Stuck during Registration?

A handful of people who are registering for this site are in the “Pending” state awaiting for them to verify their email address using the link in the verification email the system sends. If you are one of these, check your “Spam” folders. If you still can’t find the email use the Contact Us form under the Help menu to let us know and we’ll manually approve you. You should then be able to login.

P.S. Don’t forget to upload your avatar of choice by visiting My Account and editing your profile details.

5 comments on “Stuck during Registration?”

  1. John,

    One of the very few useful things about the Livejournal site were the notifications, so you could at least see if someone had replied to a comment.

    Was there any thinking about including something similar here or was it just not feasible with the site architecture/no real demand etc?

    1. Hi James. It is not natively supported by WordPress, but I am looking at options for how to add it for a forthcoming release.

    1. Please follow the instructions under Help->User Tips. “How to Register”.

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