Times Cryptic Jumbo 1582 – 29th October

A typically entertaining  Jumbo, this one, with plenty of straightforward clues to get you going but a few chewy bits as well. No time for this as I lost my paper copy.  Furthermore, I discovered on checking my answers that I had forgotten to click “Submit” on entering it online, so no chance of a prize for me this time. Grr. A little trickier than average, I thought, with the neatly deceptive 19D being the biggest hold-up. Some other nice clues too – I liked 32A, 34A, 5D and 8D, but I had a couple of MERs at 14A and 21D. Probably my ignorance as usual – corrections welcome. Thank-you setter. How did you all get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, {deletions} and [] other indicators.

1 River quietens with injection of hydrogen (6)
THAMESTAMES (quietens) [with the injection of] H (chemical symbol of hydrogen). Hmm. I can’t imagine any situation where that clue surface might be true.
5 Gosh! Pound will get a good picnic accessory (4,3)
COOL BAGCOO (gosh)  LB (pound weight unit) A G (good). Wow that’s cheap! Perhaps our setter will tell us where we can buy them for that price.
9 Confident males, modest, relinquishing power (8)
COCKSURECOCKS (males) {p}URE (modest) without the P (power).
13 Unhappy end darkens this cartoon film (4,6,3,8)
KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS – [Unhappy] (end darkens this cartoon)*. Impressive surface.
14 Tracery to move agitatedly after corrosion (8)
FRETWORKWORK (move agitatedly; (of a person’s features) move violently or convulsively) [after] FRET (corrosion). MER at this. Corrosion is a chemical process, fretting is a physical one, i.e. abrasion rather than corrosion. Furthermore FRET in this meaning is a verb not a noun. I think I must have misunderstood something here!
15 Understand, when tucking into meat, about greens (7)
VEGETALGET (understand) in VEAL (meat).
16 Clubs possibly hosting Frenchmen for conference (6)
SUMMITSUIT (clubs, possibly) [hosting] MM (M = Monsieur, Frenchman, twice).
17 Experts favoured our group to receive first of college course lists (10)
PROSPECTUSPROS (experts) PET (favoured) US (our group) [to receive] [first of] College.
20 One in disgrace, Mother got on with kind son (7,5)
DAMAGED GOODSDAM (mother) AGED (got on) GOOD (kind) S (son).
23 Patch of land I almost killed off (4)
ISLEI, SLE{w} [almost] (killed off).
24 Disparaging after extracting iodine around ring of bark? (8)
CORTICALCR{i}TICAL (disparaging) without the I (Iodine) [around] O (0; ring). I didn’t know that meaning.
26 Church canon with a new description of the heavens? (8)
CERULEANCE (Church of England) RULE (canon) A N (new).
29 Food item to elevate film shot at Acapulco finally (6,6)
JACKET POTATOJACK (elevate) ET (film) POT (shot) AT AcapulcO [finally].
30 A cover gardener finally brought in to treat flower (6,4)
DAMASK ROSEA MASK (cover) gardeneR [finally] inside DOSE (to treat).
32 How to get sent fishing equipment? (6,4)
TANGLE NETS – A reverse cryptic. Make an anagram of, [tangle], (nets)* …explains “How to get sent”. Nice one.
34 Palace throne resited in part of Westminster (7,5)
ANOTHER PLACE – (Palace throne)* [resited]. How the House of Lords is referred to by MPs and the House of Commons by the Lords (see here).
36 Stopped to embrace second member, being placated (8)
DISARMEDDIED (stopped) outside S (second) ARM (member).
38 Pile of farm produce has way to keep years (8)
HAYSTACKHAS TACK (way; boat’s course), [to keep] Y (years).
39 Bottle of great importance, lacking central element (4)
VIALVI{t}AL (of great importance).
41 Group admitting Danish writer ignoring one English fantasy creature (12)
BANDERSNATCHBATCH (group) [admitting] ANDERS{e}N (Danish writer), without one of the Es (English). Referring to the famous writer of fairy tales.
43 One on board often depressed: restraint vital (7,3)
CONTROL KEYCONTROL (restraint) KEY (vital). This might have helped with 39A if you got stuck on that.
44 University learners coming in to secure passage (6)
GULLETU (university) L L (learners) in GET (secure).
46 Poison very twisted individual injected into ailing men (7)
ENVENOMV (very) ONE (individual) [twisted] -> ENO, in [ailing] (men)*.
48 Pepper’s appearance rooted in stone, initially odd (8)
PIMIENTOMIEN (appearance) in PIT (stone), [initially] Odd.
50 Wan desultory ambition stirred, receiving a comment on extended construction times (4,3,3,5,2,1,3)
ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY – (Wan desultory ambition)* [stirred], [receiving] A.
51 Looking ravaged, allowed element of challenge (8)
GAUNTLETGAUNT (looking ravaged) LET (allowed). Referring to throwing down the gauntlet.
52 Caribbean island not supporting Pacific island? Not entirely (7)
ANTIGUAANTI (not supporting) GUA{m} (Pacific Island) [not entirely].
53 Charge excluding a German house-guest (6)
LODGERLO{a}D  (charge) [excluding] A, GER (German).
2 Price rise beginning to rile rambler (5)
HIKERHIKE (price rise) [beginning to] Rile.
3 Little risk for speaker in a quick meal (6,5)
MINUTE STEAKMINUTE (little) STEAK, sounds like STAKE [bet; risk].
4 Vessel more readily allowing first couple of children on board (8)
SCHOONERSOONER (more readily) including CHildren.
5 Family spook finally producing sound of chains? (5)
CLANKCLAN (family) spooK [finally]. Nice surface.
6 Gutted contralto picked up items on score, but not opening sequences of notes (7)
OCTAVES -C{ontralt}O [gutted], [picked up] -> OC, {s}TAVES (items on score) [not opening].
7 Country upset about newspaper trouble — I will probe company bluster (11)
BRAGGADOCIO – GB (country) [upset] -> BG [about] RAG (newspaper), ADO (trouble), I in CO (company).
8 Leave and spot someone expected to appear? (5)
GODOTGO (leave) DOT (spot), referring to the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
9 Poor justification to produce firewood, say, before a lot of cold weather (9)
CHOPLOGICCHOP  LOG (produce firewood), [a lot of] IC{e} (cold weather).
10 It’s hard to carry, making you grumpy (5)
CROSS – Double definition, the first a cryptic hint.
11 Slow-moving vehicle covering each mile with walker (11)
STEAMROLLEREA (each) M (mile) in STROLLER (walker).
12 Cancel escape, having cut skin (7)
RESCINDESC (escape) in RIND (skin).
18 Runs a wildlife tour, retaining time for religious figure (3,6)
RAS TAFARIR (runs) A SAFARI (wildlife tour) [retaining] T (time).
19 Book containing revolutionary plant item (7)
TWOSOMETOME (book) [containing] SOW (plant) [revolutionary] -> WOS. Very sneaky!
21 Notice Eire investing in whiskey: that’s awkward (9)
MALADROITAD (notice) ROI (Republic of Ireland; Eire) in MALT (whiskey). Hmm. Very few whiskeys are made purely with malted barley and can thus be referred to as MALT, unlike (scotch) whisky. Surely the clue should have said “whisky”. I think the surface would work better too. Discuss!
22 Is nothing in part of Northern Ireland of little significance? (8)
DERISORYIS O (nothing) in DERRY (part of Ireland).
25 It’s all over a statement of the obvious about pronoun (5,4)
THAT’S THAT – Double definition, the second a cryptic hint.
27 Redevelopment of seacoast involving one couple (9)
ASSOCIATE – {Redevelopment of] (seacoast)* [involving] I (one).
28 River boat’s gone round, displaying flag (8)
STREAMERSTEAMER (boat) round R (river).
31 Hairstyle? Complain about yokel getting trimmed (7)
MOHICANMOAN (complain) [about] HIC{k} (yokel).
33 African currency acquired by American banker, a respected figure (5,3,3)
GRAND OLD MANRAND (South African currency) in GOLDMAN (American banker). Read about Mr Goldman here.
34 Trace of nudity in naughty bit broadcast? Certainly not (8,3)
ANYTHING BUT – [Trace of] N{udity} in (naughty bit)* [broadcast]. That could be a Harry Hoskins clue.
35 Led after stage of game, being very controlled (5-6)
LEVEL-HEADEDLEVEL (stage of (computer) game) HEADED (led)
37 Effort to acquire new Irish plates etc. (6,3)
DINNER SETN (new) ERSE (Irish) in DINT (effort)
40 US state securing border in getting crook (8)
CRIMINALCAL (…ifornia; US state) [securing] RIM (border) IN.
42 Vocal music around pier curtailed marine displays (7)
AQUARIAARIA (vocal music) [around] QUA{y} (pier) [curtailed].
43 On holiday? Feeling glum, missing love, beside borders of China (7)
CAMPING – [Borders of] C{hin}A, M{o}PING (feeling glum) [missing] the O (love).
45 Drying agent tails off excessively? (5)
TOWEL – [Tails off] TO{o} WEL{l} (excessively).
47 Shakespearean character going by, catching start of one line (5)
VIOLAVIA (going by) [catching]  [start of] O{ne} L (line).
48 Historic city has taken up recording revolutionary creative work (5)
PETRA – EP (recording) [taken up] -> PE, ART (creative work) [revolutionary] -> TRA.
49 Fragrant plant no longer for the solver and setter (5)
THYMETHY, old form of [no longer] YOUR (for the solver) ME (setter).

10 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1582 – 29th October”

  1. I biffed the two long acrosses, 13ac from the K and H, 50ac from the definition, giving me access to lots of downs. DNK COOL BAG. DNK CHOPLOGIC as one word. I also didn’t know the ‘corrode’ meaning of FRET, but in any case something does seem to be wrong with the clue. 9ac: modest=PURE? I liked KIND HEARTS.

  2. The comment written on my print out on completion of this puzzle sums it all up for me: Bloody hard work!

    I am due to blog my first Jumbo (today’s) in a fortnight and I’m hoping for an easier ride than blogging this would have been. Thanks and congrats to John for sorting it all out.

        1. Quite right, Kevin, even though I didn’t give much away. Content of my comment deleted.

  3. Never got round to submitting this one, but I believe I got it all correct while sitting next to johninterred and beeryhiker in the Fox and Roman in York. I may have the paper copy somewhere…. Quite tricky in places! I may have had some assistance with TANGLE NETS. Thanks setter and John.

    1. I remember 19D being your last one in and what the answer was, which stopped me getting stuck when I solved the puzzle myself on the Sunday.

  4. When I looked back earlier today I saw I had put this aside 75 percent done after an hour and a half. So now another 45 minutes today to finish it off.
    I struggled with 19dn TWOSOME at the end, but mainly because I had a crosser wrong, having mindlessly bunged in CRITICAL at 24ac. Once I started to think there was something wrong, the penny dropped for TWOSOME and I was able to construct CORTICAL. My actual LOI was FRETWORK, which I had seen early on but held back until I just had to go with it in the absence of anything else. Many thanks for the blog

  5. Thanks for the blog. I also wondered about fret, but Collins has it as a noun:

    9. the result of fretting; corrosion

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