Quick Cryptic 469 by Santa

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A festival of festive clues for today! I’m surprised that Santa has time in his busy schedule to set a crossword, but it’s much appreciated to get a crossword on a day with no paper.
LOI redcoat – my first guess, redboot, answering neither part of the clue.
Happy Christmas to solvers, novices and experts alike, bloggers and setters.

1 SACK – double definition
3 PRECIOUS – very fastidious; anagram (mixing) of SOUP and RICE
8 CHRISTMAS – season; anagram (sorted) of ITS CHARMS
10 ELF – Santa’s helper; first letters of (starts to) Exhibit Lurid Fantasies
11 EXTRA – double definition (Cricket rears its head even in the dead of winter! Edit – just heard on the radio that there is currently cricket in South Africa…)
12 REDCOAT – double definition
13 RELAPSE – fall back; run = R pass = ELAPSE
18 RALLY – great meeting; Rudolph at first = R, colleague = ALLY
19 THE FLAT – racing (ie not The Jumps); article = THE, boring = FLAT
20 TRITENESS – lack of originality; attempts = TRIES, limiting (around) number = TEN, then son = S
22 USE – take advantage of; American = US, European = E
23 OOHS – cries of excitement; reversal (turn) of drive off = SHOO
24 BEFRIEND – get on well with; anagram (when made up) of FINER BED

1 SACRED – holy; small = S, area of land = ACRE, initially declared = D
2 CURATE – minister; dog = CUR, had dinner = ATE
4 RUM – double definition
5 CASH REGISTER – cryptic definition – perhaps readies, rather than ready, is the more usual expression, and change = CASH, chemist = DISPENSER
6 OREGON – state; hidden (lacking tips) in fOR EG ONe
7 SAFETY – security; 10 is ELF, so ironically paired is “ ‘elf and safety”
9 SPARE TYRE – flabby stomach; cryptic definition – needed to replace 19 (the flat)
12 ROAST – very hot; right = R, oven = OAST
14 GROTTO – Santa’s workplace; endlessly sordid = GROTT(y), round = O
15 SLEIGH – what Santa rides on; endless dexterity = SLEIGH(t)
16 CLAUSE – Santa; homophone (read out) of part of sentence = CLAUSE
17 ATTEND – come to; a = A dry =TT (teetotal), conclusion = END
21 EVE – double definition

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  1. For those who have access, today’s other cryptic is quite solver friendly and very enjoyable. There’s also a special Christmas Jumbo cryptic which I am now going to savour.
  2. 25 mins. Thanks for tip on “other” cryptic – will take a look.

    Have a merry Christmas, if you haven’t done so already!

  3. Amusing puzzle for the day! Now having a go at the cryptic and wonder if I’ll get beyond the two I’ve spotted so far! Festive greetings to all….

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