Times Cryptic Jumbo 1529: Was Araucaria to Urticaria what Prometheus was to Epimetheus?

A fairly zippy Jumbo but most congenial, with neat surfaces everywhere. My COD may have to be 34ac, as I used to sling D12s a lot in my youth, and the surface is obviously great, marrying the D.O.D. with the Pentagon very naturally. Thanks for a good ‘un, setter!

Real time solve video is at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1236347579, but after a Magpie puzzle. so around 42 minutes in.

Definitions underlined in italics, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Flap of avian’s wings captured by photo (5)
PANIC – A{via}N “captured by” PIC
4 Removed inedible parts of fish, putting in pinch of dill, and plunged in hot water (7)
SCALDED – SCALED, “putting in” D{ill}
8 Snake shredded salmon in wetland (9)
13 Soviet city tending to ignore a radical (9)
14 With this you will find medicine most effective, not suffering at all (4,9)
ZERO TOLERANCE – double def. The more tolerance you have for a drug, the less effect it starts to have; and if you have a zero tolerance policy towards something, you don’t suffer it at all
15 Old flame, generous type (7)
EXAMPLE – EX [old flame] + AMPLE
16 Leaderless group’s OK to make return journey (7)
ODYSSEY – {b}ODY’S + reversed YES
17 Is mother following Virginia’s nervous disorder? (7)
VAPOURS – POURS (the tea) following VA
18 Booking essential in advance for middle-of-the-road locale (7,11)
CENTRAL RESERVATION – RESERVATION [booking] with CENTRAL [essential] in advance of that
21 Part of cruise missile housing unit (4)
SEMI – hidden in {crui}SE MI{ssile}
23 Expose a fruit tree, trimming end around hives (9)
URTICARIA – AIR A CITRU{s}, reversed
25 Assurance supported by quite a few pints (6)
GALLON – GALL [assurance] + ON [supported by, as in “the book is on the table”]
26 Illegal act to west of key peninsula (6)
CRIMEA – CRIME to the west/left of A
28 Very keen, doubling the score (6-6)
TWENTY-TWENTY – TWENTY [score] * 2. Very keen as in eyesight
30 Donkeys’ fur that may be valued (10)
33 Formal restraint — a peck? (3,7)
DRY MEASURE – DRY [formal] + MEASURE [restraint]
34 Department of Defense head once struggling to contain resistance is figure with Pentagon on side? (12)
DODECAHEDRON – D.O.D. + (HEAD ONCE*) “containing” R. Each face of a dodecahedron is a pentagon, as all D&D players kno
37 Device to catch trespassers falls short, it’s said repeatedly (6)
39 Satisfied with what’s useful for bricklayer’s technique (6)
METHOD – MET [satisfied] with HOD
40 Florida’s shaken by new shark warning? (6,3)
42 Verbally expresses regret about trick (4)
RUSE – homophone of RUES
43 Long-established and generally accepted as Chair? (4,2,3,9)
PART OF THE FURNITURE – play on the literal and metonymic meanings of “chair”
46 Neglected what could make play pay? (4,3)
LEFT OUT – reverse cryptic: if you take the L(eft) out of PLAY, you’re left with PAY
47 Solitary saint coming in to write this again? (7)
RECLUSE – S “coming in to” RE-CLUE
48 Overlay with gold and even out (7)
50 Trial audience audibly yawning? (8,5)
51 Foodie finding new oral gratification ultimately in larva! (3,6)
BON VIVANT – N(ew) VIVA {gratificatio}N in BOT
52 Only one of this pair will emerge from secret meeting taking seconds (9)
DUELLISTS – cryptic def. A duel is a secret meeting with seconds, that only one duellist walks away from
53 Looked for provision in favour of elderly (7)
FORAGED – FOR [in favour of] AGED
54 Clear article on reflection’s got great depth (5)
NADIR – reversed RID AN [clear | article]
1 Election meeting rejecting queen — expect a reaction when this is raised! (6,5)
POLLEN COUNT – POLL ENCOUNT{er}. An allergic reaction, that is
2 Contradictory responses from Bonn after expulsion of eastern spy (5)
NINJA – N{e}IN + JA, German for no + yes
3 Conservative illegally recording another, ringing chap who suspects a plot? (10,6)
4 Fantastic county’s tailender getting out on a half-century (7)
SURREAL – SURRE{y} on A L [50]
5 Stars with old city lawyer in Hollywood? (9)
ANDROMEDA – AND ROME D.A. [American lawyer]
6 Swimming teams in water sport taking lead in honours — the pinnacle of success (5,7)
7 Delivery is walloped with contempt (10)
8 Non-drinker coming in to purchase snack (5)
9 Hobbit turning up having lost head is disappearing from sight in obscurity (8)
OBLIVION – reversed {b}ILBO + V{is}ION
10 Hole, namely source of oil (6)
SCRAPE – SC(ilicet) RAPE
11 A North American outwardly amused, cracking up to a tedious degree (2,7)
AD NAUSEAM – A + NA inside (AMUSED*)
12 Shot of visitor touring southern India and China (11)
GUESSTIMATE – GUEST “touring” S + I(ndia) + MATE [china]
19 Try oven out a bit (3,4)
20 Comedy film for kids, something digital? (7)
TOOTSIE – 1982 Dustin Hoffman movie, double def with baby talk for “toe”
22 Questioning the job of a ballot scrutineer? (5-11)
CROSS-EXAMINATION – A scrutineer looks at the ballots to examine where people have marked their crosses
24 Check over notes on principles of string theory (6)
RETEST – RE and TE [2nd and 7th notes of the scale] + S{tring} T{heory}. Are those principles or principals?
27 Marry again in resort (6)
29 Advance payment you deserve no longer, perhaps (7)
EARNEST – in the old days, “thou earnest” = “thou deservest”
31 Zoonotic disease — one of chickens came home to roost, might one say? (4,3)
BIRD FLU – homophone of BIRD FLEW
32 Spurn leftover joint? (4,8)
COLD SHOULDER – double def with a meaty shoulder
33 Dispirited protest assembled around 50 (11)
35 Remark that’s inappropriate and awfully risqué to nun (3,8)
36 Material that’s fine, but not on rubbish singer (10)
38 Instrument of tuneless, unending jangling (4,5)
40 No good climbing bit of wall for sack of salt? (6,3)
DUFFEL BAG – DUFF + reversed GABLE. Salt as in sailor
41 Seaside town is blessed with container with gas on outskirts (8)
HASTINGS – HAS [is blessed with] + TIN + G{a}S
44 Rent, having space for parking developed (7)
45 Verse taken out of Decameron deleted (6)
RONDEL – hidden in {decame}RON DEL{eyed}
47 Enigma dealing with U-Boat surfacing (5)
REBUS – RE [dealing with] + reversed SUB(marine)
49 Antelope’s rump pierced by flea regularly (5)
ELAND – END “pierced” by {f}L{e}A

16 comments on “Times Cryptic Jumbo 1529: Was Araucaria to Urticaria what Prometheus was to Epimetheus?”

  1. DNK CENTRAL RESERVATION, CHIFFCHAFF. A MER at REBUS: a rebus is a puzzle, and an enigma is a puzzle, but that doesn’t mean a rebus is an enigma. And another at DUELLISTS: duels were not always, or even often, fought to the death. (You meant ‘meeting’, V.) I checked a number of possible CODs: VAPOURS, MANTRA, BON VIVANT, DIZZY HEIGHTS, OBLIVION, EARNEST, maybe EARNEST wins.
  2. I realised when I saw the blog that I hadn’t finished this, so I did. It took me just over 20 minutes so quite gentle.
    I don’t understand 3dn. Surely the word ‘who’ means the answer has to be CONSPIRACY THEORIST?
      1. An opportunity to say what a complete load of bollocks that poem is. Pure propaganda with no literary merit.
          1. Indeed. I’m not a huge Yeats fan but will happily acknowledge that he was a proper poet. Tennyson just wrote guff, AFAIC.
            1. Tennyson loses something on the page — you had to see him live, in an arena preferably, being flung around by screaming dollybirds in the moshpit. I mean, just check out his delivery and imagine that Tennymania that must have ensued: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkqUq26z1CE

              Edited at 2021-12-20 06:27 pm (UTC)

  3. I struggled with this one more than you lot, of course. About 2 hours 15 minutes to finish, but with four (!) wrong. Two misspellings: ad nauseUm and non sequitOr (I must brush up on my French). Then BOOMERANG for the snake instead of BOOMSLANG (who knew) which forced me to invent EGRAPE for the hole at 10dn. What an odd word, I thought. Elsewhere I liked DORSAL FIN and VAPOURS and many more
  4. Greetings V, many thanks for the (as usual) informative blog. Now that I understand the crossword, could you explain your cryptic phrase above? Cheers, Jeffrey
  5. Apparently I’ve been doing crosswords WAY TOO MUCH and managed to insert a really dodgy homophone in my blog without even meaning to. “in my youth” not “use”! If this is all still clear as mud let me know…
    1. Thanks for replying. That’s use/youth cleared up and Quora tells me that “The d12 is used for high damage weapons and spells.” So I can leave the rest to my imagination, Jeffrey
      1. The d12, for when 2d6 just won’t do, due to everybody hating middle-of-the-road results like 7.

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