Times Cryptic Jumbo 1558 – 28 May 2022

Hello again. This Jumbo I thought was middle ranking in difficulty terms, nothing too obscure or difficult but not a gimme either. The only problem I had was deciding what to underline as the definition, in a few cases at least. What did you think?

Please, do feel free to ask questions or comment as required.

I use the standard TfTT conventions like underlining the definition, CD for cryptic definition, DD for a double one, *(anargam) and so forth. Nho = “not heard of” and in case of need the Glossary is always handy

1 Feel the loss of planet’s great beauty (4,5)
MISS WORLD – MISS (feel the loss of) + WORLD (planet)
6 Diocese was perhaps making this condition? (3,3,7)
13 Tin backed by engineers as a valuable natural substance (5)
NACRE – CAN (tin) reversed, + RE, your Royal Engineers. Originally I was thinking NITRE, which also neatly fits the wordplay but as it turned out, not the middle checking letter…
14 Certificates nobody in the office has? (4,5)
SICK NOTES – A cryptic definition. Not necessarily correct of course, someone in the office may have a drawer full of old sick notes..
15 One formerly driven to organise crusade (4,3)
16 For film, polite folk like to choose the lighter sort (9,6,7)
18 A woman holding other people briefly in her prayers? (8)
ROSEMARY – EM (other people briefly, as in “Up and at ’em”) in ROSARY (a string of beads used for counting prayers, but also the prayers themselves).
20 Many happy returns for MP here? (4,4)
SAFE SEAT – Another CD.
21 Mark maybe Bismarck’s watchword (5)
MOTTO – M(ark) + OTTO, as in Otto von Bismarck.
23 From peak, leader drops right back, nowhere near podium finish (6)
EIGHTH – HEIGHT (peak), with the H dropping right back ..
24 Put up with a south wind? Not that one (6)
BOREAS – BORE (put up with) + A S(outh). Boreas is the Greek god of the North wind.. think Aurora Borealis
25 Confessed end of working week not always filled with love and calmness (9)
SANGFROID – SANG (confessed) + O (love) inside FRID(ay), the end of some folk’s working week less the AY, or always, especially if you are Scottish
28 Obtain file with trickery: that should be reported (10)
29 Engine lacking constant temperature for haul (4)
LOOT – this took me a minute to see. It is LO(c)O (engine lacking constant, + T(emperature)
30 Endlessly tough surgeon seizes top of scalpel for period of cutting (7)
HARVEST – HAR(d) (endlessly tough) + S(calpel) inside VET, a kind of surgeon
32 On reflection silly lisp — I tick boxes like being drunk (7)
TIPSILY – hidden, reversed, in sillY LISP I Tick
34 Rejecting sexually ambivalent old goat (4)
IBEX – BI, reversed, + EX (old). Ibex occur in the Alps and used to be in the Pyrenees too, until declared extinct in 2000.
35 Just a two-course meal could be an unacceptable idea (3-7)
NON-STARTER – a DD, I think. Though my two course meal would more likely be non-dessert…
38 Henry and Rose arranged to drive off for hearing: it may bring them luck (9)
HORSESHOE – *H(enry) + ROSE), + SHOE, sounds like shoo (drive off)
39 Man fired by bureaucrat with good courage (6)
DARING – (man)DARIN, a bureaucrat, usu. a more senior civil servant, + G(ood)
40 Hall a great success, but no place to get a drink (6)
ATRIUM – A TRIUM (ph). PH is for public house, eg on Ordnance Survey 1:50k maps
43 Quietly swelling, becoming this? (5)
PLUMP – P (piano, ie quietly) + LUMP, a swelling
45 So tennis involved strains (8)
TENSIONS – *(SO TENNIS). A quick cryptic escapee
47 A teacher enters bank, but not for change (4-4)
READ-ONLY – A DON (a teacher, though I was never taught by one. Profs all the way, for me)
49 There’s a drought; the teapot works, though, as the saying goes (2,5,5,3,2,5)
IT NEVER RAINS BUT IT POURS – IT NEVER RAINS (there’s a drought) + BUT IT POURS (the teapot works though). Definition a bit vague, I thought
52 One against entering legal process of no account (7)
TRIVIAL – I V (one against,) in TRIAL
53 Achieve reversal of revolutionary loss of rights (9)
ATTAINDER – ATTAIN (achieve) + RED (revolutionary) rev. Attainder in Tudor times was a major contributor to the monarchy’s present wealth
54 Permission  to stick  head out (5)
LEAVE – a triple def., I think. You stick at cards if you leave them as they are, and don’t ask for more to be dealt.. on edit, see also Jackkt’s alternative parsing, below
55 Girl who reacts with apathy, traffic cops appearing (7,6)
HIGHWAY PATROL – *(GIRL WHO + APATHY). A vanished breed, here in the UK
56 Royal authentication left beside ocean? (5,4)
GREAT SEAL – GREAT SEA (ocean) + L(eft)
1 Minute horse enters frightening collection of animals (9)
MENAGERIE – NAG (horse), in M(inute) + EERIE, frightening
2 Intuition not immediately arousing love? (6,5)
SECOND SIGHT – I imagine this might be a reference to “Love at first sight”
3 Cry of excitement before learner makes turn (5)
4 Mount and gallop even faster (8)
RUSHMORE – RUSH MORE, gallop faster, geddit? Mount Rushmore, is where those four 60ft presidential heads are sculpted
5 Lower classes are not able to handle wine (6)
DECANT – DE (lower classes, in marketingspeak) + CAN’T, not able to. I seldom bother with decanting, these days
6 Be irritated by bookworm, one of unusual sense (4-6)
MIND-READER – MIND (be irritated by) READER (bookworm)
7 Airport outlet where staff have nothing to do? (4-4,4)
DUTY-FREE SHOP – if you are duty-free you have nothing to do ..
8 Notice paper has run out (7)
OBSERVE – OBSERVE(r), a reference to the world’s oldest Sunday paper.
9 How to make t-those old clothes (7,3,4)
DOUBLET AND HOSE – you make t-those with a double T and HOSE … bought from a hosier no doubt, which appeared just the other day
10 Serious, regular gaps in tummy bone (7)
STERNUM – STERN (serious) + tUmMy
11 Omen certain to disturb seat of empire (7,4)
12 Man entitled ahead of time to stop short (4)
17 Very many thanks at end of tour for guide (8)
LOADSTAR – LOADS (very many) + TA (thanks) + (tou)R. I would spell it lodestar, and dislike this alternative spelling. But the OED says, under lode: “see load n., of which lode is merely a graphic variant, now appropriated to certain special senses” .. so, that told me.
19 Government facility: a police station? (3,6)
MET OFFICE – a dd, the first being the government weather bureau, the second a reference to the illustrious Metropolitan Police, known as the Met.
22 Shares fish, relaxing here after swim? (8)
POOLSIDE – POOLS (shares) + IDE, a freshwater fish most useful to setters. Also known as an orfe (though usually, not to setters 🙂
25 To establish part of argument may be an advantage in court (3,5)
SET POINT – SET (to establish) + POINT (part of argument)
26 Put into shape, since tangled (9)
FORMATTED – FOR (since) + MATTED (tangled). as in, eg “He was always going to be tall, for/since both his parents were”
27 Woman in work: one having conversation on-line? (4,10)
LADY CHATTERLEY – LADY CHATTER, one having conversation, + LEY, an imaginary pseudoscientific line
28 This book isn’t one of the Ruritanian series? No chance! (3,1,4)
NOT A HOPE – Because the Prisoner of Zenda, and its sequel Rupert of Henzau, set in the fictional land of Ruritania, were written by Anthony Hope. They are fun books, though the take-off Royal Flash, by George MacDonald Fraser, is also worth a read.
31 Detectives suppress vice among more corrupt band of heralds (4,8)
BEND SINISTER – I think this is SIN (vice) inside DIS (detectives), inside BENTER, which at a stretch could mean more corrupt. Thus: BEN(D(SIN)IS)TER. A bend sinister in heraldry is a diagonal line bottom left to top right of a coat of arms, signifying birth out of wedlock…
33 In leaving the racetrack, rake creates spinning (11)
PIROUETTING – ROUE (rake), in PITTING, leaving the (motor) racetrack
36 Do survey in pouring rain and gale? Tut! (11)
TRIANGULATE – *(RAIN + GALE + TUT). Is pouring really an anagram indicator?
37 Brain cells struggling to identify plant (6,4)
CRANES BILL – *(BRAIN CELLS) .. a very neat clue, this one
41 Why not take an extra month? (3,2,4)
MAY AS WELL – May as well as, say April.. geddit?
42 Half encourage a creative spirit (8)
DEMIURGE – DEMI (half) + URGE (encourage). Demiurge is a term appropriated by religion
44 Pressure to reconsider, getting a peek ahead (7)
PREVIEW – P(ressure) + REVIEW, to reconsider
46 A misplaced lamb stew turns up: bliss! (7)
NIRVANA – NAVARIN, your lamb stew, reversed and with the A moved to the end. Or the beginning, depending how you look at it
48 Twice gallon bottles ruin pointer (3,3)
GUN DOG – UNDO (ruin) inside two G(allons). A dbe (not that I mind), since other gun dogs exist..
50 Director wants one to go through storyline (5)
PILOT – I (one) in PLOT (storyline).
51 A neighbour’s ID, about a half incomplete (4)
UTAH – Hidden, I think, in aboUT A Half. ID (Idaho) is indeed a neighbour, to the North. Cunning..

Author: JerryW

I love The Times crosswords..

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  1. DNF. I couldn’t get LOOT, and now I see why: never would have thought of LOCO for engine. DARING was my LOI; I was sure of the solution, but it took me forever to see how the clue worked. UTAH–which is to the south of Idaho–was a lovely hidden clue. I also liked DOUBLET AND HOSE and MAD COW DISEASE.

    1. Kevin, I named four favourite clues from this on Twitter a couple of days ago, and those last three you mentioned were in there. I thought Utah was particularly clever. (The other one I mentioned was READ-ONLY.)
      Very good puzzle.

  2. 54ac. I had {c}LEAVE (stick), [head out]. SOED: cleave – stick fast, adhere, or cling to (lit. & fig.).
    I’d agree the first and third of the definitions in the blog but I think the middle one is a bit iffy.

    1. Yes, good point… I think both actually work, but yours feels a bit more likely.
      But nothing wrong with leave = stick. For example, “We were left/stuck in a traffic jam for hours.”

  3. I needed all but 8 minutes of the full two hours, but lots to like, including UTAH where I think I must have seen the hidden but never got the ID.
    I too prefer LODE. Collins says loadstar is “a variant spelling” implying that the principal spelling is lodestar? The same for lodestone, where loadstone is “a variant spelling”

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