh, but 26A is clever, I think. Regards.
  10. I found this a quite straightforward 25 minutes worth. I reverse engineered EMBATTLE and ?R?L?Y could only be TRILBY – although I thought he wore a “pork pie” hat, so something learned. I was helped by knowing AMBERGRIS and TEAPOY (and 2 letter rivers are usually PO or sometimes OB). It’s a little obscure that SW corner. I don’t think much to 8A, book is too wide a definition here but amongst others PAVILION at 4A is a nice clue. Jimbo.
    1. Jimbo, I believe it was Bing Crosby who famously wore pork-pie hats. The way things are going this may well turn up in a clue one of these days!
      1. Great work!
        We were like that a few months ago
        Now we manage to finish, on average, 3 per week! It’s great progress. However, we do take around a long time still to finish, and there are two of us!
        Ah well, it’s all part of the fun!
        And the other thing is, we are about 6 weeks behind you guys in getting the thing (being in Australia!) but we are scrupulously honest ….. we never never look ahead.
        Thanks guys – we learn something new every day, and one day will be able to say – “finished in 10 mins” (our record, for the record, is 28 minutes! but that would have been one which you lot finished before you started it!
        Your comments are a treat
  11. How, exactly, does 17 ac mean “add strength”? I ask merely from curiosity.
  12. Yes those are the percentage of correct answers from this beginner. I did not finish it but hell, not bad…obviously not anywhere near the standards here but improvement nonetheless…

    Tomorrow, back to the 20% category probably but the train journey from Nottingham (and back) flew by!.

  13. I found this easy on the whole, finishing in 21 minutes. 17, EMBATTLE, gave me a bit of trouble, and I didn’t enter ORRIS until I had some confirming letters; I know the word only as a plant. My choice for COD is also 15.
    Isn’t it about time ‘novel’ for ‘She’ died a death? I suppose it’s very handy for a setter, rather like ‘poem’ for ‘If’ but has any read the Rider Haggard novel? It’s probably one of those bizarre situations where a book is known mainly by it’s occurrence in cryptic crosswords.
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  34. Watch out for loan sharks who may effort to help you feel that you’ve an exceptionally reduced score and for that reason is just not eligible for a great deal. Being aware of to your credit rating can allow you to avoid like can be found. Never take a bad credit score loan offer, even when the offer is far too luring. You might use the online world to get together quotes from distinct loan organizations or lenders. Also you can to assessments to verify the record and good reputation for a particular car finance company. People who find themselves input into terrible credit debt really should get the help of a lawful credit coaching agency or coming from a trusted repairing credit professional. A counsellor who provides services exclusively on less-than-perfect credit conditions can assist you, not only to determining the right loan business, but will also in handling your budget as well as in building a simple yet effective credit debt payment schedule. The interest is important when just one single issue. http://chumstreet.com/ Folks encountering infamy fico scores like past due expenses, neglected bills, real estate foreclosure, CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy, defaults, defaults and so forth are here you are at need a cash loan with quick and easy thanks to no credit check needed. Although with a watch to repel their risks financial institutions provide this loan on such basis as credit seekers determining qualifying measures containing like a consumer needs to be 18 yrs old or higher, must be lasting staff and must be fulltime used having an earnings at least 1000 a month. Besides that, the borrower have to have a real dynamic banking account for earlier three months old. Even you could have these stated previously before-requisites, you are an suitable lender to use on the internet for your desire a cash loan devoid of experiencing any difficulty.
  35. Regrettably the purchase price will likely be excessive and you now have to just accept that. The superior thing is it can certainly help you rebuild your credit rating even even though the cost is great. Subsequently try to be an exceptional purchaser and spend the money for settlement. Be mindful when seeking a Personal Loan Despite The Presence Of Bad Credit. Listed below are hoax music artists out listed here who take advantage of those in want of any personal loan, specifically should they have low credit score. http://diendantuvi.com/ Are you needing money? If you choose your following income for that cash that you might want now, you’ll need payday loans. With payday loans, fully relaxed, for the reason that you don’t need to worry about having to pay your debts on time. To have, the bills as well as fees mount up. You’ve got a car repayment, insurance policy, lease, a mortgage, or simply a debts to pay off. No matter the want, you may be somewhat brief on cash prior to transaction arrives. If you would like cash in involving money, then payday loans can area that you cash enhance. Did you know that in excess of 90Percentage of men and women could be authorized for payday loans? Payday loans are the easiest method to obtain a quick loan when money is snug. Payday loans are quite different from a long loan.

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