23691 Postscript – Congratulations Anax!

I don’t usually encourage setter-naming here, as I don’t want to amend the anonymity policy of The Times on their behalf, but just occasionally, rules can be broken.

In a posting last November, I mentioned an addition to our set of links to “Other crossword sites” – the Crosswords by Anax one, produced by one of our commenters. Behind the scenes, I had also sent an e-mail to Anax, telling him that I thought his puzzles were good enough for use in papers like the Times. A while later, he took the plunge and sent a puzzle to Richard Browne, the Times crossword editor.


Richard also liked Anax’s work, and his first puzzle in the Times appeared on Tuesday as the challenging but enjoyable 23,691. Having one puzzle published isn’t the same as officially joining the team, but it does show that if your puzzles are good enough, the doors of the national papers can be prised open. Just in case that makes lots of you think of writing in, I stress “if your puzzles are good enough”. If you read the biographical information about Anax on his website, you’ll see that he’s produced many puzzles, and had advice from people who know their crosswords. Better still, look at his puzzles. And if you’re ever in a Stockport caff (see comments on 23,694), have a quick look round just in case you can spot him tackling the Times puzzle or jotting down ideas for clues.

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  1. From a more established Times setter: welcome to Anax. I hope (and am sure) that 23691 won’t be the last by this seter.

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