15 x15 puzzle Thursday 5th January

Due to an error at the Times, the cryptic puzzle published in Thursday’s newspaper and accessed via the online newspaper was different from the one that appeared on the Club site and it was the latter that was blogged and discussed here before the error came to light although it was not due to appear in the newspaper until Monday 9 January. Z8 has valliantly provided a blog for the correct puzzle which is now available below. For those who have not yet seen that puzzle it can be accessed here.

Proceed with caution below so you don’t  see things you don’t want to. The actual content of each blog is hidden under “Read more” so it can easily be avoided.

The editor has now confirmed that the mistake has been rectified and the Club has the correct puzzle on the button but there will be no new puzzle next Monday. 

One comment on “15 x15 puzzle Thursday 5th January”

  1. Sorry that the Crossword Club puzzle was wrong today (for a while)

    It could I suppose have been worse and been a prize puzzle instead!


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