Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1602

Oh dear. Maybe I got out of bed the wrong way the day I solved this, but I found this rather less to my taste than usual for a Jumbo Cryptic. “Too easy”, it says at the top of my copy, and I’m afraid I found it, on the whole, rather a processional solve finishing in just 21 minutes, less than half my usual time. But there was a smattering of clues that made me smile – 23A, 40A and 2D in particular, and a couple of things I learnt, like the creature at 38D. Thank-you setter. How did you all get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics , ( Abc )* indicating anagram of Abc, {deletions} and [] other indicators.

1 Desire a name for this US passenger vehicle? (9)
STREETCAR -Mildly cryptic definition referring to the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire.
6 Two crooks accept fine, having share in major fire (13)
CONFLAGRATIONCON and LAG (two crooks) outside F (fine), RATION (share).
13 Originally only such types inhabited an old Italian town (5)
OSTIA – First letters of Only Such Types Inhabited A.
14 Recall soldiers about to appear in film (11)
REMEMBRANCERE (Royal Engineers; soldiers), C (about) inside MEMBRANE (film).
15 Expanse of water no container crosses easily to begin with (5)
OCEANO (0; no), CAN (container) outside E{asily} [to begin with].
16 Sadly it’s not a fine instrumental work (11)
SINFONIETTA – [Sadly] ( it’s not a fine )*. Janacek’s is a fine example.
17 Slimming down of care covering upper-class area (11)
ATTENUATIONATTENTION (care) [covering] U (upper-class) A (area).
18 Army corps loner crazy to enlist again (2-5)
RE-ENROLRE (Royal Engineers again; Army corps) ( loner )* [crazy].
20 Raging fury surrounding sons I imbue with national character (7)
RUSSIFY – [Raging] ( fury )* [surrounding] S S (son twice; sons) I.
21 House thus accommodating NCO briefly by island (7)
SCORPIO – House of the zodiac. SO (thus), [accommodating] CORP. (Corporal; NCO) [briefly] I (island).
23 Be restless , employing briefs to protect workers, perhaps? (4,4,2,4,5)
HAVE ANTS IN ONES PANTS – Double definition, the second a wry cryptic hint.
27 Declaim regularly, being a priest (3)
ELI – dEcLaIm [regularly].
28 Retired sick in flat, lacking colour (6)
PALLID – ILL (sick) [retired] -> LLI, in PAD (flat).
29 Weapons found in vessel carrying fruit (6)
SPEARSSS  (vessel) [carrying] PEAR (fruit).
31 Showing opposition , boy enters further exam (9)
RESISTANTSTAN (boy) in RESIT (further exam).
34 State ’s stories connected with first of many French kings (9)
LOUISIANALOUIS I (first of man French Kings) ANA (stories). I don’t think I’ve come across ANA, meaning a collection of stories, outside of crosswords.
35 Rich confection in City refuge (6)
ECLAIREC (City of London post code area) LAIR (refuge).
36 Greet head of school with a plucked stringed instrument (6)
SALUTE – [Head of] S{chool} A LUTE (plucked string instrument).
39 Note about key supporter on course (3)
TEETE (note) [about] E (key).
40 Get the point exactly , as woodworkers aim to do? (3,3,4,2,3,4)
HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD – Double definition, the second a cryptic hint.
42 Exposed star at golf, bested in performance ? (7)
OUTSUNGOUT (exposed) SUN (our star) G (golf in the NATO phonetic alphabet).
43 Fugitive from justice gets free at last, crossing headland (7)
ESCAPEE – justicE getS freE [at last] [crossing] CAPE (headland).
45 Muscle and energy shown by parish priest (7)
ERECTORE (energy) RECTOR (parish priest).
47 Repetitious old German cavalryman backing Peron (11)
REITERATIVEREITER (old German cavalryman), EVITA (Peron) [backing] -> ATIVE.  The cavalryman was new to me.
49 Dispelling of doubt regarding life cover (11)
REASSURANCERE (regarding) ASSURANCE (life cover).
51 It beats peas and beans and the like (5)
PULSE -Double definition.
52 Male traveller on water carrying a German from this point on (11)
HEREINAFTERHE (male) RAFTER (traveller on water) [carrying] EIN (a in German).
53 Possibly active over stopping corruption (5)
VOICEO (over) in VICE (corruption).
54 Very long-lasting trees in map men distributed (13)
SEMIPERMANENT – ( trees in map men )* [distributed].
55 Absolute authority to go on fell (9)
DOWNRIGHTDOWN (fell) RIGHT (authority).
1 Support offspring catching plane at first, or seagoing vessel (11)
SPONSORSHIPSON (offspring) outside P{lane} [at first], OR SHIP (seagoing vessel).
2 Train rifle finally on can in Parisian street (7)
RETINUE – {rifl}E [finally] TIN (can) in RUE (Parisian street). Nice surface.
3 In Homer a towering source of inspiration (5)
ERATO – Hidden in HomER A TOwering. Crosswirdland’s favourite muse.
4 Friendliness men face in heavily-populated area (10)
CORDIALITYOR (other ranks; men) DIAL (face) in CITY (heavily-populated area).
5 More distant army transport mentioned by reporter (7)
REMOTERRE (Royal Engineers; army) MOTER, sounds like MOTOR (transport) [mentioned by reporter].
6 Sympathetic fellow ship’s officer digesting sacred choral work (13)
COMPASSIONATECO- (fellow) MATE (ship’s officer) outside PASSION (sacred choral work).
7 Foolishly credulous about Republican defector’s story (9)
NARRATIVENAIVE (foolishly credulous) about R (Republican) RAT (defector).
8 Extended Great Hall’s entrance in outskirts of large city (7)
LENGTHYGT (Great) H{all} [‘s entrance], in [outskirts of] L{arg}E NY (New York; city).
9 She’s sneering, after trashing moderate environmentalism (12)
GREENISHNESS – (she’s sneering)* [after trashing].
10 Atypical American city woman going north over America (9)
ANOMALOUS – LA (American city) MONA (woman) reversed, [going North] -> ANOMAL, O (over) US (America).
11 Body of rebels once set up in London financial centre (5)
ICENI -IN EC1 (London financial centre) [set up] -> ICENI. Led by the chief rebel Queen Boudicca. A hero in my part of the country.
12 Independent type, socially unacceptable, is not in, unfortunately (11)
NONUNIONISTNON-U (socially unacceptable) (is not in)* [unfortunately].
19 Ways to accommodate current European group’s transport managers (7)
ROADIESROADS (ways) outside I (current) E (European)
22 Early animal domesticator brought up in unsullied surroundings (9)
PREMATURETAMER (animal domesticator) up in PURE (unsullied).
24 Book by family member inspiring very English dish (3-2-4)
VOL-AU-VENTVOL (Volume; book), AUNT (family member) outside V (very) E (English).
25 Charge one politician apiece (7)
IMPEACHI (one) MP (politician) EACH (apiece).
26 Left in charge of old colonnade (7)
PORTICOPORT (left) IC (in charge) O (old).
30 Pompous member gripped by rest of Latin translation (4-9)
SELF-IMPORTANTMP (member) in (rest of Latin)* [translation].
32 Cat requires quarters, going round some time after midnight (7)
SIAMESES,E,S,E (quarters; a selection of compass points) round 1AM (some time after midnight).
33 Mapmaker’s vehicle cameraman abandoned by quiet house (12)
CARTOGRAPHERCAR (vehicle) {pho}TOGRAPHER (cameraman) without the P (quiet) HO (house).
34 Slip mixed up with Hogarth prints (11)
LITHOGRAPHS – (Slip Hogarth)* [mixed up].
37 Support given to offending motorists (11)
ENDORSEMENT – Double definition
38 Amphibious mammal, the sort we disturbed crossing river (5,5)
OTTER SHREW -(the sort we)* [disturbed] [crossing] R (river).
40 Run home, initially having citadel south of river (9)
HOUSEKEEP – [Initially] H{aving} OUSE (river) CITADEL.
41 Pinch 27’s key to coat with metal (9)
NICKELISENICK (pinch) ELI’S (27A’s) E (key).
43 African country’s anger over truncated celebration (7)
ERITREA – IRE (anger) [over] -> ERI, TREA{t} (celebration) [truncated].
44 Lofty key journalist supporting old flame (7)
EXALTEDEX (old flame) ALT (key on keyboard next to space bar) ED (journalist).
46 Getting browned off working on hide (7)
TANNING – Double definition.
48 Pole, note, inspired by this writer’s religion (5)
ISLAMS (South; pole) LA (note) in I’M (this writer’s).
50 Wanderer’s tour finally finished (5)
ROVER – {tou}R [finally] OVER (finished)… and so is this blog!

10 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1602”

  1. Didn’t care much for this one, either. I have ‘feh’ written next to a number of clues I found especially poor as surfaces: 40d, say. DNK ‘streetcar’ was an Americanism. DNK REITER, OTTER SHREW.

    1. The UK equivalent of ‘streetcar’ is ‘tramcar’ or simply ‘tram’. Trams were mostly abolished during the 1950s although some provincial towns retained them, and over recent decades new systems have been built in a number of places because they are (or were) considered environmentally friendly.

  2. I was also finding this easy so I subconsciously wrote LENGHTY at 8dn and gave myself a load of headaches solving 17ac and other clues in the NE where checkers from 17 would have helped.

  3. My copy says “Easy and straightforward, all in one session bar a handful in the SE.”
    Also nho otter shrew – which is neither an otter nor a shrew, it transpires. Still, if the clue had said “Afrotherian mammals of family Potamogalidae, related to the tenrec” it would not have helped me very much..

  4. Er, not that easy. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed working steadily through this one, in a time that was not particularly fast. But I don’t recall much else.

    For Jumbos I usually write my comment straight after finishing, and post it when the blog appears two weeks later. Or everything just evaporates

  5. I did this in just over 13 minutes, but made a silly error. I put in RUSTIFY, for reasons I can’t now fathom. Annoying!

  6. Well … that was an adventure!!

    Popping into the site I saw our esteemed blogger John’s comment on the Front Page that this was processional and, having never tried the Jumbo Cryptic before, decided to give it a go.

    A couple of clues went in the NW, a couple more somewhere over in the NE but it really wasn’t that processional to me. I kept on going through and finally finished reading the clues around 25-mins (noting now that John took 21 to solve it!) and had perhaps 7-8 answers filled in. I gave it another five mins and then put the tablet down and went back to sleep until 11:30am!!

    This evening I returned to give it another go.

    About 5-10mins in, it occurred to me that, being a crossword with a submission button meant there was probably some kind of Prize available and therefore, more importantly, John wouldn’t have blogged the answers today but those from last week 🤦‍♂️ I’d been doing #1604 from 18th March.

    I found the correct grid and tried again. This time the NW immediately gained three answers and I felt processional. But the crickets were hiding just over and across; in fact, all round the top half.

    Hitting the lower region I began to find some answers and spot an anagram or two and made headway. About an hour in I’d filled the bottom half with just VOICE outstanding.

    The top half continued to be problematic and I finally gave into doing a Check at 1hr45 to find almost everything I’d put was right. The one sore point was “Have ant in one’s pants” where I’d unhappily plumped for “Your” because, well, I just never think of “one’s” when I’m doing these things.

    I was beginning to lose faith in ever finishing but then PALLID appeared which led to SPONSORSHIP, STREETCAR (PDM) and SINFONIETTA (an anagram I was sure I wouldn’t know when I had only a couple of bland checkers).

    Another check at about 2hr10 highlighted a couple of errors and then I was into the final stretch until the final three of VOL-AU-VENT, SPEARS (long ignored from alphabet trawling) and PREMATURE (LOI) were typed in.

    One man’s processional is another man’s official 2hr27 on the clock 😆😆😆 There were a good 10-15mins of stops in there and what better way is there to spend a Saturday night ?!?

    Thanks for the blog John. I parsed most of it along the way but needed it for SIAMESE, the late ones I BIFd to get to the end and the NHO ANA. Thought of you when I finally remembered your local tribe the ICENI (although I dithered about whether they might be the Ineci!)

    1. Well done on sticking it out to the end. ANA is one to remember is it crops up regularly in cryptics. ICENI seems to come up quite often too. You reminded me I’ve been meaning to check up on what happened to the Iceni Brewery in Ickburgh, just across the border in Norfolk. I was surprised to see it is 10 years since it’s plant was sold and it’s now a much smaller-scale operation at Elvedon.

    1. I will do 👍 Hasn’t come up often up to get ingrained yet but it will eventually

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