Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1359 – Never Hold Discussions With The Monkey

Alright, so this was a really good specimen of a Times Jumbo, with wit aplenty and some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. I know some martinets disapprove of drug references in their crosswords, but I was very tickled by 33ac’s “addiction to horse”; honourable mention also to the Brexiteery topicality of 34dn, but my Clue of the Day this time goes to 10dn for giving us an all-too-plausible window into the everyday activities of a Times crossword setter.

Big round of applause to the setter for a very enjoyable crossword indeed, and I’m glad to have got a blog in on the right day for once (I hope), even if the timezone I did it in may leave something to be desired if you were looking forward to it first thing in the British morning. (Greetings from sunny Berkeley! Off out for a nice long walk shortly.)

1 When Barnet manager let the side down? (3,4,3)
BAD HAIR DAY – cryptic definition, the “Barnet manager” presumably being here a hairbrush or comb

6 Alternative band added clause to include new musician for handling crank? (5,7)
ORGAN GRINDER – OR GANG [alternative | band] + RIDER [added clause] “to include” N [new]

14 Score twice for final outcome (3,6)
NET RESULT – two words meaning score

15 Energy powder knocked back for striking effect (5)
ECLAT – E [energy] + reversed TALC [powder]

16 Obsolete former colour (no longer used) (7)
EXTINCT – EX TINCT [former | colour (archaic)]

17 Awful, flaky model’s a creature of legend (10,7)
ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN – ABOMINABLE [awful] + SNOWMAN [model made of (snow)flakes]

18 The end for, eg, Speedy Gonzales, small and mischievous (5)
ELFIN EL FIN means “the end” in Spanish, Speedy’s mother tongue

19 Ally using encryption to conceal weapon pointed towards west (7)
COMRADE – CODE [encryption] “to conceal” reversed ARM [weapon]

21 Poorly rates unknown substitute (6)
ERSATZ – (RATES*) [“poorly”] + Z [unknown]

22 Access divinity programme (8)
RECOURSE – R.E. COURSE [divinity | programme]

24 Heading off, speechless with anger, having taken it? (7)
UMBRAGE – {d}UMB with RAGE [“heading off”, speechless | anger], semi-&lit

26 One is after revolutionary massage — they’re heavenly! (8)
CHERUBIM – I’M [one is] after CHE RUB [revolutionary | massage]

27 Commercial division’s directionless (6)
ADRIFT – AD RIFT [commercial | division]

30 Student of form favoured dog, maybe, following the races excitedly (8,3)
TEACHER’S PET – PET [dog, maybe] following (THE RACES*) [“excited”]

32 Identify as communist when union’s being held under siege (11)
BELEAGUERED – BE RED [identify as | communist] when LEAGUE [union] is being held

33 Addiction to horse? This gear might be appropriate (6,5)
RIDING HABIT – playing on two meanings of HABIT

35 Oil company adjusted ratios for better distribution system (11)
TOTALISATOR – TOTAL [Oil company] + (RATIOS*) [“adjusted”]. “Better” as in one making bets, at the track.

37 Comedy creator previously getting the bird (6)
GODWIT – WIT [comedy], GOD [creator] previously

38 Tall plant from Tennessee containing spliff (4,4)
TREE FERN – TN [Tennessee] containing REEFER [spliff]

39 Pub worker maybe taking order for spirit (7)
PHANTOM – P.H. ANT taking O.M. [pub | worker maybe | order]

42 Dodgy viagra no good, causing severe damage (8)
RAVAGING – (VIAGRA NG*) [“dodgy”]

44 U.S. weapon China introduced to Vietnam (6)
NAPALM – PAL [china] introduced to NAM [Vietnam]

46 More dull, crushing bores cornering you in the Louvre (7)
OBTUSER – (BORES*) [“crushing”] “cornering” TU [you, anywhere in France]

48 Private meal from which duke’s excluded (5)
INNER – {d}INNER [meal, minus D for duke]

49 Talking rook might be one! (12,5)
CONVERSATION PIECE – CONVERSATION [talking] + PIECE [rook might be one], &lit

51 Commercial watchdog to pass judgment generally (2,1,4)
AS A RULE [ASA = Advertising Standards Authority = commercial watchdog] + RULE [to pass judgment]

52 Number’s occurring with frequency (5)
OFTEN – OF TEN [number’s, as in belonging to a number]

53 Aggravate complaint, swallowing pill regularly (9)
DISPLEASE – DISEASE [complaint], “swallowing” P{i}L{l}

54 Horse has position behind second in field, being as far from start as finish? (12)
EQUIDISTANCE – EQUID [horse] has STANCE [position] behind {f}I{eld}

55 Prominent Greek in favour of America possessing Middle East (10)
PROMETHEUS – PRO THE U.S. [in favour of America] “possessing” M.E. [Middle East]

1 Tale of Ratty’s home, perhaps, and where the bread’s kept? (4,7)
BANK ACCOUNT – playing on two meanings of BANK

2 Pointlessly correct to the same thing (5)
DITTO – {e}DIT [“pointlessly”, correct] + TO

3 Yank stuff in a camera out (9)

4 Stable worker cornered by rake is a dish (7)
ROULADE – LAD [stable worker] “cornered by” ROUE [rake]

5 A set of steps with bee in flower (7)
ASTILBE – A STILE [a | set of steps] with B in

7 Revised version of Blue Fur Moth — A Practical Guide (4,2,5)
RULE OF THUMB – (BLUE FUR MOTH*) [“revised version of…”]

8 Fall on mutual’s holding after rise (6)
AUTUMN – hidden reversed in {o}N MUTUA{l}

9 Lower arms when queen enters, then you must rise (8)
GUERNSEY – GUNS [arms] when E.R. [queen] enters, then reversed YE [you]

10 This setter and latest in endless series of editors getting vintage spirits down (2,3,8)
IN THE DOLDRUMS – I [this setter] and NTH ED [latest in endless series of editors] getting OLD RUMS [vintage | spirits]

11 Half of food in kebab’s condemned (4,3)
DONE FOR – FO{od} in DONER [kebab]

12 Leftist holding a metal event full of despised creatures (3-8)
RAT-INFESTED – RED [leftist] “holding” A TIN FEST [a | metal | event]

13 Determined leader of Arabs not in Iran’s camp (10)
PERSISTENT – PERSI{a}’S TENT [Iran’s | camp, minus A{rabs}]

20 En masse, holding caps? (3-6)
MOB-HANDED – playing on two meanings of MOB

23 Rex’s X-ray perhaps put in this private language (3,5)
PIG LATIN – wherein “Rex” becomes “exray”

25 Your lug on top is grubby (6)
EARTHY – THY [your], EAR [lug] on top

26 Frightfully pacy horse pulled up, seeing rodent (8)
CAPYBARA – (PACY*) [“frightfully”] + reversed ARAB [horse]

28 Irish woman set up needles (9)
IRRITATES – IR RITA [Irish | woman] + reversed SET

29 Beat politician with legislation arising (6)
WALLOP – reverse all of POL with LAW [politician | legislation]

31 Staying execution to have a few drinks? (7,6)
HANGING AROUND – HANGING [execution] + A ROUND [a few drinks]

33 Bring up tiger rug, tattered and munched (11)
REGURGITATE – (TIGER RUG*) [“tattered”] + ATE [munched]

34 Article to knock Brussels — habitual response meant to make one feel better (11)
THERAPEUTIC – THE RAP EU TIC [article | to knock | Brussels | habitual response]

35 Drunken tenants had a ball in the afternoon (3,7)
THÉ DANSANT – (TENANTS HAD*) [“drunken”]

36 Not letting up, note decoded? (11)
REMORSELESS – RE [note] + MORSE-LESS [de-coded?]

40 Ideal state’s ending up with fate in control bypassing human intervention (9)
AUTOPILOT – UTOPI{<-A} [ideal state, with its ending moving up to the start] + LOT [fate]

41 A thousand pounds on small underwear (8)
KNICKERS – K NICKER on S [a thousand | pounds | small]

43 Pacific nation head installing alternative technology in universities (7)
VANUATU – VAN [head] + A.T. [alternative technology] installed in U U [(two) universities]

45 Spanish performer runs after dull performance (7)
MATADOR – R [runs] after MAT ADO [dull | performance]

46 Tree climber, work very good, picked up amount of money (7)
OPOSSUM – OP [work] + reversed SO [very good] + SUM [amount of money]

47 Woolly right embraced by African nation after rejecting left (6)
ANGORA – R [right] “embraced by” ANGO{l}A [African nation, after rejecting its L for left]

50 “Skip advertisement” pressed by Apple consumer (5)
EVADE – AD [advertisement] “pressed by” EVE [apple consumer]

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  1. Many thanks to setter and blogger.
    I’d be grateful for clarification on 23d. No doubt my being dim ….
    1. It’s a hard one to explain if you haven’t heard of Pig Latin before! It’s a jocular form of (very weak) encryption where, for instance, “Pig Latin” would become Igpay Atinlay…
  3. This one took me just over the hour, but with an error. I didn’t see what was going on at 22a and put RESOURCE. Eejit! PIG LATIN was a new one on me. I’d heard of Dog Latin. Didn’t know ASTILBE. Thanks setter and V.
  4. I can’t find my paper copy of this, but I seem to remember enjoying it a lot. Sadly, I had a typo on entering online – IRRUTATES, would you believe it! Maybe I should just do them online to start with. Thanks for the reminder of a fun crossword,V, and enjoy your long walk in sunny California.

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