If you are having problems with missing clues in today’s 15×15….

There’s a glitch with today’s 15×15 puzzle as five Down clues are omitted when the puzzle is printed or viewed online via the Times Newspaper. The only place I have found them complete is when viewed online having accessed via  the Crossword Club.

I’m pleased to see that Pip’s blog has appeared below as normal.

Later update at 13:37 BST: The problem seem to have been sorted now.


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  1. So here are the missing clues, copied out of the blog (minus the solutions, of course)

    16 Reveal more appropriate place to shop (9)
    18 Desk in small room briefly overturned on seabird (7)
    19 He must keep fighting harmful programs (7)
    22 Strange pair after CD lifted bone (5)
    24 Right to become centrepiece of easily understood graphic (5)

    1. Thanks! I found I couldn’t copy from the work-online version… was going to give up on this one.

  2. From the crossword editor
    Sorry about that

    Some glitch obviously occurred when we redid the PDF for download to accommodate the byline. How exactly as yet I don’t know.
    The clues can also be viewed via the e-paper


    1. And if one does not have the e-paper?

      I see the online version – and the missing clues are not there. Nor are they in the Crossword Club.

  3. All sorted now, it seems the addition of the comment about the American competition caused those last clues to drop off the PDF page, the original is back.
    Kind of ironic that those most affected were still awake and solving, while we Europeans were asleep.

  4. Came to it late and was spared the turbulence but was intrigued to see mention of an American tournament . . i miss the Times championship even though it would mean a trip to London

  5. Thank you for the help. I’ve just done it in the afternoon here and the clues still aren’t there and, even though I couldn’t fill in the down answers, it still congratulated me on finishing.

    1. Maybe try refreshing the page or clearing your cache? I can’t check every avenue but it appears to be working normally now so I am unsticking this discussion

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