Quick Cryptic 383 by Orpheus

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Right, it’s now 11:00 and nothing has appeared so here’s the blog.

This one took me 9 minutes so I scored it as the easiest for a while – since Joker’s contribution last Thursday.

As usual defintions are underlined, deletions are in {curly brackets} and indicators are in [square brackets]


1 Others exercise inside, showing self-control (9)
RESTRAINT – TRAIN (exercise) inside REST (others)
6 Dance a doctor held in South Africa (5)
SAMBA – A+ MB (doctor) inside [held in] SA (South Africa)
8 Disorientated persons at interchange? (9)
TRANSPOSE – Anagram [disorientated] of PERSONS AT
9 Small detached territory one’s rented out (5)
ISLET – I’S (one’s), LET (rented out)
10 Debauchee‘s false statement about chap at home (9)
LIBERTINE – LIE (false statement) encloses [about] BERT (chap) + IN (at home)
12 Surrenders   crops (6)
YIELDS – Double definition
13 Confused Welshman embracing two daughters (6)
ADDLED – ALED (Welshman) encloses [embracing] D+D (two daughters)
16 Politicians following a man’s chronological records (9)
HISTORIES – HIS (a man’s), TORIES (politicians)
18 Book from America with songbird at front? (5)
TITUS – TIT (songbird), US (America). It’s a book in the New Testament, full name The Epistle of Paul to Titus.
19 Eg southern Scotsman‘s scowl, concealing light (9)
LOWLANDER – LOWER (scowl) encloses [concealing] LAND (light – in the sense of fall or settle)
21 Old theologian – extremely lofty in a curious way (5)
ODDLY – O (old), DD (theologian -Doctor of Divinity), L{oft}Y [extremely]
22 Leaders of young elephants foolishly strayed very recently (9)
YESTERDAY – First letters [leaders] of Y{oung}, E{lephants} then anagram [foolishly] of STRAYED

1 Disconcerted old PM briefly visiting outskirts of Richmond (7)
RATTLED – ATTLE{e} (old PM – Clement Attlee, Prime Minister 1945-1951) [briefly] inside [visiting] [outskirts of] R{ichmon}D
2 Coy about sailor being initially down at heel (6)
SHABBY – SHY (coy) encloses [about] AB (sailor) + B{eing} [initially]
3 One who gets out of bed, upset about teacher’s address (5)
RISER – RE (about) + SIR (teacher’s address) reversed [upset]
4 Language book regularly used by Italian leader? (3)
IBO – I{talian} [leader], B{o}O{k} [regularly]
5 New toys lured men, to a considerable degree (12)
6 Vacillate, hearing stupid girl in drunken speech? {6-6)
SHILLY-SHALLY – Sounds like “silly Sally” (stupid girl) perhaps as spoken by someone the worse for alcohol
7 Masculinity landing a chap in trouble (8)
MALENESS – MESS (trouble) encloses [landing] A+LEN (chap)
11 In Paris he left corpulent journalist with poor prognosis (3-5)
ILL-FATED – IL(‘he’ – in Paris), L (left), FAT (corpulent), ED (journalist)
14 Ruin short man going over Helen’s place (7)
DESTROY – DES (short man), TROY (Helen’s place)
15 Objected to being looked after (6)
MINDED – Two definitions
17 Deliver speech in corridor at Eton (5)
ORATE – Hidden in {corrid}OR AT E{ton)
20 Used to be observed climbing (3)
WAS – SAW (observed) reversed [climbing]

13 comments on “Quick Cryptic 383 by Orpheus”

  1. Excellent blog many thanks especially since I completed so early… Just to give fair credit my appear attributes it to Orpheus. Maybe in the underworld he masquerades as Flamande?
    1. Thanks bryan, duly amended. The setter’s name must have been left in my template from the one I blogged on 10th August.
  2. I completed this in one sitting so it must be at the easier end of the scale. The only answers which were unfamiliar were Ibo and Titus, but the word play made the answers clear. Particularly enjoyed 11d and 6d.
    Thanks for stepping Jackkt.
  3. Macavity did say that he was going to be on his hols this week and that he’d asked someone to cover.
    1. Indeed. I knew I should have left up the message I posted early this morning but removed when I put up the blog at 11:00. To avoid confusion here it is:

      There seems to be some doubt about who (if anyone) is covering for today’s blogger in his absence on holiday so I have prepared a blog which I shall put up later this morning unless the nominated stand-in has posted by then.

      Edited at 2015-08-27 01:23 pm (UTC)

      1. Thank you.

        He is having a lovely holiday if that’s any consolation for all your trouble.

        1. I’m pleased to hear it, and it was no trouble at all to provide cover on the day. Consolation doesn’t come into it.
  4. I thought this was a very good puzzle from Orpheus, set at a nice level for a QC. My only problem was at 8ac, where a failure to spot the anagram left me looking for a shorter version of transgender 😊
    My thanks to Jackkt for explaining 19ac, – the ‘light’ wasn’t working at this end. Invariant
  5. I put IGO for 4d, since that’s also a language, and perhaps if you “regularly use” something you “go”. The word “book” doesn’t make any sense in this interpretation though.
    1. I suspect Ibo was the product of a word search when the setter was left with I-O. New to me, but gettable enough from the clue once checkers were in place. Invariant
      1. Actually IBO turns up a lot in cryptics so I doubt any setter would have needed to do a word search to come up with it. It’s a long time since I looked it up but I did so when writing the blog because one can never be too careful about assuming something and getting it wrong, and I was interested to find that it’s the language of the IGBO people and can therefore also legitimately be called the IGBO language, yet I don’t ever recall coming across IGBO in a puzzle.

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