Times 28765 – Getting my knickers in a twist

No time for this very nice example of the art of crossword setting, as I bombed out on one of the downs, where I did my best with all the crossing letters, but still came up short.

No complaints. Just beaten by a better team, like…

1 English stigma made French scoff (8)
6 Kindly feeding extremely suspicious bees etc (6)
SWARMS – WARM in S[uspiciou]S
9 Eco-friendly vehicle part contains uranium, really oddly (6,7)
10 Article about the setter’s revolutionary nom de guerre (6)
ANONYM – AN ON MY reversed; another word for pseudonym – an anonymous person
11 Service is no good if earlier however (8)
EVENSONG – N G preceded by (‘if earlier’) EVEN SO (however)
13 Weaselly type‘s rowdy intemperance leaving church (4,6)
PINE MARTEN – anagram* of INTEMPERAN[ce]
15 Left sweethearts to shed clothes (4)
OVER – [l]OVER[s]
16 Man perhaps read aloud passage (4)
ISLE – sounds like ‘aisle’
18 Old story about India at back of Republican magazine (10)
REPOSITORY – I (India) in O STORY after (at back of) REP; a repository is somewhere you store things safely, in this case weapons, etc.
21 Tough old bird’s lost after terrible tale (8)
LEATHERN – a bit of Yoda speak here: HER[o]N (the bird HERON loses its O [old]) after TALE*
22 Former magistrate thought about limits of lenience (6)
AEDILE – IDEA reversed L[enienc]E; a Roman magistrate
23 A billion goats slaughtered for world economic development (13)
25 Singular character departs on a trip (6)
26 Most stylish and vacuous supermodel, I’m afraid, is in France (8)
SLEEKEST – S[upermode]L EEK (I’m afraid!) EST (‘is’ in French)
2 Flash one’s lower parts (7)
SECONDI – SECOND I; typically, left hand parts in a piano duet
3 Finally organising diverse people into rank and order (11)
ARRANGEMENT – final letters of [organisin]G [diverse]E in ARRANT (rank, as in arrant nonsense) men (people)
4 Low spirits start to get lower? (5)
GLOOM – G[et] LOOM (lower, rhyming with ‘cower’)
5 Backer briefly entering explosive function (7)
TANGENT – ANGE[l] (backer in the theatre, darlings) in TNT
6 Fancy Easter sun and sweet wine (9)
7 Sky  broadcast  quality  song (3)
AIR – nice quadruple definition
8 Mixture of male impetuosity and half-cut rage (7)
MELANGEthe way I get this to work is as follows, though others may have better ideas: MALE* (with ‘impetuosity’ as the anagram indicator – seems odd) N (and, as in fish ‘n’ chips) [ra]GE. LuckofLucien’s got it: it’s M(male) ELAN (impetuosity: ‘impetuous ardour’ in Collins) [ra]GE
12 Queasy hosts digested last of blood pudding (7,4)
SPOTTED DICK – POTTED (digested, as in shortened or abridged – think of Reader’s Digest) [bloo]D in (hosts) SICK (queasy)
14 Law firm exec regularly duped about new licence (1,4,4)
A FREE HAND – [l]A[w]F[i]R[m]E[x]E[c] N (new) in HAD (duped)
17 Cunning insult overheard (7)
SLEIGHT – sounds like ‘slight’
19 Garments putting pressure on navels (7)
PINNIES – P (pressure) on INNIES (those type of navels!); this one did for me
20 Devoid of ego, listener somehow gives way (7)
RELENTS – L[i]STENER* (no ego, i.e. I)
22 Silver pressing on primate’s Christian love (5)
AGAPE – AG (silver) APE
24 Confess some shallOW Notions (3)
OWN – hidden


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  1. Had to look up AEDILE to make sure it was a thing, and had forgotten that a PINE MARTEN was another word for weasel . Oh and as a nicely-brought-up lady of the sixties vintage NHO ‘outies’ and ‘innies’. So apart from these problems I had a reasonable run with ANONYM my FOI, CODs to STONED, CARBON NEUTRAL and SLEEKEST. Elegant crossword.

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