The Times Crossword Championships 2011

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Congratulations to Mark Goodliffe for his record-equalling fourth consecutive victory, and congratulations to our Jumbo blogger Simon Hanson (sghanson) for coming second! Sadly I had two mistakes in the preliminary, but an honourable mention should go to James Davis (keriothe), who came 18th in the first preliminary at his first attempt, which gets him a free qualification to next year’s final.

Tony Sever has a full list of finalists on his blog, along with his thoughts on the final. My own will follow when I get time!

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  1. Spare a thought for those of us (namely me) who came 26th for the second year running. It’s a position I’m making all my own – it’s also the place I gained in the “World Championship” version many years ago.
    1. Are you I. Richardson or P. Rheinberg? I see one of you’s had a bit of luck!

      I know what you mean though – I came 26th myself a couple of years ago.

  2. I had to leave right after my preliminary, although I had time to hear I was not in the final. Can I check somewhere if I qualified for free entry next year? Or will I be/would I have been notified?
    1. Yes, you can check here (Prelim 1) or here (Prelim 2). However, they will write to you to confirm before the start of next year’s Championships if you are eligible for free entry.
      1. Thanks! I did qualify for free entry next year. I’m Ann Martin, by the way, an American — does that make me a rarity? Anyway, I don’t know how to avoid being anonymous here.
        1. Hi Ann,

          You’re in a minority to be sure, but not all that rare! To avoid being anonymous, just create a free user account at LiveJournal.

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