Times Jumbo 728 (24 Nov)

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Solving time approx. 45 mins spread over several sessions.

I found it hard to get into this one at first, and kept getting distracted (mainly by other puzzles – all the weekend advanced cryptics, then 1Across arrived, then Magpie 60½…)


1 CHAR,LESS,LAW(n) – something about the volume of a gas going up or down in direct proportion to its temperature.
7 SHR(I)EK – anyone seen Shrek 3 yet? I’ve just got the DVD but haven’t watched it.
15 R,O.R.,(e)QUAL
18 GARNI,SHEE(t) – IN RAG = featured by tabloid, definition is “I must pay creditor for another”
25 YATAGHAN – a Turkish sword. I’d never heard of it but it was obviously hidden in the clue.
39 THE (ENTER)TAINER – ENTER (appear on stage) inside (in theatre)*
45 KEBAB – BABE,K reversed. I liked the def “spiked food”
53 HE(ALA)LL – À LA = “in the way of”
54 GEEK – being GEE combined with EEK.


1 CH(ickens),AU VIN
20 YOG(a),HURT
24 C(onstant),IVIL PARTNERSHIP (Phil,Trevs,pairin)*
27 SEYFERT – T,REF,YES all rev. He was familiar as he appeared in Azed the previous week.
38 AZERB(zebra*),A1,JAN1 – “Maybe someone from Baku” – at least one Times setter has listened to the colonel!
42 KILOBYTE – “kill a bite”. You might say is a loose enough homophone indicator for this to work, and it’s got a good surface reading.
47 V,EGG,I.E.
50 AMATI – AIM AT with the I moved to the end.

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  1. 5D is just plain wrong in its definition, unless there’s an alternative meaning that I have missed. In the world of musical theatre the terms book writer and lyricist are not interchangeable. in fact I would suggest that more often than not they are different people.
    1. I was going to write something to that effect myself, but I looked up book in Chambers, and found that one of its meanings is libretto, so I let it pass.
  2. 21 ac – curt reversed in INSTOR?
    36 d – inescapable = perhpas ubiquitous but the rest?

    many thanks

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