RTC contests for Championship puzzles

The six puzzles from the two preliminary rounds will be published on Wednesdays, and I’m pretty sure this will start tomorrow. The Times website is being rather slow to put up the Grand Final puzzles that were printed in the paper yesterday, but I still expect them to do so in the next day or two.

So I propose to split these into 3 unofficial RTC contests, one for each set of three puzzles. I’ll give you about a week from the publication of the last of each set of three to enter. If you’ve already done the final set on paper, just remember your time. To keep it simple, we’ll just do championship scoring based on a total time for all three and a number of wrong answers.

I’ll post notes for the final three after the unofficial contest is closed.

2 comments on “RTC contests for Championship puzzles”

  1. Question:

    In the championships there are no reference books. Should I be asking my neighbour to take temporary custody of mine?


    1. Ideally, but this is totally unofficial so it doesn’t matter that much, expecially if you’re not in any danger of beating say 20 minutes a puzzle.

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