Registration for Times Crossword Championship 2023


Registration for the 2023 championship opens on Monday, September 4th at this address. If you are one of the 50 top finishers from 2019, you should have heard from us already for a chance to book early (please email if you think you should have heard but haven’t).


For the rest it will be first come first served, with space for 200 participants. The cost is £40, and includes refreshments. Times subscribers can use the code XWD21AA when booking to benefit from a 20 per cent discount.


You will be asked to choose between the two preliminary sessions, at 09.30 and 11.30. The top 50 competitors from each group go through to the semi-final, with the top three finishers from that round facing off over one puzzle for the trophy and top prizes of £1000, £500 and £250. 


There is, as ever, limited space so unfortunately there will be no spectator tickets and only those competitors qualifying from the morning rounds will be able to stay in the building ahead of the semi-final. For the rest of you there is bound to be a gathering of like-minded souls at the George Inn on Borough High St.

9 comments on “Registration for Times Crossword Championship 2023”

  1. Although the registration page is there I presume registration is not yet open as the button doesn’t do anything.

    I’m very much looking forward to the event returning after 4 years’ absence, and hopefully making the acquaintance of more of the TfTT folks. I’d encourage anyone who doesn’t want to compete to come along to The George for the post-event drinks.

    1. Registration is now open. I’ve got my ticket for the 9:30 session. Don’t forget to use the Promotion code to get 20% off. I’m looking forward to catching up with people there and at The George.

  2. I haven’t been a regular solver since my commuting days ended with the first lockdown in 2020.
    But I couldn’t resist this lure… registered for the 9.30 and really looking forward to the event. Six weeks to shake off the rust…

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