Times Jumbo 738 (Jan 19)

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This was one of the best Jumbos I’ve solved, with loads of great clues. Pretty difficult too, but very satisfying to finish. Took about 50 minutes I think.


5 TAC(I)T,US – Roman historian, whose work I had to study for Latin O-level.
13 NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE – (Hall to a H, intensive care)*. Good anagram, but it would have been pure genius if there had been a health minister called Dicky Hall for example.
14 NE,BRAS,KA – brilliant, “supporters of Newcastle United” for NE bras. Ka is the ancient Egyptian word for the soul or spirit of a person.
15 BLINDER – I had to read the plot of the play to understand the reference to Equus.
17 MIS(CON,DUC)T – DUC = cud rev. (one chewed over)
20 TH(UNDER,B)IRDS – great definition, “whose characters were obviously highly strung”.
26 TICK-TACK – or more usually tic-tac, is the hand signals bookies use at the racecourse.
29 FOR G(ALL)ANTRY – another clever definition, “Cross words”.
32 CAP,RIP,ANTS – those trousers that stop just above the ankle, apparently. New word for me.
39 K,NEE – NEE = “was called”, K = fifth of drinKers, and another creative definition, bender.
41 PO(st)PONES,CLOGS – for me, the best clue of the lot. Excellent surface reading and great wordplay, very well disguised.
46 (j)UN(TWIN)E
50 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE – AS TREE = while actor, the rest is (edit screen drama)*. The actor is Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree who died long before Tennessee Williams wrote the play.
52 PILS,NER – (w)REN SLIP reversed.


3 GET CRACKING – good double definition describing the somewhat truncated life of a bird.
5 T(I)AR,A – I in A RAT rev. Normally tiara = crown in crosswords, but half a crown is definitely more accurate.
7 THAT IS TO SAY – “HAT IS” + TOS=sot rev. inside TAY. A Dolly Varden is a type of hat, from a character in Barnaby Rudge by Dickens.
11 T(HICK)WITTED – to twit is to taunt.
18 INAMORATA – A T A ROMAN I reversed. Italian word for a woman loved – the male equivalent is inamorato.
21 U,NA(SHAM)ED – U, then SHAM inside DEAN rev
27 C(H)AMEL,EON(one*)
31 STUNNER – The Sun’s favourite word?
33 RAISON D’ETRE (arrested in O)* – didn’t get this until I had all the crossing letters. Double whammy of French phrase and apostrophised word.
35 NAKED LADIES – another name for the meadow saffron. Interesting clue type, same as 34 down as well, a loose definition plus cryptic hint.
40 SIZE,WELL – location of a pair of nuclear power stations in Suffolk.
43 FR,E,EMAN – FR + NAME,(wis)E reversed.
45 EL(E)M,I – a tree resin used in varnishes, inks and crosswords.
47 TRAMP – M in TRAP
48 CIDE,R – I think “suggesting killing” is a clue for the suffix -CIDE, as in suicide, insecticide etc. Never seen that before.

5 comments on “Times Jumbo 738 (Jan 19)”

    1. No, looks like someone failed to blog it. If you’re stuck on a particular clue or clues, post it here and I’ll be able to help.
      1. I hope my answers are right – I’m still not re-connected to the site (after nearly seven weeks!)
        15 ac – Brave New World. The refs to M and Neap Court?
        16 ac – Red flag. Why the “number” of revs?
        5 d – Field testing. Fielding around test but how does test = holding hardback. Sth to do w stet?
        18 ac – brain. Brain(y) = bright but the rest?
        27 ac – Billingsgate. The word “originally” is telling us it’s an anag? (If it’s ling in big sale* + T)
        8 d – just moaning that this should have been hyphenated!
        Many thanks for your time.
        Adrian Cobb
        1. 15ac – This refers to Miranda in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, who, on seeing her father-in-law and the Neapolitan Court, says:

          …O, wonder
          How many goodly creatures are there here!
          How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
          That has such people in’t

          16ac – A “number” of revolutionaries means it’s a song of theirs. The Red Flag is a socialist hymn that used to be the Labour Party’s anthem.

          5d – I was puzzled by this too, but a dictionary search yielded a possible explanation – test² in Chambers gives “a testa”, which in turn gives “a hard shell”. A bit shaky, but the best I could come up with.

          18ac – just a pun on the phrase “right as rain”.

          27ac – Correct. It’s LING (fish) inside (big sale + T)*. You’re right about “originally” being the anagind, and the whole clue is the definition.

          8d – I agree, I whinged about that to myself when solving!

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