Special extra puzzle now available…

Those of you not who did not see the ST blog last Sunday or are not signed up to receive Mick Hodgkins’s weekly newsletter may not know that a special cryptic puzzle was published on Sunday in the Times Guide to Good Universities supplement,  the idea being to introduce a younger audience to the joys of crossword solving.

It’s a Jumbo puzzle, but don’t let that put you off because it’s targeted at newbies and less experienced solvers and it’s not as difficult as the regular weekend Jumbo. So if any of our contributors including QC solvers who have never ventured into Jumboland  before would like to try their hand at one, this would be a good opportunity have a go.

If you want to join in the fun you can access the puzzle by clicking  here.

Sadly there is a problem with printing the puzzle via the ‘hamburger’ menu which has been acknowledged by The Times but not yet fixed. You can however print a pdf version using this link. *


*Note: The printed version dates the puzzle Tuesday 5th September. I’ve no idea why. 

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