Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1334: Crossword Addicts on the Way to PDX

A very fun and tidily put together crossword that I am blogging on a train between Seattle and Portland, Oregon – truly we are living in the future, or up to eight hours in the past, depending on how you look at it. Compared to the brain-boggler I typed up last night the clues here now seem very relaxing, though there is certainly no shortage of initially baffling surfaces, fu

1 Dead trees consumed by fire without much opportunity to think? (9)
HEADFIRST – D FIRS [dead | trees] “consumed by” HEAT [fire]

6 Deduce number will have escaped fire (5)
INFER – INFER{no} [fire, from which NO = number will have

9 Just this for Latin scholar, with others hanging around (7)
ETHICAL – HIC [this, for Latin scholar] with ET AL [others] “hanging around”

13 Be sad for us in midst of glumness (5)
MOURN – OUR [for us] in {glu}MN{ess}

14 Urn? More a vase, possibly, not European (7)
SAMOVAR – (MOR{e} A VAS{e}) [“possibly”, without any Es for European]

15 This man I set to work with contraption initially? (9)
MACHINIST – (THIS MAN I + C{ontraption}*) [“set to work”], &lit

16 Very harmful to take out city on Atlantic coast, American (11)
DELETERIOUS – DELETE RIO US [take out | city on Atlantic coast | American]

17 Previous beliefs (11)
CONVICTIONS – double def

18 Geographical area in study with infestation by insect (6)
CANTON – CON [study] “with infestation by” ANT [insect]

19 Assails farm animals seen around middle of pasture (8)
LAMBASTS – LAMB + ASS [(two) farm animals], seen around {pas}T{ure}

21 Surrounded by a fog, holding on to daughter (6)
AMIDST – A MIST [a fog], “holding on to” D [daughter]

25 Is jabbing American after somewhat cheeky expression of age (8)
ARCHAISM – IS “jabbing” AM [American], after ARCH [somewhat cheeky]

26 Doctor locates legible astronomical reference (9,5)

28 Arrange to bring in computers for people (5)
LAITY – LAY [arrange] “to bring in” IT [computers]

29 Recalled nothing being secured through extra attribution to writer (6)
BYLINE – reversed NIL [nothing] “being secured through” BYE [extra]

30 Judge savaged scoundrel after artillery backed ordinary soldiers (10)
ARBITRATOR – BIT RAT [savaged | scoundrel] after reversed RA [artillery], + OR [ordinary soldiers]

33 As done with slur, possibly (10)
SLANDEROUS – (AS DONE + SLUR*) [“possibly”], &lit

35 Duke is taken by a soldier displaying charm (6)
DISARM – D [duke] IS taken by A RM [soldier]

36 Suspends comments about post finally (5)
STAYS – SAYS [comments] about {pos}T

38 Smashed single forehand? I’m not upset (2,4,8)

40 Old film star to fail after curtailment of skill (8)
ARBUCKLE – BUCKLE [to fail] after AR{t} [“curtailment of” skill]. Poor old Fatty Arbuckle…

42 Permit briefly restricting work held back space program (6)
APOLLO – ALLO{w} [permit, “briefly”] “restricting” reversed OP [work]

43 Discovers American receiving close to half of this (8)
UNEARTHS – US [American] “receiving” NEAR TH{is} [close to | “half of” this]

44 South-East area in article in The Times at first (6)
THANET – AN [article] in THE T{imes}

47 Necessary ordnance not initially functioning (11)
INESCAPABLE – {m}INES CAPABLE [ordance, “not initially” | functioning]

50 Impromptu nude dancing — tries again to interrupt (11)
UNREHEARSED – (NUDE*) [“dancing”] – REHEARS [tries again] “to interrupt”

52 Steep drop in price amended, then restated without right (9)
PRECIPICE – (PRICE*) [“amended”] + P{r}ICE [price again, this time minus R for right]

52 A story with beginning repeated is easily approached (7)
AFFABLE – A F-FABLE [a | story, with (its first letter) repeated]

54 Boy with it turns, following effect of the moon? (5)
TIDAL – LAD [boy] with IT, all reversed

55 Inactive case’s ending, Times having time in court (7)
EXTINCT – {cas}E X [times] having T IN CT [time | in | court]

56 King taking a position no longer viable (5)
KAPUT – K [king] taking A PUT [a | position]

57 Arrived without forethought, unknown, not attracting the paparazzi? (6-3)
CAMERA-SHY – CAME RASH Y [arrived | without forethought | unknown]. Not that I’m sure if the paps care if their targets are “shy” or not…

1 Rather wet smell concealed from some Londoner (5)
HUMID – HUM ‘ID [smell | concealed, from (a Cockney)]

2 Mandarin’s target perhaps to catch a rat blundering disaster (1,4,2,1,5,4)
A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP – okay, a Mandarin archer’s target would be A BULL IN CHINA, which needs to “catch” A. Then add SHOP [rat] to the end.

3 Party heading off distrustful party-worker? (11)
FUNCTIONARY – FUNCTION {w}ARY [party | “heading off”, distrustful]

4 Relaxation involves identification of alternative holiday venue (6)
RESORT – REST [relaxation] involves OR [identification of alternative, wordily enough]

5 Supply worker has spoken — about time (8)
TEMPORAL – TEMP [supply worker] has ORAL [spoken]

6 This in nib is, like, very mysterious? (9,3)
INVISIBLE INK – (IN NIB IS LIKE V*) [“mysterious”], semi-&lit

7 Mining output about to be brought in more quickly, I predict (10)
FORECASTER – ORE C [mining output | about] “to be brought in” FASTER [more quickly]

8 Type of city where one does as the locals? (5)
ROMAN – double def, the second part referring to the well-known “When in Rome…” adage. And the first to typefaces.

9 Woman impresses youngster, eating a Mexican dish (9)
ENCHILADA – ENA [woman] impresses CHILD [youngster], eating A

10 Likely to go off with the least amount of a shock? (4-7)
HAIR-TRIGGER – cryptic def. The least amount of a shock of hair is a single hair, and that is what will set off a hair trigger.

11 Material in patch in overalls (5)
CHINO – hidden in {pat}CH IN O{veralls}

12 Trial in US city making the news (6)
LATEST – L.A. TEST [trial in US city]

18 Strain to get issue out at night (10)
CRADLESONG – cryptic def: strain = melody, issue = children, out = asleep.

20 Unhappy about routine picked up over a year, or a lot less (8)
SATURDAY – SAD [unhappy] about reversed RUT [routine] over A Y [a year], than which a single day is a lot shorter

22 More than just a trim diminutive defender accompanying teams (5,4,3,5)
SHORT BACK AND SIDES [diminutive | defender | accompanying | teams]

23 I very much refuse to consider weather indicator (6)
ISOBAR – I SO BAR [I | very much | refuse to consider]

24 Historic city reduced in particular view of the past (10)
RETROSPECT – TRO{y} [historic city, “reduced”] in RESPECT [particular]

27 Dreadful detective caught scoundrel with gold (8)
C LOUSE [caught | scoundrel] with AU [gold]

31 Wall in middle of commune? Anger about that (6)
IMMURE – IRE [anger] about {co}MMU{ne}

32 Light meal and better punch — good to tuck in (6,6)
FINGER BUFFET – FINER BUFFET [better | punch], “tucking in” G [good]

34 Neglect before Liberal engaged in speech (11)
DERELICTION – ERE L [before | Liberal] “engaged in” DICTION [speech]

36 Go furthest at sea, clutching a description of buried treasure? (6-5)
SOUGHT-AFTER (GO FURTHEST*) [“at sea”], “clutching” A

37 Answer promoted in plan to desert assistant (4-2-4)
AIDE-DE-CAMP – IDEA DECAMP [plan | to desert], with the A [answer] of IDEA “promoted” to first letter

39 Pay for photograph, having degree of influence (9)
FOOTPRINT – or FOOT PRINT [pay for | photograph]

41 Sweet, like lots of sugar that woman is tucking into (8)
CHERUBIC – HER [that woman] “tucking into” CUBIC [like lots of sugar (that come in cubes)]

45 Spot that’s fairly quiet in big building (6)
PIMPLE – MP [= mezzo-piano = fairly quiet] in PILE [big building]

46 Calm senior politician enlisting hard supporter (6)
PHLEGM – PM [senior politician] “enlisting” H LEG [hard | supporter]

48 Big match, perhaps, with no winner determined by end of it (5)
EVENT – EVEN [with no winner determined] by {i}T

49 Despairing poet moving end of verse to earlier position (5)
BLEAK – BLAKE [poet] moving {vers}E up a couple of letters

51 Democrat and friend are amorous together (5)
DALLY – D [democrat] and ALLY [friend]

8 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1334: Crossword Addicts on the Way to PDX”

  1. A couple of biffs–2d, 37d–where I had to come here to learn how the clue worked. LOI/COD 18d, although it might not have been LOI if it had been written as two words.
  2. I didn’t do this crossword, these days I only do jumbos when time permits – but just wanted to say how impressed I am with you blogging a jumbo on a train between Seattle and Portland, V.
    Was your preamble cut short, or is fu a word?
  3. My usual not-quite-an-hour, it seems, and like Kevin I had no idea how 2d worked. It is, of course, very clever, if just that bit too clever to sort out once you’ve got the answer. And for me, ditto the clue for SAMOVAR. I might have preferred the gruesome “_____ aircraft are missing” broadcast at teatime in Russia (needs work – Ed).
    V: I have enough trouble typing on a (more or less) stationary keyboard in front of a screen. How you manage on a train escapes me. I do hope no-one reported you for suspicious coded messages. Quite a few of those clues could be seen as commentary on US politics of interest to, say Putin and friends.
  4. FOI DALLY & AIDE-DE-CAMP. Not happy with def for SATURDAY but it could not be anything else from def and checkers. COD the smutty 50a.

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