Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1347 – 13th October

This was quite a straightforward Jumbo with only the stew at 55A and the nasty form of torture at 5D being a new words to me. But both were easily derived from checkers and wordplay. Done online, I don’t have any notes on any particular difficulties.All done in about 39 1/2 minutes, which may be close to a PB for me for the Jumbo. One or two entertaining clues noted in the text; BIRTHSTONE my favourite, I think. Having learnt about the Greek stew, I decided to make it for Sunday dinner last weekend. I served it with rice and a greek salad. Very tasty! Thanks setter for the culinary lesson (and the rest of an entertaining, but not-too-taxing crossword). How did you all like it?
P.S. I am in York today for the fifteensquared Sloggers and Betters event. Hoping to see some of you there.

Definitions underlined in italics, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 One rarely seen on course, wandering bird? (9)
ALBATROSS – Double definition. Funnily enough I solved this the Friday after publication, just after doing that day’s daily cryptic, which also has this as an answer!
6 Dazzling stuff by nesting bird, falling out (10)
SQUABBLING – SQUAB (nesting bird) BLING (dazzling stuff). This one held me up a bit, before i remembered “If you see a U there mght be a Q before it“.
12 Charge around a country, missing key characteristic (7)
FEATURE – FEE (charge) around  A TUR{key}.
13 Record once over fifty, broken (5-4)
FORTY-FIVE – (over fifty)* [broken].
14 Key — it opens throne room from the back (5)
VITAL – IT inside LAV (throne room – ho ho) backwards.
16 A noted form of treatment? (5,7)
MUSIC THERAPY – Cryptic definition. An interesting profession. I’ve always thought that music has a great power to affect.
17 Less than a grand invested in current prodigy (10)
WUNDERKIND – UNDER (less than) K (a grand) inside WIND (current).
19 Officer arrests magnate, corrupt (8,2,4)
SERGEANT AT ARMS – (arrests magnate)* [corrupt].
22 Release young man held by heartless relative (8)
UNBUCKLE – BUCK (young man) inside UN{c}LE (heartless relative).
24 Spark: oxygen entering a device (6)
AROUSE – O (oxygen) inside A RUSE (a device)
25 Separate, hopping away? (3,2,1,4)
OUT ON A LIMB – Double definition, second cryptic. If you are hopping, you will be using only a single leg.
26 Unfamiliar doctor having short hair? I’m not sure (5)
LOCUM – LOC{k} (short hair) UM (I’m not sure).
29 Make eyes at really nice principals (4)
EARN – Initial letters if Eyes At Really Nice.
30 River attached to name in clothing — Tweed, say? (8)
KNITWEAR – N (name) in KIT (clothing) with WEAR (river) [attached].
32 Bird has adequate amount for chemical process (9)
TITRATION – TIT (bird) RATION (adequate amount).
34 Deceit concealed by troop, or soldiers shouldering it? (9)
BANDOLIER – LIE (deceit) inside BAND (troop) OR. This is a pocketed belt for ammunition usually slung over the shoulder.
35 Spirit discarded, died (8)
PERISHED – PERI (spirit) SHED (discarded)
36 Kind with gun? (4)
WARM – W (with) ARM (gun).
39 Large jar, it’s said? (5)
GREAT – Sounds like GRATE (jar).
40 Fixing process: players helping (10)
CASTRATION – CAST (players) RATION (helping) – our second ration of the day. A bit of a euphemistic definition – I’ve never heard it called that, but I see ‘castrate’ is in Chambers as a meaning of ‘fix’.
42 Provocateur on schedule at first for easy victory (6)
STROLL – S{chedule} TROLL (web forum provocateur)…. in the park.
44 Fascinating little jerk following pride of lions round front of garden (8)
MAGNETIC – TIC (little jerk) after MANE (pride of lions) outside G{arden}.
46 I don’t care to play solitaire, say? (6,8)
PLEASE YOURSELF – Double definition. Second cryptic. My favourite solitaire is Demon.
48 General pain costly, given treatment (10)
SYNOPTICAL – (pain costly)* [given treatment].
49 One’s always taking king to main place that’s shabby (12)
KLEPTOMANIAC – (k to main place)* [shabby].
53 Bath for one in a state (5)
SPAIN – SPA (Bath, for one) IN. A definition by example without an indicator such as a question mark, but it’s clear enough.
54 Greek leader soon to box willing male (9)
AGAMEMNON – ANON (soon) outside GAME (willing) M (male). When I pasted from my online solve after submitting, I discovered I had unaccountably typed AGANENNON. So I wont be winning the prize for this one!
55 Provided by good man, stir stew (7)
STIFADO – ST (good man) IF (provided) ADO (stir). A popular Greek dish. I’ve still got some leftovers from my Sunday dinner. If I was following the instructions here I should have served it with BLUE CHEESE and BREAD AND BUTTER, of course.
56 Heroically loud, thus hearing nothing? (10)
FEARLESSLY – F (loud) EARLESSLY. If you are earless, I guess you would thus hear nothing.
57 Awkward situation easy to point out (9)
SPOTLIGHT – SPOT (awkward situation) LIGHT (easy).

1 Pile up in a state (5)
AMASS – A MASS (abbreviation for the state of Massachusetts).
2 Food waste: something to say to photographer! (4,6)
BLUE CHEESE – BLUE (to squander or waste) CHEESE (smile please). I never knew this meaning of BLUE. One to remember.
3 Supporter with interest in pain when young (8)
TEETHING – TEE (supporter of the ball in golf) THING (interest). Thing as in “have a thing about”.
4 Supply of iron beginning to rust (5)
OFFER – OF FE (chemical symbol for iron) R{ust}.
5 Awful drop apt as method of torture (9)
STRAPPADO – [Awful] (drop apt as)*. Strappado sounds nasty. Don’t follow the link of you don’t want to know.
6 Scottish isle is English — heavens above! (4)
SKYE – SKY (heavens) [above] E (English). Heavens above, indeed. The Hebridean branch of my family would have fits!
7 Special noun I question to some extent (6)
UNIQUE – Hidden in noUN I QUEstion.
8 Bacon brought homewhat else for sandwiches? (5,3,6)
BREAD AND BUTTER – Double definition. If you bring home the bacon you are earning your bread and butter I guess. You combine them to make bacon sandwiches.
9 Sweetmeat, as it were, to fix up for British citizen (12)
LIVERPUDLIAN – LIVER (meat) PUD (sweet) NAIL (fix) [up].
10 Carp — finger keeping it on top of plate (3-4)
NIT-PICK – NICK (finger) with IT P{late} inside.
11 Make some gaffes misaligned with party policy (3,7)
OFF MESSAGE – [Make] (some gaffes)*.
15 Philanderer stops to interrupt priest, close to confession (6,3)
LADIES MAN – DIES (stops) inside LAMA (prient) {confessio}N. Is philandery a sin? It depends who the ladies are.
18 Demon broadcaster, one causing damage (8)
IMPAIRER – IMP (Demon) AIRER (broadcaster).
20 Long-distance runner, elderly Brazilian possibly died before end of race (3,6)
RIO GRANDE – RIO GRAN (elderly Brazilain possibly) D (died) {rac}E. The river flows from Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. Also a rather jolly piece by Constant Lambert. I’ve sung in the chorus for a performance of it, but never got to like it.
21 Madame Bovary for example breaks a habit with cases of unfaithful turpitude (10)
ADULTERESS – A DRESS outside U{nfaithfu}L T{urpitud}E. Lovely word, turpitude. I must see if I can use it in a conversation at work tomorrow, just for fun. [Note – I’m preparing this blog on the Tuesday prior to publication. No, I don’t work Sundays!]. The book referred to was the debut novel by Gustave Flaubert. No, I’ve not read it. Should it be on my to-read list?
23 One in twelve valued this Brontë novel (10)
BIRTHSTONE – (this Brontë)*. Novel indicating the anagram not a book. Nice surface, especially following on from the previous clue.
27 Flower picked, queen choked up (5,4)
CHINA ROSE – CHOOSE (picked) with RANI (queen) upwards inside.
28 Elected minister, cad, I suspect promiscuous (14)
INDISCRIMINATE – IN (elected) (minister cad I)* [suspect].
31 King embraced by old favourite, then special day ends well (8)
EXPERTLY – EX (old) PET (favourite) embracing R (King) {specia}L {da}Y [ends].
33 Daring cricketer facing new ball, one removing cap? (6-6)
BOTTLE-OPENER – BOTTLE (daring) OPENER (cricketer facing new ball). Cheers!
34 Blockbuster films about a lot of criminals (9)
BIGAMISTS – BIG (blockbuster) MISTS (films) about A. “Lot of” criminals? Well I suppose that indicates the plural. Is it a high-volume crime, I wonder?
37 Villain leading man perhaps to draw in female (10)
MALEFACTOR – MALE ACTOR (leading man, perhaps) with F (female) inside.
38 Upset for nothing, one leaving with a zest for astronomy (4,6)
STAR GAZING – GRAT{i}S upset A ZING (a zest). I liked this one.
41 Court limits liberation of men with trials (9)
TRAMLINES – (men trials)*. The courts here referring to tennis courts, of course. Another one that made me smile.
43 Tremendous destruction inside burner (8)
COLOSSAL – LOSS (destruction) inside COAL (burner, or something that burns).
45 Boat’s edging upstream primarily, then northwest into strong wind (7)
GUNWALE – U{pstream} NW (northwest) in GALE (strong wind). Another neat surface.
47 Port unfortunately restricting one going under channel at first (6)
CALAIS – C{hannel} ALAS (unfortunately) including I (one). The one going under the channel using Eurotunnel, of course.
50 Flag to mount (5)
PINTO – PIN (flag on golf course) TO. A sort of horse.
51 Unsuitable to sleep in it (5)
INAPT – NAP (sleep) in IT.
52 Sort of light, really (4)
VERY – Double definition. The light was named after a US naval officer. I didn’t know that, but I do now!

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  1. A couple of DNKs–TRAMLINES, which required all the checkers, and STIFADO. Do read Madame B, John, if you get a chance. COD to CASTRATION; ‘fix’ is fairly common in the US–we’re more euphemism-prone than the Brits–and applies to spaying as well.
  2. I managed to complete this in 1:20:53, but I had to look up Mme Bovary to see what she was famous for. 40 across made me shudder slightly, especially having just watched several episodes of The Yorkshire Vet, where several unsuspecting creatures were relieved of their crown jewels! Managed to construct the vaguely remembered STIFADO. ALBATROSSES are becoming quite common in crossword land, but I doubt I’ll ever get one on the golf course! An enjoyable puzzle. Thanks setter and thanks, John, for the blog. See you over the road shortly!
  3. FOI COLOSSAL, surely loss in coal is now worn, it was common when l started doing cryptics in 1988. Bigamy not a crime here in Kenya. COD CAST-RATION.

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