Year in Review News Crossword 2022 by Micawber

A new feature in the Sunday Times this year is a cryptic crossword where all the clues relate to a news story during the year. Published online only as there is no printed paper on Christmas Day, you can find the puzzle here in The Times Crossword Club. You can print the puzzle using this link and see the solution here.

No separate blog here as you can see the explanation of the answers in a news article on the Crossword Club site here. I found the puzzle quite tricky, taking about 26 minutes, but it was a lot of fun, with the parsing of only 9A and 7D eluding me.

Thank-you Micawber. I’ll be sure to give next year’s a go when it comes out!

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  1. Thanks. I didn’t realize it was a cryptic, from the title, but now I’ll give it a whack.
    The blog with the solutions explained one has to find at the link for “Crossword Articles.”

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