Quick Cryptic 822 by Pedro

I thoroughly enjoyed this offering from Pedro. Not too tricky, but kept me on my toes. The very nice cryptic definition in 18ac took me a while to spot, and 13d was my last one in as I managed to convince myself that cricket side would be an eleven and that I was therefore looking for something containing XI.

Some nice splashes of wit and neat, elegant surfaces. So, thanks very much to our setter.

Definitions underlined: DD = double definition: anagrams indicated by *(–): omitted letters indicated by {-}.

8 Significant narration (7)
9 Article dropped by dirty relative (5)
UNCLE – UNCLE{AN} (dirty losing its article AN).
10 Ordinary people bet about it (5)
LAITY – LAY (bet) goes ‘about IT’
11 Popular cheese, originally French, without elaboration
IN BRIEF – IN (popular) BRIE (cheese) + F (first letter of – originally – French)
12 Toppled on the bar, clutching last of liqueur? Disgusting
ABHORRENT – *(ON THE BAR) – with “toppled” indicating the anagram – and R (last of liqueR) also in the mix
14 Just beat one making entry in pages (3)
PIP – I (one) goes inside PP (making entry in pages)
16 What spins? Item of cookware spins (3)
TOP – POT reversed (item of cookware spins)
18 One attuned to the moving components of oration? (3-6)
LIP-READER – Rather good cryptic definition. I’m sure I was not alone in initially looking for something involving an anagram of oration.
21 As it were, darken pleasure (7)
DELIGHT – If you “de-light” something, then you could be said to be darkening it – at least in crosswordland! Very droll.
22 Money supports son (5)
BRASS – BRAS (supports) + S (son)
23 Regular occurrences of furious tempests initially a feature
of winter
FROST – Every other letter (regular occurrences) of FuRiOuS + T (Tempest initially)
24 Person with siblings allowed to go on holiday (7)
TRIPLET – LET (allowed) ‘goes on’ TRIP (holiday)
1 Reliable fellow to begin suppressing breaking of law (8)
STALWART – START (to begin) captures (suppresses) *(LAW) with “breaking of” indicating the anagram
2 Go red about one displaying a different colour (6)
BLUISH – BLUSH (go red) goes around I (about one)
3 Like olives? Only in last year, primarily (4)
OILY – First letters (primarily) of Only In Last Year
4 Stir up some meeting, idly turning up (6)
IGNITE – Reverse hidden (turning up) in meETING Idly
5 Thing to do on beach the US ban — crazy! (8)
SUNBATHE – *(THE US BAN) with “crazy” signalling the anagram
6 Save policemen turning up around border (6)
SCRIMP – PCS reversed (policemen turning up) go ‘around’ RIM (border)
7 Meadow flower’s opening — a bit of foliage (4)
LEAF – LEA (meadow) + F (Flower’s opening)
13 Lower rank encapsulates English cricket side (8)
RELEGATE – RATE (rank) includes (encapsulates) E LEG (English cricket side – legside as opposed to offside, for the benefit of anyone who is not one of us flannelled fools)
15 Parties disrupted when gatecrashed by a hanger-on (8)
PARASITE – *(PARTIES) – with “disrupted” indicating the anagram – and A also making an appearance in the mix (gatecrashed by a)
17 Medical treatment that hurts? Here’s neck support (6)
PILLOW – PILL (medical treatment) + OW (that hurts)
19 Little domestic animal that is absorbing time (6)
PETITE – PET (domestic animal) + IE (that is) with T inside (absorbing time)
20 Awful delay after day in terminal (6)
DEADLY – *(DELAY) – with “awful” signposting the anagram – follows D (after day)
21 Conscription not right — it’s ridiculous (4)
DAFT – D{R}AFT – conscription losing R (not right)
22 Used teeth to swallow a tempting item (4)
BAIT – BIT (used teeth) ‘swallows’ A

22 comments on “Quick Cryptic 822 by Pedro”

  1. Took me a while to get going with this one, but once I got on the wavelength, the grid gradually filled up. FOI was OILY and LOI was PILLOW, but I got an UNLUCKY message as I had an unwanted Y in LAITY due to finger trouble. Total time 11:35. Tricky but enjoyable. Thanks Pedro and Nick.
  2. Off to a slow start, with TOP my FOI and SUNBATHE my first down, and continued fairly slowly. I biffed RELEGATE, thinking that ‘lower rank’ was the definition; whatever works. I also biffed DEADLY, which unfortunately was my LOI, which meant the ‘congratulations!’ sign came on before I had a chance to try to parse it properly. Liked LIP-READER (the hyphen somehow kept me from thinking anagram). I note that 15d and 22d both sneakily include a seemingly innocent A; something to watch for. (On the other hand, Nick, BLUISH doesn’t! BLUSH includes I (‘one’), and this ‘a’ is actually just the indefinite article; I suppose it should be included in the definition.) 6:53.

    Edited at 2017-05-03 12:24 am (UTC)

    1. Thanks for spotting the slip – fixed. Perils of a late night blog…
  3. 15 minutes, so still not back on form. Wasted time considering the non-existent TWINLET at 24 before hitting on the correct solution.
  4. Lots of interruptions at work so no accurate time, I guess around 45 mins. Very enjoyable.

    Lots of toughies, especially lip reader, delight, triplet, relegate and petite.

    I couldn’t parse relegate at first having spelt it with a lig, but the cricket ref for leg was obvious.

    Dnk pcs for police.

    lots of contenders for COD but I like pillow.

  5. Came in at 20 minutes, so I’m guessing this is on the slightly easier end. I lost some ground on the SW corner, with 21dn, 21ac and 13ac proving tricky. I couldn’t get “guff” out of my head for 21dn. Avery enjoyable start to the day indeed. Does anyone buy the physical copy of the Times? It’s now gone up to £1.60! I remember when it was a mere £1.20. I still fork out the cash though, as the crossword alone is worth it. Gribb.
    1. Spend a tenner and get a free copy at W@@@@ose! Excellent puzzle. COD Relegate (hint – think ON/OFF/LEG for cricket side). Unfortunately the puzzle contains my PET HATE of Bra=Supprt – I am still waiting for a puzzle where support = Jockstrap. Thanks Pedro and Blogger
      1. Aw, BRASS was one of my favourite clues. The other was DEADLY.
  6. Hi Nick, small error in the blog – it is an I that is included in BLUSH at 2d, not an A (about one). Whoops, on edit I see that Kevin already pointed this out. Sorry.

    Nice puzzle that took me 13 minutes, so much more reasonable than yesterday I thought.

    Edited at 2017-05-03 07:12 am (UTC)

  7. Another toughie for me but at least no DNF today. Mostly enjoyable but stared to get tired of it towards the end !! LOI was 13ac….got the RELE, so was sure “eleven” was part of it !!
  8. Half an hour (with a bit of thesaurus help); I enjoyed this one more than yesterday’s. That’s 2 “lea”s we’ve had for meadow this week (I’m sure it’s only used in crossword land!). RELEGATE was my last in – I, too, tried XI and even LL…not being a sports fan has its disadvantages, obviously (see also RU yesterday).
    Thanks Nick and Pedro.
  9. About average for me with a good range of clue types. Especially enjoyed “LEG” for cricket side, lthough I have a vague feeling that I have come across it before. Thanks guys
  10. Well not as bad as yesterday but a technical DNF as I had to use aids for several clues. About half went in within 10 minutes and then ground to a halt with 1d, 12a, 13d and 21a proving resistant to my (obviously rapidly fading!) brain. Hoping for an easy run tomorrow! Pexiter.
  11. I shared hold ups with both Nick and Jack – at LOI relegate and with a toy at twinlet. Just over 10 mins – COD 21ac.
  12. That came as some light relief after my struggles yesterday. No hold major hold ups today but it was no less entertaining for it. Particularly enjoyed 24a and 13d. LOI 6d, solved in 13 minutes.
  13. Well, that was an interesting experience. Mis-read 18ac and so thought the answer was map-reader. Carried on and was finally left with 13d as R*M*G*T*, and could only think of Ramsgate. Not entirely familiar with the place, but I’m sure they have a decent enough 1st XI. . . If this was a Tracy QC, might have been tempted, but since it was Pedro, checked my answers and found the mistake. My tip for newbies: Keep your glasses prescription up to date ! Invariant
  14. I HATE Pedro’s ‘quick’ cryptics!! Where’s Hawthorn or Hurley?
  15. Solved the top half quickly then had to go out.
    The bottom half proved tricky for me. Rather desperately I pencilled in Ear Bender for 18a; this caused a long delay and was hard to unravel. Once I got 21a things began to fall into place. 18a was my LOI. No time recorded. David
  16. My foi was 8ac but sadly I thought it was ACCOUNT (seems equally valid to me) so got stuck in that corner. Does SCRIMP mean save? As for SUPPORT = BRA I suppose you know it or you don’t.

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