Quick Cryptic 806 by Joker

9 minutes – so quite straightforward. Some ‘nice’ surfaces – especially 7dn plus a few Roman numerals (6dn) bunged in for good measure.
Any questions just ask.


1. Sapphire – blue stone. County (SHIRE) receiving application (APP as in software on a tablet).
5. Scan – inspection. Cut short barely adequate (SCAN)t.
8. Error – mistake. Cut short extreme fear t(ERROR).
9. Subside – go down. I’d (ID) and com(E) after membership fees (SUBS).
11. Key – very important. Eastern part of Tur(KEY).
12. Parsonage – minister’s house. Anagram (badly) of SANG OPERA.
13. Rubber double definition. The eraser used to correct and part of play in the card game.
15. Skater – such a one can go on ice. Fish (SKATE), (R)ot.
18. Trousseau – bride’s clothing. Anagram (that’s ruined) of SUES A TOUR.
19. Bap – roll. First in (B)aking (A)cademy (P)rize-giving.
20. Residue – dregs. Live (RESIDE) around university (U).
21. Trail – track. To follow (TAIL) around run (R).
22. Yarn – story. Beam (RAY) over (backwards), new (N).
23. Lacrosse – game. The French (LA), annoyed (CROSS), English (E).


1. Speaker – double definition. A tweeter is a loudspeaker used in high-fidelity systems for the reproduction of high audio frequencies. It is usually employed in conjunction with a woofer (more fodder for crossword setters?). The speaker attempts to bring the house to order.
2. Party – do. Right (RT) cutting wages (PAY).
3. Hard-pressed – in difficulties. Anagram (mixing up) of SPREAD and SHRED.
4. Resort – town with tourists. Relax (REST) around old (O) and river (R).
6. Clip art – pictures for general computer use. 151 (CLI), separate (PART).
7. Niece – relative. Peac(E) inside French Med port (NICE). Hopefully this surface reading is true after last year’s atrocity.
10. Blockbuster – big film. Plug (BLOCK), (BUSTER) Keaton.
14. Browser – one grazing. (S)t(E)e(R) below hilltop (BROW).
16. Repulse – drive back. Concerned with (RE), rhythmic vibration (PULSE).
17. Genera – classes of things in biology. Information (GEN) on top of period (ERA).
18. Tarry – double definition. To lag/dwell is to tarry. Tarmac is tarry.
19. Brass – money. Half of French restaurants (BRASS)eries.

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  1. 55 minutes but probably a dnf as tried trossueau for the unknown brides chest! before trying trousseau. I don’t like when obscure words are anagrammed.

    13a – dnk rubber from bridge.
    17d – dnk genera.
    14d – dnk a browser is a grazer.
    18d – hestitated about tardy v tarry until plumping for tarry.

    Liked 16d repulse but COD to 6d clip art.

    Edited at 2017-04-11 07:56 am (UTC)

  2. Also 9 minutes with no problems.

    Browsing and grazing can both be used with reference to the feeding habits of deer and other veggie animals and are possibly interchangeable in that context – not that Bach’s famous aria would have worked as well if translated as “Sheep may safely browse”. In supermarkets browsing and grazing are two quite separate activities, the first being legitimate but the second is at best antisocial and at worst criminal. I’ve never heard of anyone grazing the internet.

  3. My only hold up today was my LOI 13a, the rest went in reasonably quickly. I only knew 18a from it tripping me in a previous QC and the unknown 17a was very fairly clued. COD 6d with an honourable mention to 18d which also appealed to me.
    Completed in 14 minutes.
  4. Took me a minute or two to get started, but then the answers started flowing and I clocked off in 9:38. FOI was ERROR and LOI was GENERA. Thanks Joker and Chris.
  5. I’m trying to remember the two words that slowed me down; CLIP ART probably one, since I didn’t know the term. Anyway, 6:36.
  6. A slow start here as well, but then things improved and I finished in 25 mins. About par for me with Joker these days. I did like the reference to ‘high fidelity’ systems in your blog, Chris – brought back memories of buying stereo rather than mono records. Invariant
    1. I agree – haven’t been aware of the term for a long time – it came from a dictionary definition.
    2. I agree – haven’t been aware of the term for a long time – it came from a dictionary definition.
    3. I agree – haven’t been aware of the term for a long time – it came from a dictionary definition.
  7. A slow start for me, and looking like I was easily going to miss my 30 minute target. However, suddently they started falling as I gathered pace, and finished in 26 minutes, so ahead of target. I too had initially gone for TARDY,
  8. I always enjoy Joker’s puzzles as the jokes tend to be good and the crosswords are fun. Today was no exception. Done in 18 minutes; LOI was 3d.Favourites -13a,23a and 2d.
    The answer to yesterday’s Daily Quiz question is The Philippines.
    “Under Philippines law there is no divorce procedure only annulment.”
  9. Done and dusted by Surbiton in 12 minutes, so nicely inside my target time. Most of it went straight in, but BLOCKBUSTER where I had the first B first lost a minute or two because I was trying to start the answer with BUSTER, and the real answer didn’t occur to me until I had TROUSSEAU.

    Thanks Setter and Blogger.

  10. I thought this puzzle was a delight and a very enjoyable 15 minutes to complete. COD to Sapphire as I initially tried to think of short county names. Also a nice mix of science, maths and GK. Thanks Slogger.
  11. FOI was 11ac KEY, then struggled for a bit as my initial thoughts for 1d and 2d didn’t fit.

    Breakthrough was when BLOCKBUSTER popped into my head for 16d which meant the NE corner came relatively easily. I’m sure I’ve seen 7d NIECE quite a few times on the QC since I’ve been doing it.

    Took a while to get 19ac BAP and I had just about every combination of French possibility for 19d until I had another spell of inspiration.

    I guessed 18ac as I didn’t know it, but also struggled with 18d as to whether it was TARDY or TARRY…at one point I thought “covering”‘could have meant TARP (as in tarpaulin) but couldn’t get it to fit.

    6d eventually came but I nearly smashed my head against the table when I realised the Roman numerals…stupidly I was thinking singularly as in “IVI” but of course it didn’t make sense.

    Overall, very enjoyable, with at least 3 clues mentioning the French! Thanks to the blog and Joker.


  12. A puzzle of fits and starts today. Took some time to get going and then a second sitting to finish by sorting out 17d and correcting 16d from repeals. FOI 11a, LOI 17d, COD 23a. Altogether about 75 minutes!
  13. Finished in under 40 mins, slow and steady and really enjoyable today.
    Must have been on Joker’s wavelength – thanks to him and bloggers. Really learning a lot every day.

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