We are looking for a new Quick Cryptic blogger

Our current Friday Quickie blogger, Galspray, would like to cut back a little on his blogging activities. We are, therefore, looking for a new blogger who would be willing to take the Quickie blog every other Friday, splitting it with Galspray.

Just as the Quickie is a good way to get started solving, becoming an every-other-week Quickie blogger is a pretty easy way to join the Times for the Times blogging team. While we have some pretty fast solvers, we are not too picky how good you are, just as long as you can get home eventually and are willing to take the time to write and post the blog.

We have developed various tools over the years that makes blogging easier, although not all the bloggers (including me!) have taken advantage of them. All new bloggers are offered any training and instruction they require in how to write and post the blog, although so far it is turned out that many of them are pretty sharp about this sort of thing.

If you are interested, please leave a comment, and I will contact you.

3 comments on “We are looking for a new Quick Cryptic blogger”

  1. Very happy to be considered for the blogger post. I always finish the main puzzle, and can usually make a good fist of the Monthly Special. As an anaesthetist I am part of a long and noble tradition of solvers. I also write professionally for print and TV. Please get in touch
    Pete Hambly pete.hambly@mac.com
  2. I would be interested. Even if not making it now perhaps I could swim into the ken of those that know for possible future involvement. I always finish the daily and the QC if I get round to looking at it. Background: Chemist, Teacher, Lawyer, Pharmaceutical Advertiser, Company Director (Engineering/Manufacturing/Cleaning).

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