ST 4236 (Sun 5 Aug) – Miskicks

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Solving time: 10:15

Very ‘Sunday Timesey’ this week, with a few quibbles: 5ac, 13ac and 1dn are probably the main ones. A few difficult words – 24ac, 20dn and 13ac were all new to me.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 FL(A)Y
3 SCIENTIFIC; (TEC IN SCI-FI) – using ‘sci-fi’ in an anagram for ‘scientific’ seems weak.
5 AMPLIFIER; (LAMP I)* + (FIRE)* – but how can ‘from’ mean ‘after’?
13 KICKSHAW; K (= ‘Rex’) + SICK* + HAW – I don’t like ‘Rex’ = K (via ‘king’) at all. This was my last entry as I didn’t know the word but guessed it was some pun on ‘rickshaw’; in fact it means ‘a trinket or worthless article’ and comes from the French ‘quelque chose’ (‘something’).
15 RAM + PART – a hasty ‘parapet’ slowed me here.
17 ENCHANT (cryptic definition)
21 RE + MORSE[l]
24 AS (= ‘like’) = DIC[tation] – the Wikipedia article for SONAR casts doubt on Chambers’ claim that ASDIC stands for ‘Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee’.
28 DILIGENCE (double definition) – the second definition is ‘a French or continental stagecoach’.
30 EMIR; rev. of RIME
1 FEATHER BED; (A BERTH*) in FEED – but I’m pretty sure ‘featherbed’ as a verb meaning ‘to pamper’ is one word, not the (7,3) indicated here.
4 CRICK + E + T[eam]
5 EAR + AC + HE
6 TUN + IS
9 DIS + TRACT – Dis is the Roman underworld.
16 MARS + H + LAND – ‘making it’ is another weak link phrase.
18 CAMPAIGN; (C + PM AGAIN)* – a good semi-&lit.
20 CHINDIT; (IN DITCH)* – ‘a member of General Orde Wingate’s Allied commando force in Burma during World War II’, apparently from the Burmese ‘chinthey’ meaning ‘griffin’.
21 REGULAR; rev. of LUG in REAR
25 DENIM; rev. of MINED
26 SCUM (cryptic definition)

One comment on “ST 4236 (Sun 5 Aug) – Miskicks”

  1. Some tricky ones here – I’m glad that our honourable blogmeister managed to unravel the KICKSHAW. Quelque chose indeed!

    A total of 8 “easies” not in the blog:

    11a Wants to be noticed returning about five hundred (5)
    NEE D S

    12a Abandoning (sloth)* becomes a composer (5)

    19a Unreliable man going about desert (7)
    ER RAT IC. RAT = DESERT – apparently from Monty’s Desert Rats – is a convention that often escapes me.

    27a Could, tough vegetable (5)
    C HARD

    29a In church, ministers (roared most)* terribly (10)
    MODERATORS. Church leaders in Scotland?

    2d Outrage when a chum embraces president (5)
    A P P AL. P = PRESIDENT? If you say so.

    8d To be snug, woollY SOCks need to be partly pulled up (4)

    23d (Drain)* repair? You can’t sink lower! (5)

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