Saturday Times 23444

What was I going to say about this puzzle? No idea, forgotten already – I had to re-solve it this morning to remind myself. In future I’ll make notes on the Saturday I do it and save them for the following week. Luckily I kept a copy of Jumbo 668 for next weekend.

Solving time – 18:35 – I remember getting off to a good start but getting stuck on a few odd answers at the end. Should probably have been a lot quicker.


1 WELL-WIS(H)ER – “much more tuned in” = well wiser – I like that
10 Hidden reversed in oneSELF FARther – very well hidden. I didn’t get this till I had all the checking letters
12 FI(SH,MO)NGER – nicely put together, and the “maybe” gives the definition by example validity
13 O=ball,L(eft),D=mark on snooker table – I’d never seen D clued like that before, but I’ve seen it again somewhere since.
14 ENGELS, giving ANGELS a different first letter.
26 G(LAS(s))GO,W(ith) – I think this would have worked better if it said “…round her city”, so you know what “round” refers to.
28 RD(middle of garden) around (n)UD(e)


1 W(I)C,(thic)K – Here, Ladies=WC is clued without a “maybe” or “perhaps” to indicate the definition by example
2 LAP replaces O in OWING(=in red)
7 LAW rev.,POLE
19 I,R(ELAN)D – but is that a state? I thought Ireland was the whole island which contains Eire and N.I.
21 FO(GLAM)P – another dodgy definition? In my dictionary glam is an abbreviation for glamorous, not glamour.
22 DO rev,DISH

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  1. I thought “Ireland” was the whole island

    That’s one of its meanings, yes, but a crossword setter is allowed to use any of the meanings of a word, not just the most well-known or popular! Wikipedia has a thorough article on the names of the Irish state.

  2. 6a Hands back in exchange = SWAP (paws back’rds)
    9a (Put dice)* out, being ineligible for game = CUP TIED
    18a Wimp paid for supply in small instalments = DRIP FEED (drip = wimp but paid for supply = feed?)
    20a Render senseless fine English in chapter’s header = DEAFEN (fe inside dean)
    23a Carp when inspiration falls short = IDE (A) ( good ol’ x-word fish)
    24a Batsman’s touch giving his team advantage = INSIDE EDGE (cricket clue – being a TMS fan I like them. Batsman’s team = the side that are in and edge = advantage. A shot that might go to the boundary for four or take out your leg stump.)
    27a Reform (me: I fall)* into disrepute = ILL FAME (a good example of gratuitous punctuation being fair game for mis-direction in a cryptic clue)
    29a Near collapse, (he’s prone to)* turns = ON THE ROPES

    3d Easing past women’s crew in Olympic Event = WEIGHT LIFTING (w eight = the ladies’ crew and easing = lifting)
    4d Not facing the wrong one’s done = SIDE ON (i’s done)*
    5d Peer over uninteresting brew = EARL GREY (peer, uninteresting)
    8d Going after some romance with a correspondent = POST-DATING
    14d Exact image? One can do no more changes = DEAD RINGER (a deceased campanologist can sound the changes no more)
    17d Scorer confounded (whingers)* = GERSHWIN
    25d Buzzers used in spelling contests = BEES (is a Spelling Bee an American phenomenon? Pity they still can’t spell colour, aluminium etc)

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