Quick Crossword 589 by Grumpy

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A lot of really good surfaces here, I thought, with COD 21d. 5d a tricky one to parse, 25a a long time coming, and not sure if a ferret and a polecat are the same thing.
Thank you to Grumpy.

1 Making enquiries, like man in palace: ASKING
Like = AS, man in palace = KING
4 ’Tea for Two’ as dance music: CHA-CHA
Tea = CHA, so for two = CHA-CHA
9 Vicar takes bucket outside to come out on top: PREVAIL
Vicar = REV(erend), inside bucket = PAIL
10 Dissenter’s dance entertaining bishop: REBEL
Dance = REEL, including bishop = B (chess notation)
11 Sense organ is acquainted with sound: NOSE
Homophone (with sound) of acquainted with = KNOWS
12 I yell audibly for food from the freezer: ICE-CREAM
Homophone (audibly) of I yell = I SCREAM
14 Some punctuation a shop poster’s done wrong: APOSTROPHES
Anagram (done wrong) of A SHOP POSTER
18 Refinement, for example, in eastern weapon: ELEGANCE
For example = EG, inside eastern weapon = E LANCE
20 Bit of advice about right excursion: TRIP
Bit of advice = TIP, about right = R
22 Composer left after dance party: RAVEL
Dance party = RAVE, left = L
23 Provoking remark about Somerset town: TAUNTON
Provoking remark = TAUNT, about = ON
24 A long angry speech? Read it out!: TIRADE
Anagram (out) of READ IT
25 Excellent fruit – back of pantry: PEACHY
Fruit = PEACH, back of pantrY= Y

1 Add a couple of pages to finish: APPEND
A = A, couple of pages = PP, finish = END
2 See punk whirling in dance: KNEES-UP
Anagram (whirling) of SEE PUNK
3 Not far from magazine article: NEAR
Hidden word
5 Policeman getting tough about print-out: HARD COPY
Tough = HARDY, about policeman = COP
6 Concert’s opening with proficient conductor: CABLE
Concert’s opening = C, proficient = ABLE; (conductor of electricity)
7 Eccentric pal meets raging mob with coolness: APLOMB
Anagram (eccentric) of PAL with anagram (raging) of mob
8 Power to choose mayor, finally, over one urban area: ELECTRICITY
Choose = elect, R = mayoR finally, one = I, urban area = CITY
13 Attacked animal was sick: ASSAILED
Animal = ASS, as sick = AILED
15 Unpredictable boy sheltering rodent: ERRATIC
Boy = ERIC, sheltering rodent = RAT
16 Polecat, female, on raised ground in France: FERRET
Female = F, ground in French = TERRE, which is then reversed (raised)
17 Just outside gym without concealment: OPENLY
Just = ONLY, outside gym = PE
19 Young swimmer always crossing lake: ELVER
Always = EVER, crossing lake = L
21 Cunning plan short Australian bounders heard: RUSE
Australian bounders = KANGAROOS, shortened = ROOS, heard = homophone

16 comments on “Quick Crossword 589 by Grumpy”

  1. I did like this one, pretty quick top to bottom. A ferret is a domesticated polecat. Not too sure where the Y comes from at the end of 5d but this is still my COD, I do like a chuckle when I am entering an answer. Just read the blog properly and I now see where the Y comes from, so it is definitely my COD. Thanks Grumpy and blogger.

    Edited at 2016-06-10 06:40 am (UTC)

  2. Like tyrotim, I pretty much went through this from top to bottom, with a pause to fear the worst at 23ac (my British geography being only marginally better than my microbiology), but no problem. 4:12.
  3. A straightforward finish to what has been a fairly tricky week for me. Enjoyed 21d and had never realised that a ferret is a polecat. Something learned.
    Now the real question of the day. Can England reach 350?
  4. Wrote in most ac systematically. COD 5d. 4’29”. Thanks emu and setter.
  5. For all those who miss the QC at the weekend, the Times has published a book of 80 puzzles. £6 at Amazon
  6. A PB at 16:15, pretty straightforward, and some very enjoyable clues. LOI ELVER, a word I barely knew, and was tempted by DIVER, in that spot. Liked FERRET for COD. I often complain about ‘tired’ clues, so was pleased to see ‘rave’ for ‘dance party’ making an appearance, showing that Setters can introduce words from the last 20 years without frightening the horses.
  7. 2 weeks in, and I recorded my ever sub-30, finishing in 17:36. LOI Assailed, COD Ferret. Openly took me a short while to parse.
  8. Really enjoyed today’s QC, thanks Grumpy. Raced through top half in 7 minutes, then slowed down. LOI 21d only after I, finally, got 25a – which should have been much easier than I found it. PB for me today 33minutes.
  9. Nice and easy today. Top half flew in and south end took more work. Not sure on my timing but one of the quickest ever.
  10. Hi, does anyone know how to submit a quick cryptic puzzle to the editor Richard Rogan?

    thank you in advance!

    1. Not sure exactly what you mean, but the Quick Cryptic is not available for submission in the same way as the Concise and main Cryptic puzzles which are accessible in the Crossword Club.
  11. Sub 20 for me as well today. I was happy with a polecat being a ferret (or vice versa) but needed the blog to show me the reversed ‘terre’. Thanks for that.
  12. As others have mentioned this was a nice gentle end to the week – a relief after yesterday’s struggles. Finished in 11 minutes. COD 21d, LOI 25a
  13. Another PB here. 8 minutes on the way to Lord’s for the test match. LOI was 13d. It was a good batting wicket at Lord’s and very hot in the Compton stand. David
  14. would have been 7 mins and a pb if not for 25a which took another 10. aaargh!

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