Surprise! Mephisto 2939 – Tim Moorey

I didn’t realise this was coming – Mephisto 2939 is up on the Crossword Club, not as a competition puzzle, with the solution immediately available. I figured I’d write it up, since I usually do the odd-numbered ones, and Jim can take last week’s group effort which will be blogged next Sunday. Since it may have taken some of you by surprise, I’ll put that little cut thing in so you won’t accidentally see any answers.

Away we go…

1 COCA: ACOC(k)(defiantly) reversed
4 CAMSHOCH: CACH(e)(hide away) containing an anagram of HOMS
10 APOCOPATED: “cut word” is the definition – A, POCO(little), PAT(glib),ED
12 PTERINS: PTE(private), (lette)R, INS(encloses) – “insect” is part of the definition
13 CARTIER: CAR,TIER for the French explorer who mapped a lot of Eastern Canada
14 BUDO: DUB(name), reversed, then O(of)
15 ATILT: L(learner driver) inside AT IT
18 NUDNIK: KIND, UN all reversed – I thought this was spelled with a C in it, but Chambers has rather nice Yiddish insult so
23 SCONCE: triple definition
24 INFERNO: anagram of NO,FINER
26 CADET: CA(cases), DET(detctive)
27 SAIM: S(cotland), AIM
28 CHAGANS: AG in CH, (p)ANS – think toilet bowl for this use of PANS
31 ARMILLARIA: A, RM(jully), ILL(bad), ARIA(strain)
32 MARSANNE: a MARS bar next to princess ANNE
33 RAZZ: RA(Republic of Argentina) then two of the last letter
1 CALCANEI: anagram of INCA,(p)LACE
2 CORRIDA: the charge coming from a bull – COR(my), DA containing RI(d)
3 ACCT: C in ACT
4 COMITIA: CIA containing OMIT
5 MATROSS: SORT(person) reversed in MAS(s) for the gunner’s assistant that was my last entry
6 STEEM: MEETS(joins) reversed
8 CANDESCENT: CAN(American for backside), DESCENT
9 HUSO: anagram of HOUSE missing E
17 SPETSNAZ: PET(peter) and S(bob) inside SN(Senegal) and AZ(Azerbaijan)
20 ACCABLE: A, C, and then Vince CABLE
21 ONDATRA: anagram of AND,O(duck) on ART reversed
22 DEMURS: DE(of the, in French), MUS(museum) containing R (there may be LEMURS as objects in the museum, but this fits the definition better).
25 REGMA: EG in RM, A
27 SCAM: SAM Johnson, dictionary man with C inside
29 GUAR: GUARD missing D

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  1. Nice one George. I’ve already blogged last week’s 60th anniversary puzzle and posted it on LJ with a delay date.

    Enjoyed this puzzle, the more so as it was unexpected so thanks for the cut device as your blog alerted me to its existence without giving anything away. I certainly have DEMURS at 22D

    Trivia corner – Sir Vince is an ex-MP having lost his seat in 2015

    Happy Christmas everyone

        1. In the visual editor you can highlight all the text you want hidden and while it is highlighted click the icon that looks like a pair of scissors.

          In the HTML editor, it is a piece of coding specific for LJ – type in lj-cut inside triangle brackets at the start of what you want cut, and /lj-cut at the end (I can’t include the brackets symbol in the comment or it gets interpreted as HTML. There’s a similar one on wordpress – fifteensquared use it for all their posts.

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