23,482 – Seeing double??

Solving time 9:11

In total, 14 letters of the alphabet appeared at least twice in the same answer somewhere in this puzzle. I suspect a doubled-letter pangram is impossible, but occasionally setters seem to try for a high count. A couple of timely answers here – a carol title, nativity play character, and a popular location for lunch today – it took us two goes to find “room at the inn” on the way home. Slight delay to this solution as I carelessly wrote ASTRAD at 5 and had to wait until my check on other answers when stuck on the last clue (8 of course) to find the mistake.

1 WIND,SOCK – “shower of blows” is a super definition.
9 GU(NR,OO)MS – I don’t really buy “castles” for OO, as I believe the chess notation is O-O, with the hyphen mandatory.
10 SNIVEL – N in sivel = “civil”
15 (t)ANNOY – slang meaning of “eat” = def’n
17 GASTROPUB – UB in gUmBo replacing last two letters of gastropod
20 LOOSE-HEAD PROP – (door has people)* – the props are the two players on the ends of the front row in a rugby scrum. The “loose-head prop” is the player on the left of the hooker, whose head only has an opposing head on one side, the other prop being the “tight-head prop”.
22 A,VI,ATE – Vi = dimin. for Violet
23 AD,JUT=project,ANT – a good example of the surface noun / wordplay verb trick.
25 JOS(E.P.)H – josh = kid = take the mickey
26 WHIST,LE(A)D – corrected after reading a comment
7 REV.,ER,SEGEAR=agrees*
8 YE,(fa)LL
14 UNCARPETED – cryptic definition based on rocket = carpeting = telling off
18 ROOFTOP – (for too)*,P
19 P(ODIUM)S – ODIUM=disgust in “empty protests” = PS
21 H,A,J,J
24 AsWeLl

8 comments on “23,482 – Seeing double??”

  1. “I suspect a doubled-letter pangram is impossible…”

    Too quick for it to be anything other than a coincidence though, but have a large helping of egg on your face anyway 🙂

    1. Er, OK, I’ll have the egg. Today’s is just a double-pangram, not what you were describing at all.
  2. Just a few answers omitted from the blog in this one – including a rather fine anagram in my opinion …

    5a A street light on the wrong road = A ST RAY
    16a Clergyman in (Aran ruled)* out of order = RURAL DEAN
    19a Something to eat cheers weeping figure = PIE TA – mmm pie, thanks. A rather ordinary deconstruction of the divine carving in Carrera Marble by Michaelangelo. At least that’s the one I think of – I expect there are others?

    2d She turns up in some – and same – order = NAN – the simplest of palindromes and with N*N, “she” has to be NAN but I have no idea what the verbose clue is on about?
    6d Close around noon, say, in the country = SE N EG AL
    11d (This hard, bare)* ground makes little difference = HAIRS BREADTH – an instance where the “bare ground” has to be “lifted and separated” as the HARD is part of the anagrist and GROUND is the anagrind. Neat.

    1. re: Times Cryptic 23482: 2d is surely ‘nun,’ and ‘order’ refers to a religious one.

      Thanks for adding the ‘easy’ answers. A lot of work, I am sure. Good for you.
      R. Lenard

      1. I would love to say that it was a deliberate mistake but no – I completely missed the obvious. Pass the self-kicking boot.

        Filling in the “easies” is a bit of fun for me as I am doing these back numbers anyway. In this instance the “easiest of easies” was still beyond me. Doh!

        Thanks for your kind comment & correction!

  3. I meant the BARE in “bare ground” is part of the anagrist. The HARD is also anagrist but does not need so much separation from the ground!?

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