Quick cryptic No 783 by Oran

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I fairly rattled through this one on the rattler, finishing and all parsed well inside 10 minutes, which is good for me.  Nothing particularly noteworthy about this solve, but a pleasant enough test for beginners, with some relatively easy anagrams, double-defs, hiddens and build-them-yourself or flat-pack type clues.

I also raced through the 15×15 this morning (in comparison to my usual times), completing both puzzles before reaching Waterloo, which is also almost unheard of for me, and maybe indicates that today may be a good day for QCers to have a bash at the big puzzle.  Good luck with it.  (On edit, and having looked at early comments on the 15×15 blog, there are some snagaroonies on the 15×15 today, but they didn’t hold me up too much.  I must have hit a sweet spot, but the puzzle is well worth a try anyway, even if you don’t finish).

Thanks to Oran.

3  Put up with daughter’s facial hair (5)
BEARD – To put up with is to BEAR, with D{aughter}
7  Elisha’s fancy woman (6)
SHEILA – Nice simple anagram, with ‘fancy’ as the indicator, of [ELISHA]
Bar’s story-teller returned (4)
RAIL – LIAR (story-teller) reversed
9  Toboggan going around field was glittering (8)
SPARKLED – The toboggan is a SLED which surrounds (goes around) PARK (field)
10  How I fish, holding what’s needed for net (2,2)
WI FI – Hidden answer (indicated by ‘holding’) in {ho}W I FI{sh}
11  Law has several changes: someone might be listening (5,4,4)
WALLS HAVE EARS – Another nice anagram, this time indicated by ‘changes’, of [LAW HAS SEVERAL]
15  Done with lace, perhaps cheaply (2,1,10)
ON A SHOESTRING – Nice surface here, with misdirection in the lace.  To do something ON A SHOESTRING is to achieve it with minimal resources or capital
16  Isle is something above us, close to lighthouse (4)
SKYE – …above us only SKY… (Thanks to John Lennon), with last letter (close to) {lighthouse}E
18  A farewell broadcast that’s worth the money (1,4,3)
A GOOD BUY – Broadcast here indicates a homophone, and A GOOD BUY sounds like a goodbye, or a farewell
20  The female’s a goddess (4)
HERA – HER as in the possessive or genitive adjective for she, with A (for a).  HERA is the goddess of women and marriage, so nice to see her making an appearance the day after International Women’s Day
21  Person not turning up food or water, initially (2,4)
NO SHOW – NOSH is the food (originally Yiddish I understand), with O{r} and W{ater} (initially indicating first letters)
22  Fashionable public transport making a comeback (5)
SMART – The public transport here is TRAMS reversed (making a comeback, which they are doing in some cities (Manchester, Edinburgh) in real life), with SMART being used as a synonym for fashionable, which is acceptable according to my Chambers

1 Tea with nothing added for minister (8)
CHAPLAIN – If one had tea with nothing added, it could be described as CHA PLAIN.  CHA incidentally, is a favourite name for tea in crosswordland, and worth remembering.
2  Look hard, it’s said, for seaside attraction (4)
PIER – Another homophone clue, indicated by ‘it’s said’.  This time the answer sounds like peer, which is to look hard.
3  Hallo: boy’s created a fuss (8)
BALLYHOO – Anagram (indicated by ‘created’) of [HALLO BOY].  This reminded me of the old Wonderbra ad with the nice lady saying ‘Hello Boys’ which caused such a stir many years ago.  BALLYHOO is a slang term for a fuss or commotion.
4  Answer clear – and dry (4)
ARID – A{nswer} and RID (clear)
Come close to sketch new organ (4,4)
DRAW NEAR – DRAW is to sketch, with N{ew} and EAR (organ)
6  I quietly turned up a loud French singer (4)
PIAF – I for I and P for quietly, turned up (reversed in a down clue) with A (a) and F for loudly.  Pretty good going assembling four parts for a four-letter answer.  The answer of course refers to the PIAF of the Edith type, the darling of French cabaret, songwriter and actress.
12  Gal saves furiously for desert resort (3,5)
LAS VEGAS – easiest anagram of the day (indicated by ‘furiously’) of [GAL SAVES]
13  Five is total: that’s noble (8)
VISCOUNT – V for five (Roman numeral) with IS for ‘is’ and COUNT for ‘total’, the whole being the lower-middling rank of the nobility in various European countries
14  Bolt from exhaust? (3,3,2)
RUN OUT OF – Double definition.  To bolt is to run away from, or RUN OUT OF, and if one exhausts the supply of something, then one RUN’s OUT OF.
17  Some make enquiries, full of enthusiasm (4)
KEEN – Another hidden answer, this time indicated by ‘some’, hidden in {ma}KE EN{quiries}
18  Song from opera or a show coming up (4)
ARIA – This looks like it could be another hidden, but it isn’t.  A from ‘a’, with AIR (to show something, or give it an airing) reversed (coming up)
19  Very little hurry (4)
DASH – Double definition, as in a DASH of something, and to DASH away

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  1. I think that may just about as fast as I can fill in the grid using the single digit ipad technique.
    1. Well done Rinteff, almost exactly half of my time. I agree, on the ipad it is difficult to beat your time.
  2. 29 minutes but at least 10 of those on getting run out of for 14 down, even with the checkers I couldn’t see it.

    COD 3a beard, great surface!

    1. I’ve never drooled over a crossword so far, but the time may be approaching as old age begins to take its toll!
  3. 7 minutes. I didn’t quite see how “done with” worked in 15ac but Rotter’s putting it in context made sense of it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks to Oran for providing a confidence boosting puzzle today after my travails this week. Completed in 10 minutes, LOI 22a, COD 2d
  5. A pleasant straightforward puzzle which took me 8:12, starting with BEARD and finishing with A GOOD BUY. Thanks Oran and Rotter.
  6. Flew through top half but caught up short on A GOOD BUY, didn’t twig broadcast=homophobe.

    Also had RUN OUT ON, for bolt.

  7. A new PB of 10 mins 20 secs. I doubt if I will approach such a time again for several months, but two sub twenty minute times in a week is encouraging and makes up for my fiasco on Tuesday.
  8. When Richard Rogan replaced Richard Browne as Times crossword editor just over 3 years ago, he wrote a clue for his predecessor: “Expensive Wonderbra excited retiring gentleman (7,6)”. Richard Browne returned the favour via the disappointingly lingerie-less: “All change: arch or daring new man at the helm! (7,5)”
  9. I had a couple of minutes for this before I had to leave for a game of golf. It was a beautiful day in the SE today. When I got home I needed a few more minutes to complete it -not sure of exact time but 10 -15 minutes in total. I paused over Run Out Of -it seemed clear once I thought of it. And Hera was nearly Hena -which did not seem right. COD 10a.
    I also tried the 15×15 which I thought very difficult. David

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